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07 June 2005

What the hell happened?! Someone please give me a detailed description of the last five minutes of The Ring. I was watching it on TV last night and for reasons I won't go into, missed everything from when she found the guy to the credits.
She, like, climbs out of the well and kills everyone. Then she like climbs out of the tv and kills everyone.
posted by Mean Mr. Bucket 07 June | 14:32
Or did you mean Wagner?
posted by Mean Mr. Bucket 07 June | 14:36
she who found what guy?

(I've the Japanese 'Ringu' [called "Ring" over here, but "ringu" in teh United states afaik] a few times. Is that the one you mean? Or did you mean Ring the American one? In which case, 1 or 2?)
posted by dabitch 07 June | 14:39
and for reasons I won't go into

Nothing like stoking our curiousity!
posted by tr33hggr 07 June | 14:46
posted by seanyboy 07 June | 14:49
Nope, Bucket, there's a lot more to it than that.

I'm not looking for Ringu info, I saw the American version.

Here's what I know [spoiler, duh]: the chick thinks the curse has been lifted because they found the evil girl's skeleton in the well. The chick's kid freaks out and tells her she wasn't supposed to help the evil girl; fingerprints show up on his arm, indicating the curse is still on. The chick remembers her ex, who saw the video the day after she did, and realizes he's gonna get it. Cut to guy's apartment, as evil girl crawls out of the TV (almost peed myself right about here) and kills him. The chick rushes over to his place only to find him dead. Then, she rushes back to her kid and... ???
posted by Specklet 07 June | 14:53
You were smart to walk away from the television. Just to be safe, don't turn it on for a week.
posted by Armitage Shanks 07 June | 14:54
Oh script, thanks!
posted by Specklet 07 June | 14:54
Crap, script is Japanese version, and I can't find one for the Ehren Kruger version. They're significantly different.
posted by Specklet 07 June | 15:06
IIRC, said chick and her son go back and watch the video tape on purpose. What plot twist forced them into doing so the results, I cannot remember. I pretty much hyperventilated from her finding her dead ex until the credits. Oh... and given it was 3 years ago since I saw it.

But does that little tidbit spark any memories for anyone else?
posted by Johnny Hazard 07 June | 15:24
"What plot twist forced them into doing so OR the results, I cannot remember."

Sure, sure... we've a fancy spellcheck but not a "missing word" check.
posted by Johnny Hazard 07 June | 15:25
Basically, you died. The curse of the little girl hit you before you even realised what happened.

Now pipe down with all the questions. Some of us here are trying to sleep, while others need a little quiet time to think out ways of scaring the crap out of the living.
posted by Smart Dalek 07 June | 15:30
they watch the tape then make a copy of it and something something. something about putting the curse on someone else instead of the little boy. basically, it's fucking stupid. and don't bother seeing the 2nd one, it's a lot worse.
posted by puke & cry 07 June | 15:47
Sounds somewhat like the Japanese version then: Sadako's tortured soul fuses with the polio viruses that wrack her body (or was it leprosy?), causing a ghost whose desire is to replicate, and only kills people who don't show the tape/spread the ghostvirus to anyone within a week. Spreading the disease spares the carrier (Typhoid Mary or death).
posted by bugbread 07 June | 15:58
damn, i knew i should have seen the japanese one.
posted by puke & cry 07 June | 16:06
Riiiight, I remember that in the Japanese version, you had to make a copy and show it to someone else to escape the curse. What I want to know is, do the chick and her kid transfer the curse to someone? Do they leave it open ended? Did they die? Eh? Eh?

On preview: I don't remeber the Japanese one being very scary at all, while the American verison scared the crap out of me.
posted by Specklet 07 June | 16:07
Bugbread's summation roughly describes the storyline of gur navzr frevrf Cnenabvn Ntrag.

posted by Smart Dalek 07 June | 16:08
posted by Specklet 07 June | 16:23
i think they give the curse to someone else, if i remember correctly. then they live happily ever after until **SPOILER**

Tamera comes back and wants the women to be her mother!

"I'm not your fucking mommy!"

posted by puke & cry 07 June | 16:33
puke & cry, in Ring 1 or 2?
posted by Specklet 07 June | 16:43
Yeah, this whole thread is spoilerific, so everyone beware:

What I want to know is, do the chick and her kid transfer the curse to someone? Do they leave it open ended? Did they die? Eh? Eh?

That was my favorite part about the book: In the end, with only a day left to go, the book ends with the guy (he's a guy in the book) and his son driving to see...grandma and grandpa (no, not with the implication that they're old and it's ok that they're going to die, but with a bit more depth: they're the easiest people to convince to watch the film in a short time. They're probably the easiest to convince that it's real, and that they really have to show it to someone else or die. They're the least likely to rage against the guy for showing this potentially lethal videotape. And, since the population is limited: If he shows it to them first, they won't be the unlucky ones at the end of the chain in a few years). All of that's relatively implied, though, through the tone of the guys thoughts as he drives to his parents' place. Not at all explicit, but somehow clear from context.

I suspect the book was better than the movie in that, though (haven't seen either of the movies)
posted by bugbread 07 June | 17:31
This is all well and good: now I know the ending for the Japanese film and the book, but you guys are failing me! I want a description of the ending of the American version so I know how they tied it all in a neat package. *pout*
posted by Specklet 07 June | 18:25
Ok, here you go, from "":

The movie cuts to Rachel rushing to Noah's place. She arrives to see Noah's decomposed body lying in the apartment. She runs home and thinks about what she did differently that spared her life. She remembers that she made a copy. Rachel makes Aidan make a copy of the video and tells him it will be alright. Aidan asks what will happen to the person they show the video to, and Rachel just stares at the screen.

The last shot is of tv static, and then rapid succesion of images from the ring video.
posted by bugbread 07 June | 18:49
Ahh, thanks bugbread!

I feel so much better.
posted by Specklet 07 June | 19:03
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