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28 June 2005

Quality check. I think we should aim for more posts of this caliber on Metafilter. Just sayin'.
Refreshing PepsiBlueCoconutMarshmallowfilter?
posted by amberglow 28 June | 00:21
Needs more cow bell.
posted by arse_hat 28 June | 00:22
wait, I mean cow patty.
posted by arse_hat 28 June | 00:23
Don't be a jerk.
posted by LarryC 28 June | 00:23
I doubt that we can ever achieve the lofty heights of MoFi, but I guess we can dream.
posted by dg 28 June | 01:10
Actually, we need more posts of this caliber on MetaChat. Roasted toasted coconut marshmallows? Are you serious?

≡ Click to see image ≡

Y'all wait here, I'm running out to get all the stuff for coconut S'mores.
posted by taz 28 June | 01:12
I like pancakes.
posted by loquacious 28 June | 01:14
*Runs to soak the sticks so they don't burn up in the fire*
posted by Feisty 28 June | 01:21
We had pancakes yesterday. Today we're having s'mores. Now, start the fire.
posted by taz 28 June | 01:21
*Puts chocolate bars in pants to soften*
posted by Feisty 28 June | 01:24
Oh, ok. Fire is good. Can I have a s'more pancake?

Actually, speaking of bad food: I need to learn how to make donuts, and graham crackers. What makes a graham cracker a graham cracker? I've never been able to find a recipe.

Anyways: Chocolate-iced ho'made graham cracker donuts.
posted by loquacious 28 June | 02:13
Now, start the fire.
*gets out 20 litre drum of AvGas and matches*
posted by dg 28 June | 02:26
To make graham flour, the endosperm of winter wheat is finely ground. The bran and germ layers are returned and mixed in, resulting in a coarse, brown flour with a nutty and slightly sweet flavor.


Well-known by 1882, graham crackers are a flat, crisp cookie made with graham flour and typically sweetened with honey. They were created in the 1830's by Sylvester Graham who promoted the crackers as a health food. Along with graham crackers and pie crusts, granola and Grape NutsŪ cereal are also made with graham flour.

and much more, plus recipe links here.
posted by taz 28 June | 02:48
Woah. Grape Nuts?

So I could probably find actual graham flour if I looked hard enough.
posted by loquacious 28 June | 03:27
*laughs heartily at Feisty's chocolate pants*
posted by hojoki 28 June | 09:22
That's not chocolate.
posted by iconomy 28 June | 09:38
*sniffs air, gags, races for door*
posted by hojoki 28 June | 10:01
Well, Tracicle seems to be busy having a baby, in their defense.
posted by anastasiav 28 June | 11:06
Am I the only one who actually liked Pepsi Blue?
posted by sisterhavana 28 June | 11:15
posted by Specklet 28 June | 12:28
bless you for that, anasta
it slipped my mind in all the concussion
posted by ethylene 28 June | 19:57
caption please || FedEx Furniture