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17 June 2005

Piracy, arr. All the torrents I've been using recently have resulted in a LOT more garbage data uploaded to me than in the past. From various networks and trackers. Does anyone know who's behind this? MPAA, or just random hackers? (I'm downloading TV shows).
I blame Canada.
posted by mr_crash_davis 17 June | 22:14
I haven't seen this problem, but I am pretty selective in the shows I dl so I'm not seeing a wide range. Supposedly, the MPAA (or whoever is their TV-side version) is using garbage content to lower the utility of downloading content illegally.

I wonder, though, why I've not seen this and you have. But, um, let's see, this year I've not been watching many shows (I've only watched TV shows via computer--my TV isn't even actually hooked up to cable or an antenna) so, like I said, my experience is limited. I've been getting every episode of Doctor Who. I thought (perhaps, wrongly) it might be enjoyable to watch all of Deep Space Nine, and so have the first two seasons. But unlike last year, I'm not watching any other shows. I recently introduced BT to my dad; he's been getting via BT a lot of the shows he had been taping previously. Shows like Numb3rs, CSI, etc. But he hasn't said anything. What shows have you seen this with?
posted by kmellis 17 June | 22:17
Oh yeah, and I suppose you want a signed confession...

No seriously, it's mainly been Family Guy, American Dad and the Daily Show for the last couple of weeks.
posted by Pretty_Generic 17 June | 22:30
i find it depends on the place--mininova has been reliable for me, but places like piratebay not as much.

(Doctor Who has been wonderful, hasn't it? i'm so loving it.)
posted by amberglow 17 June | 22:45
The only people who don't like Doctor Who don't seem to realise it's a comedy.
posted by Pretty_Generic 17 June | 22:50
He's wonderful--i can't believe he's leaving.
posted by amberglow 17 June | 22:51
Good decision though, he would end up as typecast as Leonard Nimoy.
posted by Pretty_Generic 17 June | 22:55
but still--i demand he stay on! dammit!
posted by amberglow 17 June | 22:57
I'm hugely impressed and entertained by the new Doctor Who. I'm already mourning Eccleston's departure.

I've heard repeatedly that many Americans haven't responded well to it, thinking it "cheesy". I admit that I did feel that way a little bit with the premiere, but no longer. I think it's been a drama (with comedy), and usually well-done. I say this as someone who couldn't watch "Red Dwarf" because it seemed too cheesy. So I'm a little puzzled why some people are not liking the new Doctor Who. But this not liking it is why it's not showing here in the US and why there are still no plans by anyone to show it here.

Do you have any theories as to who "Bad Wolf" really is, and if it's the entity behind the Daleks that we were hinted about in the preview of tomorrow's show? I think it's the Master. Saying this from other people's theories, I didn't watch the old versions of the show enough to remember him. The long shot is that guy with the thing put into his head.

Anyway, yeah, Eccleston manages such a wonderful mix of charm, arrogance, quirkiness, and alienness in his Doctor. And everyone seems to think so, including the long time fans of the show. I wonder if he won't be the all-time favorite for most, even though he only did one season. Russell T Davies has done a really good job.
posted by kmellis 17 June | 23:02
Russell Davies has officially said "all the theories are wrong". But then he would say that.

Yeah, Davies deserves a knighthood.
posted by Pretty_Generic 17 June | 23:11
If it's Davros, I am going to be seriously pissed off.
posted by Pretty_Generic 17 June | 23:12
The long shot is that guy with the thing put into his head.

That kid? I don't think it's him, but i'd like to see them revisit him years later. I have no clue who it is, but love that it affects everywhere they go and actually influences people they come into contact with.

There's good threads on everything--speculating and spoiling--here
posted by amberglow 17 June | 23:19
i wonder if it's the doctor or the tardis.
posted by amberglow 17 June | 23:23
I've heard that they're really trying to be accessible to all viewers, not just fans, so the explanation can't be too complex or dependent on past years, no?
posted by amberglow 17 June | 23:26
oh, click on one day to go here, and look at the screen behind him--who is that?
posted by amberglow 17 June | 23:41
I'm not clicking on that.
posted by Pretty_Generic 17 June | 23:50
With regard to junk uploads, I find it to be very content-dependent. For certain artists, everything appears to be junk, and that strikes me as very un-random.
posted by dreamsign 18 June | 00:17
It's the official bbc site, and it's the teasers they've been showing on tv every day, i guess...5 days to go...4 days to go...
posted by amberglow 18 June | 00:23
What's the deal with that? I noticed the countdown and the TARDIS pic -- it's a countdown to what? Surely not just the next episode?
posted by dreamsign 18 June | 00:40 the last episode of the season. (airs Sat night over there)
posted by amberglow 18 June | 01:11
Yeah, Doctor Who has been great. I may be alone in this, but I feel it has more in common with shows like The Avengers than traditional sci-fi. It's a shame Ecclestone's going but I have every confidence that David Tennant will be great - he was excellent in Blackpool and Cassanova.
posted by dodgygeezer 18 June | 04:56
I would get Azureus and install the SafePeer plugin if this is will automatically ban users that upload too much garbage, as well as filter out those folk you don't want to be connecting to in the first place. I highly recommend the RSS Feed Import plugin as well, works wonders for TV show torrents.
posted by gren 18 June | 06:55
I'm really not that thrilled with Azureus...maybe it's my settings or prefs? (bitsonwheels is my fav program for them--simple and easy)
posted by amberglow 18 June | 11:15
Thanks gren.

Doctor Who was fan-flanging-tastic.
posted by Pretty_Generic 18 June | 14:49
was it? cool : >

(we have to wait for the torrents now)
posted by amberglow 18 June | 15:05
this is good--Liberal Torrents
posted by amberglow 18 June | 15:41
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