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13 June 2005

write your own personals ad: blank is looking for blank who can blank like a blank while blanking blank on a blank--
will write my own if i have the time of this doesn't entirely suck. remember, only the truth is really funny:[More:]
of is or and i'm far past really caring.
make your own fun or don't
posted by ethylene 13 June | 02:30
My god - reading that aloud sounds like Match Game for over achievers. Or Gene Rayburn on BLANK.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 13 June | 02:34
you did the 234, yay
--this is the last show we will ever do again--
posted by ethylene 13 June | 02:36
That's hilarious.
posted by seanyboy 13 June | 03:22
Cute College girl is looking for complete stranger, just anyone, really - you? who can write my term paper while I make a doody on the internet (money is no object).
posted by taz 13 June | 03:23
ok, the meat toy is gone, not that he reads anything i type (the term meattoy comes from a very unusual dream--)
make love to me, verbally
posted by ethylene 13 June | 03:30
Nobody else is doing this? How disappointing.

Is it that you're just blown away by my brilliance? That's it, isn't it?

Isn't it?
posted by taz 13 June | 10:13
Giant Squid God Man-Thing is looking for Tasty, Puny Humans who can Run, Scream and Poop Themselves in Abject Terror while I CRUSH ALL HUMANS and EAT ALL HUMANS and otherwise generally DESTROY THE HUMAN RACE, LIFE IN GENERAL and THE EARTH ITSELF.
posted by loquacious 13 June | 10:44
Sexy girl who likes to attend metafilter meetups is looking for a pasty fucking nerd with stalkerish proclivities who can create greasemonkey scripts that make avatars out of my flickr photostream while the script installs syphilis in his bios, it spreads to his penis, and he dies of rotting bios penis infection.

(that thread was the funniest thing I've ever read on metatalk)
posted by iconomy 13 June | 10:50
iconomy, you had me at hello. But you lost me at syphillis infected bios. Maybe I'm just not creepy enough.
posted by omiewise 13 June | 10:59
I can't believe I stopped reading that thread before naxosaxur saw fit to deploy her delightful sense of humor there.
posted by kenko 13 June | 12:12
There is nothing like a spittle flecked flame-out to make you feel good about humanity.
posted by sarah connor 13 June | 12:46
taz, that cycling guy belongs on MeFi - someone find him and buy him a membership - he is just the sort of person we need to provide some rational thinking.


Over-the-hill, middle-aged fat guy looking for any female who can suck like a vacuum cleaner while cooking fish on a bicycle.
posted by dg 13 June | 23:42
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