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07 June 2005

I compute naked. What do you eat for breakfast?
I had a cup of coffee and a cigarette. For lunch, a bag of cheddar & sour cream chips, an apple danish, and a can of orange-pineapple juice. I do my serious eating after work.
posted by jonmc 07 June | 14:19
for lunch i'm having a tall cool glass of connection refused and some scrambled jrun.
posted by quonsar 07 June | 14:21
Babies and black coffee.
posted by tr33hggr 07 June | 14:25
Peppermint tea, herbs, and amino acids.
posted by Specklet 07 June | 14:25
An apple. A yogurt. Water.
posted by safetyfork 07 June | 14:27
I don't eat breakfast. Today I didn't eat lunch either.
posted by iconomy 07 June | 14:27
Or, would one just have some yogurt? I can never tell.
posted by safetyfork 07 June | 14:28
Oatmeal and OJ for breakfast. Salad and vanilla coke for lunch. Gonna have a red curry for dinner. And probably a cookie.

poor sad cookie monster being made to eat healthy now
posted by gaspode 07 June | 14:31
Frosted Mini-Wheats. Everytime I think I'll never go back, I find that they do it just right. Kind of like the first live XXX records album from Jane's Addiction.
posted by omiewise 07 June | 14:33
Oh and hello. Finally the travails of the mefi connection have led me to post here.
posted by gaspode 07 June | 14:34
Today's breakfast was toast and oj. Most days it's cereal (Cheerios - yummm!). Lunch will be two burritos (shut up, they're small). Dinner is long range planning.
posted by deborah 07 June | 14:35
Oh, and I'm naked under my pjs. Yeah, it's 11:35AM where I am. What about it?
posted by deborah 07 June | 14:36
Really. A/some yogurt and a Powerbar. Lunch was a faux-turkey slice sandwich and cottage cheese. Falafel for dinner.
posted by tr33hggr 07 June | 14:39
A muffin, a mug of hot chocolate (couldn't wait to brew coffee) and a tigersmilk bar.
posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld 07 June | 14:40
Filmjölk or Långfil (a type of yogurt) with special K for crunch!
posted by dabitch 07 June | 14:41
breakfast: peanut butter & jelly on toast. Coffee.
lunch: mysterious "ham" & "turkey" sandwich, rice cake, apple. Water.
dinner: maybe tuna melts & baked potatos? Although this is what happened last night when I turned the oven on. egregious self link
posted by mygothlaundry 07 June | 14:43
Lucazade and a Nutri-grain
posted by seanyboy 07 June | 14:45
Great photo! New desktop!
posted by tr33hggr 07 June | 14:45
jam + toast + coffee
best damn meal of the day. i love breakfast.
posted by andrew cooke 07 June | 14:46
Ok, you guys don't know how to read. I don't give a shit about your dinners or lunches. Just breakfastses.
posted by michelob 07 June | 14:49
And for lunch today we had "Wild Mushroom" wheat gluten sandwich, mint tea, and half a cookie (some office nut "accidentally" ate the other half).
posted by safetyfork 07 June | 14:49
fried egg whites and cheddar w/tomato on toasted rye and cherry/pomegranate juice.
posted by ursus_comiter 07 June | 15:05
breakfast: water.
lunch: ultimate cheeseburger/chicken sandwhich/bacon and cheddar potato wedges, all from jack in the box.
i'm about to eat some ramen, too.

see you in hell.
posted by puke & cry 07 June | 15:07
breakfasteses: Cinnamon Life (the mood just struck me the other day, I don't know why, so I bought some) dry from the bowl with a glass of milk on the side (that's the way I eat cereal -- you have a problem with that?)
posted by papercake 07 June | 15:24
I don't give a shit about your dinners or lunches.

For lunch I'm having leftover cilantro garlic chicken enchiladas, made from scratch, with Mexican rice and homeade black bean soup on the side. And more peppermint tea.

For dinner, I'm going out, but I know I'll be drinking wine, probably a nice pinot noir.

Also, I'm getting my hair trimmed later today, and must do laundry because I've run out of clean black socks.
posted by Specklet 07 June | 15:27
Ok, you guys don't know how to read. I don't give a shit about your dinners or lunches. Just breakfastses.

I'll tell ya what I want to and you'll like it!
posted by deborah 07 June | 15:30
porridge.. yum.. with blackberrys and strong costa rica black coffee
Lunch - I dont know yet too early.
posted by vasco 07 June | 15:30
Beans on toast.
posted by orthogonality 07 June | 15:36
coffee, cigarettes, zyrtec. : >
posted by amberglow 07 June | 15:38
oh, and a multivitamin.
posted by amberglow 07 June | 15:39
three eggs, scrambled. toast.
posted by trharlan 07 June | 15:45
I fried up a Playboy photo spread for breakfast. I was naked when I ate it, but don't worry, my penis is in another country right now.

Do you handle returns?
posted by Hugh Janus 07 June | 15:49
safetyfork-- I'm no expert, but when you say you had "a yogurt," I think that's shorthand for "a prepackaged unit of yoghurt." Had you said "some yoghurt," I would not know whether you had a prepackaged unit or a few dollops from a larger container. So (with my assumption that your use of language (in this case) is identical to mine) you've managed to convey more information while using fewer words. I suggest that you run for President. You have my vote.
posted by trharlan 07 June | 15:49
while using fewer words

the number of words is identical in the phrases "a yoghurt" and "some yoghurt". However, fewer letters were used.

