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17 June 2005

Blood transfusions from UnChristian donors may have very serious side-effects for even the most devout Christians.

I don't know how the leeches knew which blood to suck out, but they did. They knew. They was Christian leeches, I guess.
Bwahahahaha *bonk**

*laughed head off
posted by dg 17 June | 00:45
Mandrake, we need to protect our precious bodily fluids...
posted by AlexReynolds 17 June | 00:46
I dunno. I'm thinking of starting a new "one cat, two faces" cult. Anyone with me?
posted by dreamsign 17 June | 00:47
Flip and Jolene from Minnesota say "I think every church should have a Seed and Receptacle Bank."

They don't already? Ummm, what are you SUPPOSED to do in that little booth at the side of the church?
posted by Slack-a-gogo 17 June | 00:47
"Breed, Don't Bleed!"
those eggs are sacred too
posted by ethylene 17 June | 00:48
But aren't Christians big on conversions?
posted by Feisty 17 June | 00:53
Hotlinking images is bad, mudpuppie ;-)
posted by dg 17 June | 00:53
Do Christian sperm really have those little crucifixes? Does one have to consecrate the turkey baster before injection?

posted by maryh 17 June | 00:54
Better safe than sorry.
posted by Cryptical Envelopment 17 June | 01:12
it's holy water
posted by ethylene 17 June | 01:14
When I initially saw that first head, I thought it said "Christian Blood Drinking".
posted by interrobang 17 June | 01:45
You guys are such suckers. Suckerheads!!!!!
posted by taz 17 June | 01:55
Christians: Remember that sperm are like fish, so only swallow on Fridays.
posted by dodgygeezer 17 June | 03:18
The irony is, there is no god.
posted by Pretty_Generic 17 June | 08:13
I thought EVERY sperm was sacred?
posted by papercake 17 June | 08:24
sorry. messed up.
posted by mudpuppie 17 June | 12:17
I can't decide if the site is for real. It seems too elaborate for a hoax, but this guy is either so clueless as to be total fruitcake, or he's an accidentally brilliant joker.

Could he really be so obtuse as to misconstrue this man's letter?

A concerned Christian man
Camarillo, CA

Have you considered getting professional help?

Your kind of seperatist, prejudicial, holier than others thinking has dragged true religious beliefs down for centuries. The last group advocating this kind of 'purity' were christians too. THE NAZIS of Hitlers Germany.

Winston Katt responds:

Concerned Christian Man,

Indeed we have considered professional help. As a self-trained scientist, it would be very helpful to have a degreed professional to assist me with my research. Unfortunately, our budget doesn't currently allow for hiring a full- or part-time assistant.

And this? He took this seriously?

"Roy," Kentucky
I got me some blood put in after I cut three fingers off with a putty knife. The nurses tell me that the blood didn't have no AIDS, but they didn't tell me it come from some unbeliever. Man sure must've been a sinner, because as soon as they got me out of the hospital I was cussing. Drinking. Fighting. Prowling around like an itchy cat.
posted by Specklet 17 June | 12:32
All nimbly-pimbly like?
posted by Hugh Janus 17 June | 13:09
One Cat, Two Faces || Pride Parade June 26th