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09 June 2005

Okay, opinionated people... Dodgy's working on producing some form of opt-in image-enabled page view (for comments at least) to allow images without risk of inadvertant knifebuttery appearing on the user logs of "safe-viewers". Also, he's addressing a "recent comments" page (which is like this right now, and may work fine as-is). Here's where we ask what else you would like to have.

Obviously, there are limitations in terms of how much time he can spend working on everything, but basically - What do most people want the most? This will help to establish a possible do-list by priority (and feasibility).
I vote for images first.

Plus, I'd quite like the heading strapline to move between ...
"We're still all in this together"
"The it's alright to like"
posted by seanyboy 09 June | 06:58
Also, I guess I should mention that we finally have an "about" page, though we can probably just view this as a work-in-progress.
posted by taz 09 June | 07:32
I'd also love to see images added. Overall, the layout of this place has kicked my butt so far. And it's been here for me every single time I've stopped by, which I used to take for granted with some other sites.

Looking at the About page, should I be waiting for my Thorazine, Lithium, and Tequila in the mail or is it up to us to track it down on our own? I couldn't find the MeCha pharmacy anywhere.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 09 June | 08:12
MeChaDrugs will soon be online, along with MeChaBooks, MeChaTunes, and MeChaSwap.

ok, not really; we're only prescribing, not supplying.
posted by taz 09 June | 08:30
"The it's alright to like"
I love it! Does anyone remember the metatalk thread (I think it was started by mathowie) asking for either more taglines to be added to the metafilter logo (like the "we're all in this together" one) or maybe it was asking for clever things to put on a metafilter tshirt? It was the funniest thread I've ever seen. Honestly. I should go look for it and see if it's even half as funny as I remember. The slogans that people were coming up with were brilliant. And none were ever used.

I vote images too. That would be swell.
posted by iconomy 09 June | 09:29
Yes more random taglines please (and make 'em bold or something, please, I didn't even see that until now) and YES images! Kewl!

posted by dabitch 09 June | 09:52
iconomy, is this the one you're talking about? There's also a more recent one.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 09 June | 09:53
Slack-a-gogo, yes, thank you! I had melded the two together in my mind. There's some gold in those threads! We could do better, though...

(yes that is a challenge :)
posted by iconomy 09 June | 09:58
Oh, no - this has to be whole 'nother post! I've seen about 25 things to comment on from slack-a-gogo's two links, and I'm only halfway through the first one.
posted by taz 09 June | 10:10
Start a new post, taz! You or dodgy should start it.

"Metafilter: close the href behind you" ....LOVE that one.
posted by iconomy 09 June | 10:21
posted by dodgygeezer 09 June | 10:33
sex. sex with hawt british chix0rz. and scody. and then some canadians. yeah, sex.
posted by quonsar 09 June | 10:42
Okay. The british chix0rz and scody thing, we have lined up. Not so sure about the Canadians.

(forgive me scody! I lied to be funny; go ahead and kick my ass!)
posted by taz 09 June | 10:48
I wonder if jonmc knows that quonsar's making a play for scody. No way he'd ever find out, I guess.
posted by iconomy 09 June | 11:41
While we're dicking around with tweaks here.. Could we aloso get to choose the 'posted by line' to be just a teensy tiny tad bigger? Would that be possible, that users get to choose prefs like on MeFi? I think my eyesight is going, I'd be more comfortable if I could choose (for me) a font even only 1px larger so I don't have to squint every time I want to know who posted what suggestion on this page....

(also, I'd love to be able to write things in a much smaller font Ah it worked!)
posted by dabitch 09 June | 12:23
Does strikeout work?

Nope. It would be nice if it did.
posted by deborah 09 June | 13:00
oh yes it does - sort of

<strike> works. i'd forgotten to get <s> working too. it's on the list
posted by dodgygeezer 09 June | 13:09
I would like to be able to post knifebutt to the front page again tia
posted by buttes 09 June | 18:08
I am Canadian and while I do love quonsar, never, never in that way...
posted by arse_hat 09 June | 19:57
/me is relieved she only lives in Canada.

*hugs dodgy*
posted by deborah 09 June | 20:07
the about is nice.
the recent comments are a bit frightening, since anything pulled out of context gets even more vague and inferrable--
even the live bookmarks and looking at one user's comments give you a totally different view of what's going on--
but then i like the subtlety, without a screaming tagline or dominant user names.

in general, having everyone's comments all the same on one scrollable page is a good leveller, but if there was a noted area for ongoing discussion and thinktanking, it would be nice to not have to load some ginormous page. i think there is still a balance to be struck between good fun and meaty discussion.
posted by ethylene 09 June | 20:36
i take it back: the recent comments page is pretty cool when you figure out how you wanna use it

now i'm afraid how you'll change it
posted by ethylene 09 June | 23:48
Being able to sort by threads most recently commented upon would be good. My scrolling and ctrl-R fingers get tired.

Worker's comp!
posted by mudpuppie 09 June | 23:50
now i'm afraid how you'll change it

do not be afraid, you can trust uncle dodgy.

i'll just remove the stuff you don't need like the chain graphics and the users web address, maybe remove the comment indent. i hate a cluttered screen.
posted by dodgygeezer 10 June | 04:52
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