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07 June 2005

Wee Beasties In the I Compute Naked thread, mygothlaundry linked to her flickr stream. I stalked clicked on the link and found this:
Mr Bill and Oliver - separated at birth?

Yes, this is permission to post your pet's (pets?) pictures. You know you wanna.
Catfilter - ugh! Those are very cute cats, though.
posted by mlis 07 June | 15:57
posted by carter 07 June | 16:03
Hmm. My dog is old.
posted by trharlan 07 June | 16:03
Ah, she did something creepy & stalkerish with my photostream! At last, at last! /snarkiness. Hee. Help yourself to my pictures, world.

Oliver is adorable. He looks like Mr. Bill but not as much as the cat who lives down the block. I swear, he is completely identical except black instead of gray. The first time I saw him I really thought Mr. Bill had mysteriously dyed his fur; it was one of those reality warping experiences.
posted by mygothlaundry 07 June | 16:05
my pet
posted by mcgraw 07 June | 16:08
My pet died.
posted by Smart Dalek 07 June | 17:22
i like my dog.
posted by quonsar 07 June | 18:19
but seriously, logan and i are inseparable. he is one of three pugs living at our house.
posted by quonsar 07 June | 18:29
quonsar has pugs!
posted by matildaben 07 June | 18:40
Cats a'plenty! Some mine, some not.
posted by Schyler523 07 June | 18:47
ah, the revelations
and yet my true love is DEAD
and i can't find his links anywhere
his tv links must be somewhere...
posted by ethylene 07 June | 18:50
Do I hear a collective "awww"?

Ah ha! quonsar's been unmasked - he's just a big shmoosh of puppy wuv.
posted by deborah 07 June | 19:01
i see your aww and raise you a shucks
posted by ethylene 07 June | 19:03
My puppy. She's pretty much the best dog ever.
posted by hlewagast 07 June | 19:11
My kids.
posted by mudpuppie 07 June | 19:18
My late cat D.C. My two current cats - who are on my desktop, remember, from the other thread? - don't rate their own flickr group yet because I'm a cheap bastard that won't pay flickr for "pro" access.
posted by yhbc 07 June | 20:48
Brand new dog: She just adopted us today. If nobody claims her, her name will be Cookie from now on.
posted by Doohickie 07 June | 21:24
That dog is kyooot, Doohickie.
posted by trharlan 07 June | 22:44
The dooperkins:

Fifika Difika Bifika Wifika: Fiffy for short

Edward Elizabeth Hitler: Eddie for short (unbunch your knickers, he's named after Ade Edmondson's character from this show.)

Our flickr stream insists almost entirely of pictures of these two.
posted by PinkStainlessTail 08 June | 00:33
That dog is kyooot, Doohickie.
Right. Housebroken, though, is something else altogether.
posted by Doohickie 08 June | 07:32
Barney! No, not the purple dinosaur, but the best dog on earth.
posted by sisterhavana 08 June | 09:09
Robocop and Grendel love the Red Sox!
posted by robocop is bleeding 08 June | 09:59
Introducing to metachat, my cat Henryett, a.k.a. Lord Launch Lunch, and my turtle Graham the great (QT movie).
posted by dabitch 08 June | 10:29
My Bad Ass Chow.
posted by rainbaby 08 June | 10:38
wow, that's a big dog.
posted by dabitch 08 June | 12:26
Who, mine? Naw, she's just fluffy. 42 lbs. If she was much bigger, I couldn't handle her properly. She's juuuust right!
posted by rainbaby 08 June | 12:55
Je vous presente: Mocha
posted by mmahaffie 08 June | 14:10
I really should get a newer photo sorted out.
posted by dodgygeezer 08 June | 14:27
My old buddy. Just passed away May 29.
posted by Carbolic 08 June | 17:13
I have to leave my baby with the ex...
posted by Schyler523 08 June | 17:20
I'm sorry, Carbolic and Schyler. Losing or having to give up our pets is awful.

Schyler - I have pictures of my beasties in a Molson Canadian box. What is it about cats and boxes? They're as bad as kids. Buy all the fancy toys you want, but give them a length of rope or a box and they're good to go.
posted by deborah 08 June | 17:44
Deborah - Thanks. It was somewhat expected. 10 years is pretty old in Mastiff years. I'm taking it well but thought I would shake it off completely. I have to apologize to the people I made fun of when they took days off from work when their pets died. I didn't miss work but I did have him cremated and he now resides on my coffee table. Completely insane. I would have been okay with just burying him in the yard but that wasn't a possibility (180 lb dog). I just couldn't get comfortable about not knowing where he was.
posted by Carbolic 08 June | 18:07
my winston tribute
i loved that photo - i can see why you miss him
posted by dodgygeezer 08 June | 18:16
Dodgy - I'm touched!
posted by Carbolic 08 June | 18:28
How sweet, dodgy!
posted by deborah 08 June | 18:50
deborah- I still have hope that this will just be a separation, but i have been known to delude myself from time to time...

Right now she is very happy that Shelby is home from St. Louis, and is content with freaking out in the suitcase.
posted by Schyler523 09 June | 15:54
London Calling || Trends in change lately?