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30 June 2005

In Hell !! This is a nice little collection of photos that people have taken of places that look like portals to the netherworld. The well in Sintra, Portugal, gave me nightmares last night. The sewer entrance in Dublin is a real heebie-jeebie inducer too...
posted by ethylene 30 June | 21:48
Pfft, whatever. I have actually been to a gate to the underworld. Forget "looking like".

I can't remember exactly where it was, but I think there were some pretty flowers growing there, probably also some rosemary.

Which isn't to say that this isn't pretty awesome.
posted by kenko 30 June | 22:26
wow. cool post...iconomy..

Obligatory phish quote
"the terrible thing about hell
is that when you're there you can't even tell"
posted by dhruva 30 June | 22:55
These are some really cool pictures. Although, I remain convinced that Bourbon Street, if followed long enough, leads straight to hell...whereas some of these places look like nice places to visit.
posted by PsychoKitty 30 June | 23:38
Oooh, nice.
posted by dg 30 June | 23:55
Sintra looks frickin' cool. Nightmares? Wet dreams, maybe. "Hidden revolving door in rock"? Damnit, I could live someplace like that. But then if it wasn't for the flash floods, scorpions and pygmy rattlesnakes, I'd like to live in a slot canyon.

Dublin looks goopy, though.
posted by loquacious 30 June | 23:56
Love these. Nice post, iconomy. My friend's parents are renovating an old farmhouse and in one corner of the musty old basement is a hand-dug well. It's all old stone and echoing water and dark depths. It screams "Hellmouth!"
posted by LeeJay 30 June | 23:57
They're great thanks iconomy. Glad to see hell hath no entrance downunder or this is where they all lead to.

[loquacious - I emailed you that sonora linky yesterday btw.]
posted by peacay 01 July | 00:28
Yeah, all those entrances lead to the centre of Redfern.
posted by dg 01 July | 01:10
Sintra's fascinating. Nice post!
posted by puddinghead 01 July | 02:43
Ahh yes, I thought this looked familiar.
posted by dodgygeezer 01 July | 03:03
From that site - bunny entrance to hell.
posted by dodgygeezer 01 July | 03:06
[peacay - got it. sorry, must have forgotten to reply. still checking it out - weird stuff. :)]
posted by loquacious 01 July | 03:07
This is so wonderful! It would be really cool if we could come up with some kind of theme like this and make a gallery of our own personal photos. Thinking caps, people!

Also, the Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop entry cracked me up, since I used to go there all the time... Plus, PsychoKitty - I used to live at Bourbon Street and Ursulines (two doors down on Ursulines, actually).

*wriggles pointy tail and forked tongue invitingly; adds another log to the fire*
posted by taz 01 July | 05:25
iconomy-nice post, thanks.
taz-entrance to the world of big haired aunts who only want the best for you? Maybe that's too derivative of the hell thing.
posted by omiewise 01 July | 09:02
[this is worth posting to the blue]
posted by DevilsAdvocate 01 July | 11:02
Yeah. It would be weird for me to do it myself (kind of like a self-link), but anyone else, feel free.
posted by iconomy 01 July | 11:20
I think the one dodgy linked to has been posted to MeFi. I saw it a couple years ago and thought ico's site was the same one all tidied up.

Thanks for both links. Plenty nightmares to be had tonight.
posted by deborah 01 July | 13:47
but this one had a store
--signed your mom
posted by ethylene 01 July | 22:24
since we're talking monkeys butt-- || Bugs Bunny #2