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27 June 2005

Why not?
post by: dg at: 18:42 | 26 comments
Because it isn't worth it. And it makes me itch anyways.
posted by dame 27 June | 18:44
because absence of a reason isn't a reason in itself
or even a rationalization
posted by ethylene 27 June | 18:46
Because it's raining, that's why.
posted by Specklet 27 June | 18:54
I just don't feel like it.
posted by kenko 27 June | 18:54
Someone has a philosophy paper to write, that's why.
posted by AlexReynolds 27 June | 18:55
Someone has a philosophy paper to write, that's why.
posted by AlexReynolds 27 June | 18:56
Because i said no, dammit! You'll put your eye out!
posted by amberglow 27 June | 18:56
Someone has two philosophy papers to write, that's why.
posted by matildaben 27 June | 18:59
You'll never understand! Never never never! I hate you and I wish I was never born!

*slams door, takes pictures of self, posts to LiveJournal*
posted by goatsetubgirlknifebutt 27 June | 19:16
Because I there's a Commandment against it.
posted by puddinghead 27 June | 19:21
How the hell did that I get in there?
posted by puddinghead 27 June | 19:22
because the I's have it?
i spilled a little t somewhere
posted by ethylene 27 June | 19:25
Because if you keep picking at it it'll never heal.
posted by LeeJay 27 June | 19:26
Because you'll get hair on your palms
posted by amberglow 27 June | 19:46
Because it's going to end badly. You know it's going to end badly. *I* know it's going to end badly. Everyone knows. . . it's going to end badly. And I'm kind of tired of staying up until the crack of ass in the morning listening to you moaning on and on about how it was going to be different this time and that you were a different person and they had changed and that you were sure that this was going to last forever yadda-fucking-yadda. It's a fucking disaster waiting to happen and I'm not going to give you the approval you want to stand under that pile of bricks. Okay? Okay. Jesus! Now, can we get a fucking slice of pizza? I'm starving.
posted by papercake 27 June | 20:03
Because it makes the baby Jesus cry.
posted by sisterhavana 27 June | 20:12
Because then the terrorists really have won
posted by amberglow 27 June | 20:32
Because there's an APB out on your ass and the Canadian border is an eight-hour drive from here.
posted by AlexReynolds 27 June | 21:03
Because it's a self-link, asshole.
posted by matildaben 27 June | 21:44
Last time we tried we got thrown in jail.
posted by kenko 27 June | 21:58
posted by yhbc 27 June | 21:58
Go ask your mother.
posted by thatweirdguy2 28 June | 01:15
Because we can't afford it.
posted by mygothlaundry 28 June | 09:47
"Because you have so much to live for! Because we still need you!" she shouted down the cliff, the wind whipping her long auburn hair and turning her sun dappled dress in to a flapping flag. "Daddy, climb up here right now!" Petulant and pleading like she's 12 again. She was screaming now, and my grandson in her arms was starting to cry. Oh God how did it come to this? I guess it started, really started 6 months ago...

"Because I don't love you anymore Jim, and I haven't for a long time. That's why not Jim." I was standing in the door of our bedroom holding a bottle of wine in each hand. I'd come up to ask her which she wanted to take to the Hendersons' tonight and found her packing a suitcase.

I could see myself in the mirror, observing myself in the moment. "Guy standing in the rain with a comical look on is face because he's just had is heart ripped out." Fuck you Bogey. I wanted to smash the bottles against the door, throw them across the room, bleed merlot all over her damn white pantsuits and v-neck sweaters. Overhand them in to the plate glass windows, have one perfect 2001 moment of an object tumbling through space. I wanted to make some noise, to scare her, shake the cold calculating frost from her face. But I didn't. Why not? I don't know.

posted by Capn 28 June | 11:52
Because it's still sore from last night!

* rolls over, snores loudly *
posted by dodgygeezer 28 June | 11:57
Because I said so.
posted by deborah 28 June | 13:38
Gilbert and Sullivan || How to Beat Off Invaders From Space;