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07 June 2005

hey mcgraw what's up my man told someone they're cute when they're angry lately????
posted by michelob 07 June | 11:31
Wuddup McG?
posted by tr33hggr 07 June | 11:37
They finally let me use the computer in the jail. But my time is almost up. Also, they tell me it's michelob time so congrats 'lob.

Jrun problems? Sorry to here it but if you all had all simply gotten banned like i did then you wouldn't be so sad about the cup runnething over sadness.
posted by mcgraw 07 June | 11:39
Were you really banned? Damnation!
posted by tr33hggr 07 June | 11:43
Banned? Over what? How does it work? Do big burly thugs come over to your house and rough you up?
posted by omiewise 07 June | 11:48
Yeah, my banCup Rerunneth over.

But it's not Matt's fault. It's my fault. With the sole aim of unnerving another user who snarked me on a couple of my fpps, I googled said user and then quoted that person from another site. No harm intended but it was enough (even though the user has a history of abusive posting) for me to be banned. It's my fault for responding in such a way.
posted by mcgraw 07 June | 12:04
mcgraw is stalking me!
posted by matildaben 07 June | 12:52
I had forgotten about that whole drama-thing. You got banned over that? So hows life on the outside? :)
posted by dabitch 07 June | 14:44
You gents and gentleladies are great. Thanks for asking...

I've confused the issue a bit, so i should to clarify:
1) the description above is about the bannation of my "dfowler" account.
2) my mcgraw account (yes, i sock puppetted) was banned first, but i don't think i deserved it that time

So, the "user with a history of abusive posting" was who dfowler antagonized, not mcgraw.

Life in the penn is you know- we still get h19h in here. some of the guards an janitors sell illicit goods to us on the side but they charge too much. My lawyer says i'll make parole on my first shot.. in about six years....

Enough about the mefiprison where us bangaz end up. I'll keep tryin to post fun stuff for everyone here. Shouts to all from Block 1352A. Respect
posted by mcgraw 07 June | 15:51
Good to see you.
posted by LarryC 10 June | 01:02
My cup Jrunneth over. || FL Police use Taser on 6 yoa girl