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28 June 2005

[Not] Requested by MLIS There ya go. The most complete copy available on the net, I believe.
100KB of snark.
posted by dodgygeezer 28 June | 13:58
3 pounds of flax.
posted by bugbread 28 June | 14:11
not nice.
posted by amberglow 28 June | 14:18
Why was that thread ever deleted? It's a piece of history.
posted by matildaben 28 June | 14:20
Fobidden surpressed history, like the Jesus was a space alien papers. As long as Matthowie sits on the trialeral commisson, the truth will lie in its uneasy grave.

posted by Divine_Wino 28 June | 14:27
I thought I apologized for this awhile ago. What did I do wrong now?
posted by AlexReynolds 28 June | 14:29
This thread was the most fun I ever had on MeFi. Sigh....
posted by Orange Swan 28 June | 14:32
I've got a sneaking sense of pride in my "Dancing Queen/Drama Queen" parody.
posted by Orange Swan 28 June | 14:33
You know Alex, I don't think you'll ever hear the end of this. Forty years from now you'll be in your rocking chair with a laptop in your lap and your teeth in a glass and some young wipper snapper will bring this thread up again.

But hey, you're a part of history so I guess it's not all bad.
posted by dodgygeezer 28 June | 14:34
Sorry, that was just a response to MLIS's request on MeTa. I dunno what brought it up for him/her now, but he/she requested it be posted on MeCha.
posted by bugbread 28 June | 14:53
bugbread, are you talking about this request? Because if so, mlis was asking for the thread where Theatrical Matriarch commits suicide, only to return a few comments later as zombie theatrical matriarch, which is an entirely different deleted thread.

I mistakenly linked to the same thread you just did back when mlis first asked for it.

I, too, would like to see the seppuku thread, but I'm afraid it's gone forever.
posted by gramschmidt 28 June | 15:14
Ummm, as gramschmidt says I requested the Theatrical Matriarch seppuku thread be posted to Metachat.

Sir Dodgy please remove my name from this post - Seriously, I do not want to be associated with the incorrect thread being posted.
posted by mlis 28 June | 15:26
bugbread: For the record, how was this part of my request?

My request stated:

"Good idea. If anyone has a local copy of the MeTa Theatrical Matriarch seppuku thread, please email it to me or better yet post it to Metachat. Thanks."

posted by mlis 28 June | 15:29
[Not] added to post
posted by dodgygeezer 28 June | 16:11
Yikes! I apologize, I did misinterpret it.

I thought when you said Theatrical Matriarch you were trying to avoid the phrase dr*m* q***n, not referring to the user who picked the name Theatrical Matriarch avoiding the phrase dr*m* q***n. And I never knew that Theatrical Matriarch had a thread about seppuku, hence the interpretation of seppuku in the more conventional "killing oneself".

Yes, ALEXREYNOLDS was not mentioned, but "theatrical matriarch" can be interpreted as one of two people, just as "mathowie's baby" can be interpreted as that sock puppet or the living breathing bundle of joy in mathowie's house.

I massively misinterpreted what you said, and I apologize. But, please, don't be so antagonistic about it, it really was an honest, straightforward mistake. I'm sorry, Alex, and I'm sorry, MLIS.
posted by bugbread 28 June | 16:17

*stows away pitchforks and torches*
posted by deborah 28 June | 16:24
This Drama Queen, it vibrates?
posted by loquacious 28 June | 17:09
Are the modifiers in "living breathing bundle of joy" meant to distinguish her from a zombie bundle of joy?
posted by matildaben 28 June | 18:36
No, it's to distinguish her from a packet of money or drugs or porn or other nonliving nonbreathing bundles of joy.
posted by bugbread 28 June | 18:44
oo--matt had a zombie baby? cool!
posted by amberglow 28 June | 18:45
Nonono, Matt had a bundle of money, drugs, and porn. Theatrical Matriarch had the zombie baby (by Caesarian section...or should I dramatically say, "seppuku")
posted by bugbread 28 June | 18:51
Mommy, my stomach hurts ... || Ancient Bone NOT From Monkey Spy