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12 June 2005

Madonna: Superbitch! Her demanding nature, fake accent and diva-posturing in this video clip are very telling.
Ahm unna whoop some ass soon.
posted by bugbread 12 June | 19:34
that's so her....that fake accent is hysterical. (i'm guessing menopausal hot flashes too) ; >

there's this whole big thing about how her children's book readings are a nightmare--Shut the fuck up kiddies
posted by amberglow 12 June | 19:37
I hate divas.
posted by jonmc 12 June | 19:38
Whuh? Reading through that link, amberglow: Madonna had kids?!
posted by bugbread 12 June | 19:40
Perez Hilton's a daily read for me. So's Pink is the New Blog - both have the best comments.
posted by iconomy 12 June | 19:40
Oh that was in response to amber's link...
posted by iconomy 12 June | 19:41
it's amazing how foldy's interests, manners and links changed radically since he joined metachat... hmmm...
posted by matteo 12 June | 19:57
Meh. I'd do 'er.
posted by Doohickie 12 June | 20:40
*reaches into number dispenser*

get in line, pal.
posted by jonmc 12 June | 21:32
"madonna? Madonna's a dick, man!"
posted by jonmc 12 June | 21:35
bugbread: two kids - Lourdes and Rocco. Yes, really.
posted by deborah 12 June | 22:10
better than Apple
posted by Schyler523 12 June | 22:27
Ok, yes, so she looks like a bleach blonde wicked witch of the west-end these days, and yes, American Life was crap, but she's still Madonna. She's still the Queen of Pop, the Princess of Tit-Cones, the woman who should have been the mother of Michael Jackson's children. I say Erotica and Bedtime Stories and Ray of Light (to name just a few) are worth the suffering of a few little kids.

I hate divas.

*annoys jonmc with the assertion that rock n' roll is all about divadom*
posted by Tacky O. Assis 12 June | 23:30
Hmm. My. The accent really is awful.
posted by jokeefe 13 June | 02:07
Well, she's been living in London for a few years. Still, she does seem to force it.
posted by peacay 13 June | 02:23
mine is fabulous. lemmee call your friends and co workers from an anonymous cartel in belgium--
posted by ethylene 13 June | 02:34
there's a british accent in that speech pattern?
posted by dabitch 13 June | 03:36
Maybe it's more of a pretend upper class-giving-directions accent mixed with gutter slutteze.
posted by peacay 13 June | 03:47
I can't even think to answer this question.

/42 with the humidex

posted by Cryptical Envelopment 13 June | 06:32
Madonna? Madonna's a man, dick!
posted by Hugh Janus 13 June | 08:59
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