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24 June 2005

Supercell thunderstorm producing baseball-sized hail and a powerful tornado. From above.
Well not _above_ exactly. I am unable to sleep. Are you asleep?
Yes. Shhhh....
posted by puddinghead 24 June | 03:03
Nice, weretable. The big image is great.

I just woke up an hour ago. it's going on 10:30 a.m. here, and I was up 'til about 4 a.m. last night (this morning, actually).
posted by taz 24 June | 03:24
Thank you for that photo weretable and the undead chairs. My father worked the emergency lines after that tornado went through. He's an investigator for the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Legislation and they worked around the clock to help La Plata recover.
posted by LeeJay 24 June | 03:35
I've always wanted to go storm chasing so I could see things like this
posted by squeak 24 June | 04:16
That's fantastic, squeak! Coolest cloud pic ever.
posted by taz 24 June | 04:18
Only thing is I think once I saw clouds like that the primeval part of me would be praying to the gods as I was running for cover ;)
posted by squeak 24 June | 04:39
taz, more of the same clouds from the site squeak linked. more here.

google mammatus if you want more. yes.

while i am at it and check out the rest of the site too.
Thanks! How did I live this long without ever hearing about or seeing mammatus clouds?
posted by taz 24 June | 11:24
Excellent photo. Just north of where I grew up. I moved back to the area for a year and taught a few classes in LaPlata. My commute took me past the path of that tornado. Lots of weird stuff hanging in the trees. They were still recovering a year later.

An aside: In Southern Maryland we pronounce it LuhPlayda.
posted by kortez 24 June | 13:48
weretable, thanks for my new desktop. And I'm with squeak, I'd be under a table bargaining with the gods (or aliens) to spare my miserable life. Never knew clouds like that existed.
posted by deborah 24 June | 14:31
Those pictures just appeared in the b3ta newsletter described as "God's piles"
posted by dodgygeezer 24 June | 14:34
An aside: In Southern Maryland we pronounce it LuhPlayda.

For a minute there I found myself wondering how else you would pronounce it. Then I realized that, outside of Maryland, LuhPlayda wouldn't be the first guess. Gotta love regional pronunciations.
posted by LeeJay 24 June | 16:36
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