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15 June 2005

Self-Use Ear Irrigation Syringe "....after all those years of telling doctors that there was something going on in my left ear, Ear-Clear found and removed the culprit. After 4 or 5 refills using the Master Blaster for the first time in my left ear, not only did a serious clump of wax get expelled, but also a 'twig' about an inch long (see picture). Must have been in my ear for 15 years!" Tony F.
i actually need one of these--i'm so stuffed up my ears have closed.
posted by amberglow 15 June | 17:56
Here's a nice spot on the couch with the TV remote, favorite magazine, drink, and laptop. Ease up on the dairy. taz'll be 'round soon with a back rub.
posted by Feisty 15 June | 18:02
Oh dear God, the horror!
posted by loquacious 15 June | 18:07
Q: Will it remove a bug that crawled in my ear?

A: No. Hold a flashlight towards your ear and the bug will crawl towards the light.

Fuck if I'm buying that useless piece of crap when I already have a flashlight.
posted by mudpuppie 15 June | 18:12
Q: Can someone else use it on me?
A: No. This device is for self-use only.

To order online, send 2 emails with half your credit card numbers in each email.
People still do that?

For your security, your email is deleted from our computer.

Also - earwax is there for a reason - it is not supposed to be removed. Twigs, not so much.
posted by dg 15 June | 19:48
It would be really gross if, instead of this stuff coming out your ear, it emptied down that tube that connects your ear canal to your throat.

Lucky for Self-Use Ear Irrigation Syringe users, that's impossible!
posted by invitapriore 15 June | 20:24
Are you sure? Is it in the FAQ?
posted by mudpuppie 15 June | 20:26
Well, I guess it's possible if they have a ruptured ear drum or something.
posted by invitapriore 15 June | 20:38
Master Blaster?
posted by jonmc 15 June | 21:08
I'm enjoying the slyly ironic retro web design look of the site...very clever.
posted by iconomy 15 June | 21:22
No. Hold a flashlight towards your ear and the bug will crawl towards the light.

Can't I just put my head under a rolling bus?
posted by dreamsign 15 June | 23:32
Your brain thinks your swimming under water.

My swimming under water?

Uh, I call bullshit on the twig.
posted by Specklet 16 June | 12:09
This device is for self-use only. - Why?

Probably because you could easily push too hard and hurt someone else's ear. It would be much easier to know what was too hard if it was your own ear. Though doctors perform this, I assume they are trained to not push too hard. It's not rocket science, but you could hurt someone without realizing, if you did this to them and didn't know.

Also - earwax is there for a reason - it is not supposed to be removed.

Well, yes, but this isn't for cleaning your ears every day. I've had this done by my doctor, which is nice, but inconvenient and outrageously expensive. If you don't have hearing loss or pain from impacted wax, you might not realize this is even possible; I certainly had no idea until I complained of ear pain to my doctor and he cleaned my ears, solving the problem. But it returns every 6 months or so for me.

Also, there's some interesting stuff on Wikipedia about ear wax and specifically removal, which mentions the syringe method used by doctors.

Thanks so much for the link Feisty, this is honestly going to save me a lot of money and pain. Site leaves a bit to be desired, though.
posted by drstupid 17 June | 09:59
"Pretty soon || Bring popcorn.