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13 June 2005

No Rock and Roll Fun. My new favourite blog.
like a party that's over before it's begun:
i'm in no shape for death or crisis today

catch you babies on the flipside, after i've potted some hothouse flowers and smoothed down some rooster feathers, controlled some control freaks and relaxed the lax for being so--
nap, even
posted by ethylene 13 June | 08:41
Damn, now I'm trying to remember what the hell song that is from:
no rock and roll
no rock and roll
no rock and roll fun

something from the 80's???
posted by matildaben 13 June | 10:00
Wasn't there a Sleater-Kinney song called "You're No Rock and Roll Fun"? But I can't remember the lyrics so I don't know if that's the one you mean.
posted by iconomy 13 June | 10:26
Yeah, I know that one, maybe the one I'm thinking of is "no rock and roll now" or something like that. I'm thinking it's Pylon but I only have that on vinyl and my turntable is packed away. I'm probably getting the 2 songs mixed up. It's way too early in the morning for me and I'm still sick from this weekend's flu.
posted by matildaben 13 June | 10:52
Rock and Roll hates me
Rock and Roll hates me
Rock and Roll hates me
I hate you, Rock and Roll

I hate Rock and Roll hates me
I hate Rock and Roll hates me
I hate Rock and Roll hates me
posted by Smart Dalek 13 June | 11:01
Some more rock and roll fun:

mp3's of the Cream Reunion Shows!
posted by jonmc 13 June | 11:04
Sleater-Kinney, people. From All Hands on the Bad One. The year 2000.
posted by gramschmidt 13 June | 12:28
Ah, I've been reading it for a while now. Very funny and recommended from this end-- though I kind of wish he'd lay off Annie Lennox. But nevermind.

This, then, is everything you need to know about the new Coldplay album:

It's by Coldplay.

Yeah, yeah, I thought it was funny, anyway. Much better jokes abound throughout.
posted by jokeefe 14 June | 02:44
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