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03 June 2005

Tactical posting--ok or no? So JenLeigh posts an old story from 2 months ago smearing Sy Hersh about how he's a liar, just a judge has ordered the release of the torture and abuse pics and video that Hersh told us all about.
clearly the blogosphere is being manipulated by a vast right-wing conspiracy.
posted by quonsar 03 June | 19:03
Don't be silly.

Anyone who reads Newsweek knows that getting the details wrong but the fundamental truth correct means you're a danger to national security and therefore cannot be trusted on any topic.

Without JenLeigh's tireless reportage, we might actually make the mistake of thinking Hersh was onto someth oh wait.
posted by scrump 03 June | 19:05
I'm a political partisan also, and i post newsfilter too, but i've never done that. I don't like it--at all. The story she posted is old news, and not at all even proven true. It's right from the freepers, like a lot of her posts, and is just spin exactly timed to counter the upcoming release (or not) of the photos.
posted by amberglow 03 June | 19:05
Also, I like cheese.
posted by scrump 03 June | 19:06
um, are you smoking crack amberglow? her post was yesterday. are you saying she's a secret whitehouse spinmeister who was given information on how the judge would decide in advance, then sent to metafilter to affect the outcome of today's thread?
posted by quonsar 03 June | 19:12
I'm a political partisan
posted by amberglow 03 June

That's a bit like saying Mozart had some musical talent. Or that David Hume had some intelligence. Or that goatse man has some issues. All massive understatements of obvious things. You are THE most political partisan.
posted by dios 03 June | 19:20
her post was yesterday, and the judge ordered the govt to release the pics on the 1st.

i'm not saying she posted to counter the other post about it. I'm saying she posted it to start spinning the whole situation--a tactical move. Why post an article from April otherwise?
posted by amberglow 03 June | 19:21
I'm not as much as a partisan as JenLeigh, obviously. I don't dredge up and post old disparaging stories just as a legal action was taken about the man whose words set the whole thing in motion.
posted by amberglow 03 June | 19:23
oh, and dios--you calling other people partisan is very hysterical. /holds up mirror
posted by amberglow 03 June | 19:25
i think your distinctions are clearer to you than anyone else here. well, me at least. i guess you have your own standards, but frankly it looks like just the kind of stunt you would pull. sorry if i'm jaded and cynical - but maybe you've posted too much political crap yourself for me to care any more.
posted by andrew cooke 03 June | 19:26
you're jaded and cynical because deep in your heart you know mathowie is going to disappoint you. again.
posted by quonsar 03 June | 19:27
well, yeah, that too.

i really need to get out.
posted by andrew cooke 03 June | 19:30
Shorter MetaChat:

amberglow: She's a partisan!1one
dios: No, she's not. You are.
amberglow: NOT.
dios: TOO.
amberglow: NOT.
dios: TOO.

[time passes]

quonsar: You're both idiots, and mathowie makes me feel squishy in my "pants area".
Everyone: AMEN.
posted by scrump 03 June | 19:30
so, then, it'd be ok to post, say, a disparaging article from the whole Schiavo thing a while ago about Bill Frist as a FPP with that as the sole link on the day after he announces his candidacy for President?
posted by amberglow 03 June | 19:34
perfectly ok with me, and i look forward to reading it!
posted by quonsar 03 June | 19:36
but then, i'm a libruhl.
posted by quonsar 03 June | 19:37
You are THE most political partisan.

Glass houses and stones pal.
posted by mlis 03 June | 19:39
I *heart* scrump.
posted by jrun 03 June | 19:40
Amber: What about the NYO article from October? Sy Hersh's News: Hes Describing Massacre In Iraq

It is not a stretch to say that Hersh enjoys telling a good anecdote.
posted by mlis 03 June | 19:42
I *heart* scrump.
And, for a low one-time fee of $19.95, he'll "heart" you too, right in the "mathowie".
posted by scrump 03 June | 19:53
that would have been a good post in October, no? and jenleigh's wouldn't have me suspicious if it had been posted in April when that issue of New York actually came out.
posted by amberglow 03 June | 19:55
So email her and ask her why she FPP'd it.
posted by trondant 03 June | 20:27
Amberglow, give it a rest for God's sake. It was a decent post worthy of discussion. Her motives are unknowable. Ignore it and move on.

Can we get Scrump to condense every thread?
posted by LarryC 04 June | 16:07
I think you're over-estimating the breadth of the vast right-wing conspiracy. The righties can't even get their shoes tied without help, do you really think that jenleigh is on some secret inside phonetree tryign to spread propaganda on MeFi of all places? She made a post that happened to coincide with some news... posting old information is nothing new on MeFi, in fact "old news" seems to happen every day. For example, see today's "American Taliban" page from 2004 for chrissakes.
If it was just old news that would have been one thing---the fact that it was old news that had already been posted as a comment in one of her earlier threads (back in April when it was new news) that raised my suspicions--being reposted as a FPP by itself--the day after the judge had ruled on the very thing that this guy had told the world about.
posted by amberglow 07 June | 01:18
Amber, this is crazy. Have you looked at her posting history? She is a solid center-lefty, and a smart and witty one at that. Your paranoia has made you alienate a natural ally and discredit yourself. Apologize already.
posted by LarryC 07 June | 14:00
JRUINOUS || I am currently feeling bowel pressure.