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13 June 2005

Want to make sure you & family are ok.
posted by mlis 13 June | 22:37
where is he in Chile?
posted by amberglow 13 June | 22:44
A magnitude 7.9 earthquake shook northern Chile, at 18:44 p.m. local time, according to the U.S. Geological Survey's Web site. The government said at least one person died in the quake.

The quake was located in the mountains 115 kilometers (71.5 miles) east northeast of the city of Iquique in north Chile, the USGS said. The epicenter of the earthquake, which struck 1,515 kilometers north of Santiago, was 111 kilometers below ground.
--from Bloomberg news.

It was very far north of Santiago.
posted by amberglow 13 June | 22:48
I think he is in Santiago, from memory.
posted by dg 13 June | 22:52
His MeFi user page confirms Santiago, but I think he travels a fair bit for work.
posted by dg 13 June | 23:00
mlis seemed pretty shook up.</deadpan>
posted by quonsar 13 June | 23:20
thx for cleaning up after me, q.
posted by mlis 13 June | 23:44
Hope he's OK.
posted by me3dia 13 June | 23:47
Me too.
posted by iconomy 13 June | 23:49
Moonbird is on a hiking vacation down that way but I think he said in a recent post he is in Peru now.
each time I hit post I rec'vd a refresh screen message, didn't realize they were all being posted
posted by mlis 14 June | 00:02
Does Andrew even read MetaChat?
posted by matildaben 14 June | 00:23
Yep, he's a metachatter. I emailed him to let him know about this thread, but communications in Chile are probably jammed right now. Or, even better - he's peacefully sleeping.
posted by taz 14 June | 01:10
Not that peacefully I hope!
posted by dabitch 14 June | 06:23
I'm sure he's ok, which is, of course, my way of saying I hope he's ok.
posted by omiewise 14 June | 08:32
hi. thanks for the concern. pauli called me just as i arrived at my apartment last night here in la serena (to the north of santiago). i didn't feel a thing - it was much further north (they felt it in peru + bolivia, according to the radio report i'm listening to at the moment, but it was strongest in chile). so i'm ok, paulina is ok (in santiago), and i would guess signal (the other chilean on mefi) is ok, since he lives and works in santiago. as far as i know, there's currently 12 known dead, which is obviously terrible for the families involved, but a very low number for the strength of the earthquake. there was a fair amount of panic in the coastal cities in the north, with people heading to the hills, expecting a tidal wave, but it was soon clear that wouldn't happen, and things seem to have calmed down.

if you can read spanish, there's more info here. and thanks to taz for the email pointing me here! :o)
posted by andrew cooke 14 June | 09:05
good to hear, andrew : >
posted by amberglow 14 June | 09:10
Hi, andrew - glad you're ok!
posted by iconomy 14 June | 09:13
Glad you're doing fine, a.c.!
posted by Smart Dalek 14 June | 13:15
Great to hear from you, mr. cooke.
posted by taz 14 June | 13:40
I am late but I am glad you are okay!
posted by melissa may 14 June | 20:17
Hope he's OK.
posted by me3dia 23 June | 23:07
he's poor and desperate.....he plays the violin || Can't get my CD burner to work