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12 June 2005

Brandon stories Do you know anyone to whom Interesting Things Just Happen? You know, the kind of person who is the life of the party because of all the neat stories he or she knows? I have known two:[More:]

My son's best friend, Brandon. He and his family are some of the nicest people I know, but the things that happen to them are worthy of a Chevy Chase movie. He has loads of stories of events that have happened to him that should have killed him (I've witnessed some of these events myself). His family was actually passed by their own pop-up camper trailer on a mountain road in Colorado.

A coworker's roomate named Bob. The stories of Bob always came through my coworker. Basically, Bob was a middle-aged ex-marine that would hit on anything with two legs (but not three). He was rejected most of the time, but the times when he wasn't always made for interesting retelling by his roomate, my coworker.

In both cases, I think the events were memorable, but the storytelling really made the stories exceptionally good. Have you known folks like that?

Just curious.
I've had a number of interesting things happen to me, though I'm not exactly "life of the party" because of it.

My best friend's job (she works in the media) brings her to a lot of interesting things - funnily enough, it's my relationship with her that most of my friends and acquaintances find most interesting about me. o_O

I have a lot of friends like that really. And honestly, just about everyone has Interesting Things Just Happen. Everyone has a story.
posted by divabat 12 June | 23:27
This is a PERFECT example of someone to whom Interesting Things Just Happen.

A hundred Interesting Things, even.
posted by divabat 13 June | 05:27
as someone who can go on about a chickadee eating a french fry for 20 minutes--
--it's all in the telling
posted by ethylene 13 June | 05:39
Lady Bird Johnson once called me 'sir.'
posted by mudpuppie 13 June | 16:04
Interesting things don't always lead to great stories.

I went on a year long trip through Central and Southeast Asia and almost never talk about things that happened. People just don't believe it. I understand. It's a lot of weird stuff to happen in a year.
posted by dreamsign 15 June | 00:57
Too trivial for AskMe: || Ty Pennington and Madonna got me wondering