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15 June 2005

Well, I just got my green card Spent the last 90 minutes at the federal building in Baltimore getting interviewed by a nice INS official. My husband was way more nervous than me, because he was convinced that I was going to crack "marriage of convenience" jokes. (NB: it is not!) Glad it's over...
heh. some friends of mine have got that next week. they got married a month ago just so that she could go with him...

anyways, congratulations.
posted by andrew cooke 15 June | 16:34
posted by Frisbee Girl 15 June | 16:41
good congratulations.
posted by omiewise 15 June | 16:42
congrats! today, you're almost an American! (for good and bad, in torture and and in abuse, til terrorist disaster ...) ; >
posted by amberglow 15 June | 16:45
Yeah, I'm not going to go for citizenship though. I'll stay a resident alien. bad enough that our kids --if we have any-- will have dual citizenship; I wanted them to be kiwis through and through...still as long as they have the accent
posted by gaspode 15 June | 16:50
Oh to clarify that, we're planning to move to New Zealand in a few years to pop out brats.
posted by gaspode 15 June | 16:52
a scientist after my own heart
here's to making conscious choices
posted by ethylene 15 June | 16:53
Welcome to America, now be maddeningly inconsistent and constantly aggrieved!
posted by Divine_Wino 15 June | 17:09
Welcome to America. Your cheeseburger and gun are in the mail.
posted by jonmc 15 June | 17:19
Your SUV and yellow ribbon magnet are in the mail.
posted by matildaben 15 June | 17:34
My condolences. Ummm. Yay! Yeah, that's what I meant. Yay!
posted by deborah 15 June | 17:36
Time to break out the fine cheese and pickles!
posted by iconomy 15 June | 21:16
can we have those little pickles? cornichons or whatever? with stone ground mustard i'll make tapenade and a spinach artichoke dip--
posted by ethylene 15 June | 22:17
mmm hungry now. Thanks for the (semi) enthusiasm guys. Luckily I'm in NYC so it's kind of very American and not very American at all. Hrrm.
posted by gaspode 15 June | 22:56
You should be able to get a passport that just says "new yorker". Or at least 'blue stater'. :P
posted by delmoi 16 June | 10:22
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