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29 June 2005

dg, don't you want to ask "How?"
Specklet, did you crack dodgy's account to post Gary Glitter?

How could you? You know he's more of a Beegees fan!
posted by me3dia 29 June | 16:17
What? Nooooo, I would never do something like that. Never ever. Never.
posted by Specklet 29 June | 16:20
First, you take a funnel. Second, find an acquiescent pig who owes you a favor....
posted by mudpuppie 29 June | 16:48
How? Tie a rope around a bumper, attach opposite end to a manniquin on water skis and drive donuts on the neighbor's yard until you are dragged away kicking, screaming and laughing. That's how.
posted by AlexReynolds 29 June | 17:01
Here's how!

posted by papercake 29 June | 17:14
* holds up right hand *

posted by dodgygeezer 29 June | 17:16
oh, so that's how you straight people do that--i always wondered. ; >
posted by amberglow 29 June | 17:23
And how!
posted by Capn 29 June | 17:24
You place the expired racehorse atop of a tarp. You drag the tarp carefully up a sturdy ramp onto the bed of a pickup truck. It's important to be careful at this stage, as any mistake will cause bleeding. Following rigor mortis, you'll be in for a worse surprise, particularly on hot nights, when corpses can burst. Suffice it to say, JBS Haldine certainly knew his animals.

You place another tarp atop of the remains, and drive onto the highway. Be particularly mindful of any potholes. You should be resourceful enough to figure the rest out yourself.
posted by Smart Dalek 29 June | 17:28
With a hope and a hey and a hope sha-naa.
posted by gigawhat? 29 June | 17:43
No, I don't. But thanks for asking.
posted by dg 29 June | 18:27
like this
posted by matildaben 29 June | 18:30
oh, so that's how you straight people do that--i always wondered. ; >

Well Amber, that Gif kinda makes it look like one Pacific Northwest Native American Totem Pole is trying to get another one to do more cocaine, which is one way that straight people do it, we have two others, one called "Think of England" and the other doesn't have a name but it involves wine-coolers and awkwardness the next day.
posted by Divine_Wino 29 June | 18:42
With a blender.
posted by puddinghead 30 June | 00:13
Ask the brown cow.
posted by deborah 30 June | 02:45
Gary Glitter's || Cast out!