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11 June 2005

Like Hitler, Like Bush see post above...
How do we flag a post here?
posted by LarryC 11 June | 23:30
for Godwin? why?

A lot of it is true--it doesn't negate the comparisons, unpleasant as they may be.
posted by amberglow 11 June | 23:33
How do we post a flag here?
posted by arse_hat 11 June | 23:33
More inside is your friend.
posted by arse_hat 11 June | 23:34
that's true---a more inside would be cool.
posted by amberglow 11 June | 23:35
Uh, this is very long on the front page. Perhaps better as a comment.
posted by omiewise 11 June | 23:35
Wait. . .what?
posted by mlis 11 June | 23:36
so how do we flag posts here?
posted by puke & cry 11 June | 23:46
not that it isn't true, it's just way too damn long. that's why there's a more inside feature.
posted by puke & cry 11 June | 23:48
ok...kinda fixed : >
posted by amberglow 11 June | 23:48
The Bucket is a buster and just enjoys starting a shit storm. As someone who has never voted Republican in his life I would like to say that it is a gross distortion of history that trivializes the Holocaust to mention "Bush" and "Hitler" in the same sentence.
posted by mlis 11 June | 23:54
related, if we're going to stir up shit, after all.
posted by amberglow 11 June | 23:59
It is a problematic comparison, although I think that comparisons between fascism and the current state of US politics and corporatism are much more justified. The thing that is important, I think, is that fascism and Hitler are not synonymous, and the danger is that invoking Hitler will reduce peoples' willingness to listen to what you're interested in saying.

On preview-I'm much more comfortable with that, amberglow. It's point by point, well-documented and precise. It relies not on rhetoric, but on an examination of rhetoric.
posted by omiewise 12 June | 00:04
Bush/Hitler analogies really, really miss the point. The Nazis aren't the future of the Republican Party (not the near future, at least). The future of the Republican Party is the Mexican PRI: authoritarian, corrupt, and inefficient. That shit's bad enough; they don't need to be Nazis.
posted by Tacky O. Assis 12 June | 00:11
Tacky just totally nailed it bigtime. Danius Maximus has been saying the same thing for a couple of years.
posted by warbaby 12 June | 13:42
Behold the power of Cheesus. || Like Hitler, Like Bush