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16 June 2005

Meet Gemini

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Feisty 16 June | 23:59
Most of the cats I know do enough damage with one set of teeth!

I hope Gemini survives, though. She looks cute.
posted by invitapriore 17 June | 00:05
I'd wonder how an animal copes with seeing and smelling using four eyes, two noses and one brain. Do the eyes and noses work?
posted by AlexReynolds 17 June | 00:05
quick, call Janus
how many two headed cats does this universe need?
it always ends badly
turtles, fine

blinky's away
bring me the head of a three eyed fish on a platter
posted by ethylene 17 June | 00:07
I am googling as we speak. This, sadly, is not too uncommon. The poor thing(s) will likely not live long - they were supposed to be two cats, and didn't fully separate. Poor Gemini seems even less separated than any I'd seen before, though.
posted by yhbc 17 June | 00:07
Here you go. Scroll down to "Two Headed/Two Faced Kittens"
posted by yhbc 17 June | 00:11
that's no fish from the springfield river
not as bad as wacko jacko but give a girl some warning
posted by ethylene 17 June | 00:15

ok, the post pic was crazy, but "Anophthalmia" (from yhbc's link) just freaks. me. out.
posted by dreamsign 17 June | 00:23
Her mother was a 'minature cat'? Sounds like this breeder is going for a feline Geek Love kinda thang...
posted by maryh 17 June | 00:40
I'm not entirely sure if I'm scared of that cat or if I think it's cute in a "C'thulhu plushie" sort of way.

I bet it'd be good for scaring the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses off the doorstep, though.
posted by loquacious 17 June | 00:57
Which side does this cat land on?

And I think those cats with extra ears are freaking me out more than anything.
posted by loquacious 17 June | 01:12
Anyone else reminded of this?
posted by kellydamnit 17 June | 08:50
This cat has my seal of approval.
posted by Hugh Janus 17 June | 10:34
“With the three of our veterinarians here, we have a combined total of 50 years of experience,” Ross said. “We have never seen anything like this.”

Really? I've seen pics like that of cats and assorted barnyeard animals... although the cat with no eyes was new to me. (Ew.)
posted by Specklet 17 June | 12:16
*Wonders what a barnyeard animal is, exactly.*
posted by Specklet 17 June | 13:16
Derived from "Barney-eared," meaning "having no ears at all."
posted by Hugh Janus 17 June | 13:52
Poor little babylove.
posted by puddinghead 18 June | 02:05
It would be cool if it grew into a giant monster and ate people and buildings and stuff.
posted by hojoki 18 June | 12:04
"ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A two-faced kitten born earlier this month in the town of Glide, Ore., has died."
posted by Feisty 22 June | 17:06
I had a lucid dream last night. I think. || Hey, * I * like fluids!