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21 June 2005

Lame question d'jour: Alien vs Predator. Jason vs Freddy. FictionalCharacterX vs FictionalCharacterY. Who would you choose?
Let me answer your question with a question: In an all-out battle between a flying shark and a flying crocodile, who would win?
posted by Smart Dalek 21 June | 17:25
Ash (from Evil Dead II) vs. Herbert West (Reanimator)
posted by bugbread 21 June | 17:25
Betty Boop vs Zena
posted by arse_hat 21 June | 17:25
Flying crocodile, by the way.
posted by bugbread 21 June | 17:25
Judge Dredd vs Dennis The Menace.

The fat woman from What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (who I assume was called Mrs Grape) vs Miss Haversham from Great Expectations. It'd inevitably end up in a house that burns to the ground but it'd be interesting to see how it gets there.
posted by dodgygeezer 21 June | 17:32
to sleep with?
posted by amberglow 21 June | 17:36
Mr Hanky vs Pillsbury Dough Boy
Josie and the Pussycats vs the Archies
posted by arse_hat 21 June | 17:38
a_h - The Onion AV Club did the battle of the cartoon bands last week!
posted by matildaben 21 June | 17:43
Mulder vs Scully in a knockdown dragout fight to the death! Skepticism vs Faith! Cold Analysis vs Passionate Spontaneity! I would prefer it if they were both naked but I'll take what I can get.

Smurfs vs Snorks. Obviously, some sort of teensy diving suit would need to be developed for the Smurfs.

Hugo Weaving as Elrond vs Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith.

posted by LeeJay 21 June | 17:46
H.R. PufnStuf vs. Donkey from Shrek
posted by mr_crash_davis 21 June | 17:49
Hopey vs Maggie.
posted by dabitch 21 June | 17:56
Trinity vs. Aeon Flux.
*makes Homer gargling noise*
posted by Specklet 21 June | 18:06
Spirou vs Tintin
posted by dabitch 21 June | 18:12
The Spirit mopping the floor with Dick Tracy
posted by dabitch 21 June | 18:14
Along the lines of LeeJay's entry....

Saruman vs. Count Dooku
posted by agropyron 21 June | 18:14
Buggs Bunny vs. Elmer Fudd vs Daffy Duck

Shhhhh. I'm hunting wabbits.

It's DUCK season!
posted by warbaby 21 June | 18:19
Mary J in Spiderman vs Mary J in Spiderman 2. Then, I
posted by mr.marx 21 June | 18:32
Ann Coulter vs the Ebola virus.
Or a liger. Or an active volcano. Or all three at once, as long as it's slow & drawn out.
posted by maryh 21 June | 19:14
"Ann Coulter vs the Ebola virus." He said fictional. Ebola is real.
posted by arse_hat 21 June | 19:27
damn, i just lost The Game. Something about ebola...
posted by muddgirl 21 June | 19:56
Oh, they both have to be fictional.... How 'bout AC vs David Brooks' credibility?
posted by maryh 21 June | 20:04
Count Chocula vs. Cap'n Crunch
posted by iconomy 21 June | 21:05
damn, i just lost The Game. Something about ebola...

Isn't it strange how a loss can come from the most unexpected places? It's my favorite part of The Game, which of course I just lost. :)
posted by LeeJay 21 June | 21:39
Fred from Scooby Doo vs. Alan from Josie & The Pussycats.

Nothing beats a good lover's quarrell.
posted by jonmc 21 June | 22:18
Darren #1 vs. Darren #2
posted by yhbc 21 June | 22:56
Oh, christ. Specklet wins.
posted by kmellis 22 June | 00:37
David Banner vs Bruce Banner
posted by seanyboy 22 June | 03:18
Punky Brewster Vs. Blossom
posted by hojoki 22 June | 03:36
James at 15 vs. James at 16
posted by hojoki 22 June | 03:40
Edmond Dantes v. Papillon
posted by Hugh Janus 22 June | 08:41
Mean Joe vs. Sewer Mouth.
posted by dreamsign 22 June | 09:04
The puppy with two penises vs the kitten with two faces

Robin Hood vs The Swamp Fox
posted by iconomy 22 June | 09:10
I'm a descendant of Francis Marion.
posted by Hugh Janus 22 June | 10:55
Marcia Brady vs. Laurie Partridge
posted by deborah 22 June | 13:00
Did anyone else || Quick!