I had a toasted bagel with pesto, cream cheese and tomato, and a coffee, at a local cafe (with wireless access, natch) while I did my laundry next door. I'm a multitasker.
posted by mdn 07 June | 15:55
Breakfast: V8 juice and All-Bran Extra Fiber with dried cherries & skim milk.
Wake-me-up: Several cups of coffee.
Morning snack: Low-carb yogut.
Lunch: Pizza (whole-grain crust, low-carb sauce, low-fat cheese & lots of veggies), and sugar-free jello for dessert.
Afternoon snack: String cheese.
Dinner: Don't know yet; maybe London Broil with roasted tomatoes? Probably fat-free, sugar-free chocolate pudding for dessert.

Welcome to my low-carb diet.
posted by Doohickie 07 June | 15:59
Two slices of buttered homemade bannock bread, a glass of milk, and a multivitamin.
posted by Orange Swan 07 June | 16:00
posted by mcgraw 07 June | 16:03
I guess, mdn, I meant: "fewer words than one would use to write 'a prepackaged unit of yoghurt'"
posted by trharlan 07 June | 16:05
You people eat weird stuff.
posted by jonmc 07 June | 16:09
I guess, mdn, I meant: "fewer words than one would use to write 'a prepackaged unit of yoghurt'"

mmm, well, in that case, this part:'ve managed to convey more information...
of the sentence would be inaccurate.

I'm having veggie sushi & a naked juice for lunch.
posted by mdn 07 June | 16:10
I didn't have breakfast today but I think tomorrow I probably will not as well.
posted by buttes 07 June | 16:21
Update: I forgot my lunch at home (the chicken enchiladas, rice, and beans) so my lunch has turned into a dissapointing smorgasboard of carrots, hummus, oatmeal, apple, and a package of Cheez-its. And I just found a hair on my apple. Oy.
posted by Specklet 07 June | 16:32
Cold spaghetti sandwich. And the same clothes I've been wearing for the past three or four days.
posted by mudpuppie 07 June | 16:38
trharlan, mdn: I think I blew the whole brevity thing elsewhere (London Calling thread). My candidacy, killed too soon!
posted by safetyfork 07 June | 16:58
Bagel with melted cheddar.

Cantaloupe, which I quartered and scooped the seeds out of, with a big knife, while naked.
posted by sarah connor 07 June | 17:09
Mung bean noodles with shrimp in a thai like sauce. Water and supplements.
posted by Feisty 07 June | 17:30
mygothlaundry-That is one cool picture. I think I'll have that for breakfast tomorrow.
posted by omiewise 07 June | 18:01
goat cheese on toast with a side of mixed berries. Yummy.
posted by madamjujujive 07 June | 19:05
Yum, mmj, sounds much better than the half a pbj sandwich I had, or the other half I had for lunch.

*lazy/sleepy/always too tired to grab anything mornings as I run out the door...*
posted by melissa may 07 June | 19:16
I know you've all been waiting...

I had a bowl of granola, topped with some yoghurt and a miniature fried apple pie.

Thank you for caring.
posted by nickdanger 07 June | 20:14
Canned pears. They're tasty and *ripe* fresh fruit is hard to come by in these parts.

More impressive was my dinner which included a Greek salad made with ingredients directly imported from Greece yesterday. The olive oil was so fresh it tasted oddly of bananas.
posted by grapefruitmoon 07 June | 20:56
if you mean when i start eating again after not eating
i still can't give you an answer
posted by ethylene 07 June | 21:37
The olive oil was so fresh it tasted oddly of bananas.
That'll teach to order from MoFi Imports
posted by Doohickie 07 June | 22:05
Hearty breakfast:

put 3/4 cup of frozen Potatoes O'Brian in covered skillet with 1 tsp. oil and start cooking on medium heat.

Dice 1/2 cup canned corned beef and add to potatoes.

Beat three eggs and scramble into potato/corned beef mixture. Serve with one pint of tea in beer stein and small glass of Pepsi.

Lunch: Grinder made with barbeque sauce, chicken breast, thin-sliced ham and melted cheese on poor boy roll.

Dinner: two Black Russians.

Me, naked? Nobody has cared for over a decade.
posted by warbaby 07 June | 22:23
Breakfast: Warm brie, toasted bagel, strawberries, super-strong coffee. YUM!

Lunch: Chicken and pesto pizza, diet pepsi.

Dinner: Grilled chicken caesar salad, chardonnay, homemade vanilla and truffle ice cream.

Yep, I ate well.
posted by codeofconduct 08 June | 01:10
P.S. And an after-dinner bong hit. Thanks for asking.
posted by codeofconduct 08 June | 01:11
breakfast: apple croissant, English Breakfast tea (with milk)

lunch: cream of mushroom soup (sadly awful); large salad; more tea

dinner: chicken dijon (sauce made with extra cream and tarragon), asparagus + melted butter, two glasses of white wine

snack: freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies; blood of virgins
posted by scody 08 June | 02:17
does the blood come free with purchase of cookies again?
i always miss the sales
and a reason to buy cookies
posted by ethylene 08 June | 02:22
Breakfast: Toast & vegemite of course. Strong Coffee.

Lunch: Didn't bother.

Dinner: Fettucine Carbonara, salad, garlic bread. Glass of Shiraz Cabernet.
posted by Tarrama 08 June | 10:28
Breakfast: almond butter & strawberry jelly sandwich, 7 multi grain crackers, 2 cups of strong coffee, and a glass of water.
posted by verdant 08 June | 11:35
dinner turned out to be a sausage, green pepper, and mozzarella sub and beer.
posted by jonmc 08 June | 16:45
Oh yeah? Well, I fried up a Penthouse and two Hustlers for my dinner just before my penis came home from abroad.

posted by Hugh Janus 08 June | 16:52
Breakfast? Who has time for breakfast? I used to have two cups of coffee and three cigarettes for breakfast every day, but then I gave up smoking, so now I sleep for 10 minutes extra instead.

I miss my old breakfast.
posted by dg 08 June | 20:44
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