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27 June 2005

Yearbooks just came in. I'll sign yours if you sign mine.
It was great having home room with you this year, mudpuppie! Mr. Trobriand SUCKED! Have a great summer! Stay sweet! XXXXOOOO ...P-cake
posted by papercake 27 June | 19:59
mud - have a totally fantastic summer! Don't ever forget the fun we had in gym class.

yy u r
yy u b
i c u r yy 4 me!

Love ya,
posted by iconomy 27 June | 20:01
Mudpuppie - Stay sweet and have a bitchin' summer! BFF, sisterhavana
posted by sisterhavana 27 June | 20:11
≡ Click to see image ≡

(because there's always that illegible kid)
posted by bugbread 27 June | 20:22

don't worry about you-know-who he was just mean. you'll find somebody better next year. have a grrrrrrrreat summer!

2 cool
2 be
4 gotten

srs 05!
posted by mudpuppie 27 June | 20:24

I'm glad we could be in band together this year. Don't you hate marching in the freezing W? But anyway, sisterhavana, you're an extremely nice and humorous friend. Stay that way!
posted by mudpuppie 27 June | 20:26

Your nice and smart and have a great sense of humor you crack me up. Don't change.

Seniors rule!
posted by mudpuppie 27 June | 20:27
10/4/81--i'll never forget!
posted by amberglow 27 June | 20:31
dg & divine wino,

I'll never forget getting loaded behind the...where did we get loaded again?
posted by jonmc 27 June | 20:40
Hey! Hi! Howdy!

Dear Iconomy,

If all the boys
lived across the sea
what a great swimmer
you would be!

Longer Letter Later!
posted by ColdChef 27 June | 20:46
Remember you’re never to old to be immature! I drew picture of my anus. ≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by arse_hat 27 June | 20:46
Band camp flagdorks 4ever!!!
posted by LeeJay 27 June | 20:52
posted by Feisty 27 June | 21:06
Roses are red and ready for plucking.
You're sixteen and ready for high school.
posted by dg 27 June | 21:16
and what Feisty said. : >

(the things we wrote were always like that)
posted by amberglow 27 June | 21:26
Great sorrow and regret overcame them on their separation.
It wasn't their desire; it was circumstances.
The need one had to go to college
made him go far away—New York or Canada.
Their love, of course, was not the love they'd started with;
the attraction holding them by slow degrees had waned,
the attraction had waned to a great degree.
But that they should separate, that wasn't their desire.
It was circumstances.—Or perhaps Fortune
came on the scene as an artist, separating them now,
before their feeling could vanish, before Time could change them;
the one will seem eternally what he was to the other—
an eighteen year old, a young, a handsome man.

I wrote this poem for you mudpuppie. Sorry for taking up the whole page.
posted by kenko 27 June | 21:52
our school never had a yearbook
posted by gaspode 27 June | 22:13
Aw. No one ever graduated?
posted by yhbc 27 June | 22:33
Dude! Congrats and I hope to see you real soon!

- Sgt. Friendly

posted by Cryptical Envelopment 27 June | 22:33
Heh, yhbc. Actually, no. I don't think many (any?) high schools did the "graduation" thing when I went there (new zealand). Graduation is for college. Maybe they do it now, I don't know.
posted by gaspode 28 June | 07:17
I'm so sorry I threw that acid on you in chemistry class. Let's be friends.
posted by Capn 28 June | 11:02
Mudpuppie, yer so kewl and I hope we stay frendz 4-evah!
Let's keep in touch, I mean it!!!!!

posted by Specklet 28 June | 12:12
Thanks SOOOOO much for letting me crib all that math homework. Like, who needs that stuff anyway??!?!?

posted by deborah 28 June | 13:44
How to Beat Off Invaders From Space; || Should I bother?