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12 June 2005

Ty Pennington and Madonna got me wondering Who would you pick for a celebrity caged death match? Two walk in and only one walks out (and gets put down like a wounded horse. So hey we all win!)
ty and madonna is a good one, but she'd win.

how about Rosie O'Donnell and Madonna?
Tara Reid and Andy Dick?
posted by amberglow 12 June | 21:15
Robert Smith and Morrissey.

*grabs pile of folding chairs*
posted by jonmc 12 June | 21:52
David Spade and Andy Dick.
Tara Reid and Christina Aguilera.
posted by arse_hat 12 June | 22:01
how about Dakota Fanning and Halley Joel Osment?

or Mary Kate v. Ashley?

Jimmy Fallon v. Carson Daly?
posted by amberglow 12 June | 22:04
...hand-to-hand, no jury, no appeal, no parole...

Of course, my money's on Dorothy.
posted by Smart Dalek 12 June | 22:06
Goddamn. I knew I had posted a funny line in a while ago, and went and found it, but I didn't know that (apparently) the zoom, zoom kid had really posted a response in the thread. After some (very) perfunctory research, apparently his name really is Micah Kanters (scroll down, turn off speakers to avoid cutesy music). WTF knew?
posted by yhbc 12 June | 22:09
Oh, and scroll down to the (currently) last comment in the thread I linked above to see his comment.
posted by yhbc 12 June | 22:10
Or am I just falling for it like a tall tree?
posted by yhbc 12 June | 22:11
Sammy Hagar vs David Lee Roth

Noel Gallagher vs Liam Gallagher (in mud or jello, preferably, and hopefully naked)

Hootie vs Adam Duritz

Russell Crowe vs Carrottop (one can try to 'dial up the middle' while the other uses the phone to beat the crap out of him)

posted by iconomy 12 June | 22:14
Katie Couric v. Joan Rivers.
posted by mlis 12 June | 22:19
Bridget Fonda vs Jennifer Jason Leigh (they look exactly the same so no one will know who wins anyway)

Bill Pullman vs Bill Paxton (see above comment)
posted by iconomy 12 June | 22:19
I like Bill Paxton better. One False Move was a good movie.
posted by jonmc 12 June | 22:23
Martin Luther King vs. Adolph Hitler

I'd pay money to see that one.
posted by warbaby 12 June | 22:38
gandhi vs. mother theresa
posted by Schyler523 12 June | 23:05
LBJ vs. GW Bush
posted by warbaby 12 June | 23:13
Tom Waits and Nikki Sudden in a cage match against Steve Jobs and Johnny Paycheck (with commentary by George Foreman)
posted by Smart Dalek 12 June | 23:53
Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf
posted by kortez 13 June | 00:05
Steven Seagal and anyone at all; I'm signing him up for a round-robin tournament of celebrity killing/maiming contests.
posted by taz 13 June | 00:56
Russell Crowe and Steven Seagal!
posted by amberglow 13 June | 01:04
Steven Seagal vs. Suge Knight
*Steve "disappears" on way to ring*
posted by arse_hat 13 June | 01:08
who is this ty dude, and why would i care what he's doing?
posted by quonsar 13 June | 01:38
you wouldn't unless you really like Dan Cortez or wanna see the shit beat out of Carol Smiley. (she at least knew when to step down, and while annoying at first, not nearly as bad as Katie Couric and her colon)
posted by ethylene 13 June | 01:44
Jay Leno and Larry King
posted by rumple 13 June | 02:13
Mary-Kate Olsen vs. Ashley Olsen
posted by Hugh Janus 13 June | 09:04
Nikki Craft vs. Mr. Ultimate Warrior
posted by warbaby 13 June | 09:40
Def Lep vs. Led Zep
posted by cobra! 13 June | 10:41
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