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25 June 2005

Very surreal Bunny Game Ok, you're a rabbit. Wearing headphones. Or something. Its an idyllic Wonka-esqe world. You hit giant appliances with a hammer. They turn into Pengins. Or something.

Just play it.

via wonderland
Are the rabbits verifiably over 18?
posted by vapidave 25 June | 22:46
fun but hard - the arrow keys don't work in the way I expect them to, and I'm only getting about 30% through before I run out of time. But pounding things with a giant hammer is great fun!

I wonder how many environments I'm missing. I've been to four...
posted by taz 26 June | 00:25
I love the graphics. The world would be a happier place if it was just a little more psychadelic.
posted by dodgygeezer 26 June | 06:05
Hehehehe, that game won a bronze in the cyber award in Cannes on Friday, and the commercial that went with it won the Grand Prix award. It's cute.

The cyber award Grand Prix's were ComeClean (try "I shot the sherrif." "I want to blow up a bank," "I had an affair with a ferret," "I left the toilet seat up," "I don't wear women's underwear" or "I'm catholic.") and Henkel's Super Bonder Instant Glue. (as seen on mefi).
posted by dabitch 26 June | 06:41
(do I have a one-track ad-mind or what? Sorry about that.)
posted by dabitch 26 June | 06:42
Hey, I'm up to 48%! Woohoo?

But now I've been to 7 of 9 environments, and it's very cool.
posted by taz 26 June | 11:02
I never even got to level three. You're good at games grrrl.
posted by dabitch 26 June | 14:49
I'm usually good at logic and puzzle games, but really bad at speed and reflex games. This one's kind of fun because I like finding the new places, and the different ways to get there. I've pretty much got it now, if only I can avoid getting to the bbq land until I've finished with the other spaces. Once you get to the bbq, you can't go anywhere else.
posted by taz 27 June | 00:50
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