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17 June 2005

emcee ii collaboration: The first series of our emcee exquisite corpse project is up. The second one will probably be up tomorrow...
Nicely played corpsers. I like how this loads up - you can look at it as a whole picture and then reload to see exactly where each panel starts and ends. And I like the horizontal corpse layout compared to the vertical corpses that I've done in the past. It's elegant at times and goofy others. To me one of the signs of a good corpses is when there's not a clear cut favorite panel, which is true in this case.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 17 June | 11:47
I could make each one clickable, so we could see each individual panel by clicking on it...
posted by taz 17 June | 11:50
I too really like the sideways scrolling. Now that I've actually done one and seen how it fits with the one before it, I can see that I need to work on improving the seamless shouldn't be able to see where one ends and the next begins. I also like how the two ends have people with hands raised in the air...nifty! Liking the farm animals, too.
posted by iconomy 17 June | 11:51
I like the horizontal scroll, too.

It's also nice to see what came before me in total. I was dying of curiosity once I got that sliver from amberglow.
posted by safetyfork 17 June | 12:09
well done!

I can't wait to get in on one of these.
posted by papercake 17 June | 12:19
Okay, now I've made it so that if you click on any panel, you will get a popup window showing the 15-pixel strip that the artist received and used to start his or her piece with.
posted by taz 17 June | 12:35
posted by safetyfork 17 June | 12:57
I thought you were going to set it up so you could click on the image and see the individual panel, but I like the 15 pixel strip idea even more. Thanks again for steering the corpse ship safely into port.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 17 June | 13:04
Yeah... I was, but then I realized that showing the strips might be cooler.

Also, of course, anybody using firefox can can just right click on the images to "view image". (And I think with IE you can drag the image to the address bar.)
posted by taz 17 June | 13:06
cool! it looks really good. I'll make my next one more seamless too..
posted by amberglow 17 June | 13:12
Oh dear, that's beautiful and funny and wierd. Well done all. I'm more than a little bit worried about my contribution to #2. I'm not sure I understood the "seamless" part, but I am certain that mine ain't it.
posted by omiewise 17 June | 13:53
That's a kick! ...laughing, here. Sooo fun.

I play a good bit of Photoshop Tennis (in a Gals vs Guys elimination match atm), but have yet to participate in a collaboration project like this .. mostly, because the ones i see begun never get finished. You actually coordinated that many people; i'm impressed.
posted by reflecked 17 June | 13:58
Awesome! I can't wait to see the next one.
posted by deborah 17 June | 14:31

Do we get notes? ;-)
posted by shane 18 June | 17:59
OMFG giant bunniez!!one!one || BlogStop: