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15 June 2005

Campari. Who thinks Bill Murray was really drinking it straight in The Life Aquatic?
He wasn't. That was Captain Steve Zissou.
posted by ColdChef 15 June | 20:06
Never had it. Grapefruit, right? I like grapefruit. Actually, I like Texas Ruby Red grapefruit. White grapefruit really sucks. It's nasty and bitter. Still, I have some good memories of white grapefruit -- namely, visiting my grandparents in their retirement park in Florida, and getting up to go fishing with my grandpa. He'd fix us grapefruit and cornflakes for breakfast. The grapefruits he'd cadged from a neighbor's tree. My grandpa was a very sweet man, but he never paid for anything he didn't have to pay for. They were so sour, you had to put sugar on them. And even then, they were disgusting. But I only saw my grandparents once a year, and getting up at the crack of dawn for these pre-fishing breakfasts is a very sweet recollection. But back to cornflakes: When I was even younger and they still lived in Indiana, we'd visit my grandparents for a week in the summer. One morning I got up early, early, early to make grandpa breakfast -- cornflakes. He just didn't get up, though. I waited and waited, but he snored on in the other room. Finally, being a pragmatist even at 6, I put the cornflakes in the fridge. When he got up a couple hours later, he ate every last soggy bit and didn't complain once. My grandpa was a very sweet man. He died on May 1, 1995. Grapefruit.
posted by mudpuppie 15 June | 20:08
White grapefruit really sucks. It's nasty and bitter.

I cast thee from my sight.
posted by kenko 15 June | 20:17
*sprays calyx around the room*
how refreshing
posted by ethylene 15 June | 20:21
Hey, what are all these burning bras doing here? And why so many lentils? Did somebody forget deodorant?

posted by mudpuppie 15 June | 20:29
Yeah, he was drinking it straight. He learned from Jerry Fallwell.
posted by jonmc 15 June | 20:29
Campari isn't grapefruit. Campari is an alcoholic aperitif obtained from the infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol and water.
posted by matildaben 15 June | 20:29

Well then, never mind.
posted by mudpuppie 15 June | 20:32
--Calyx has grapefruit notes as its primary scent release--

liquers and perfumery mingling
posted by ethylene 15 June | 20:36
This is one of my favorite drinks; it actually tastes kind of like grapefruit juice despite having none in it. It's also one of the few pinkish drinks that's totally suitable for a masculine person to drink. Behold the Jasmine.
posted by matildaben 15 June | 20:44
Campari is the base of an Americano:

1 oz. Campari
1/2 oz. sweet vermouth
Club soda
Orange wheel garnish

Take a highball glass, stir the Campari and sweet vermouth all together with some ice cubes. You then top it off with club soda and the garnish. Damn fine beverage on a hot summer evening.

Basically the drink was developed in Italy during the American Prohibition (one of the darkest eras) as expats escaped their persecution of inebriation and fled to Europe. Since it was classified in the states as medicinal they could haul the stuff back and enjoy at home before Prohibition ended.

See? World travelers are more clever.
posted by Johnny Hazard 15 June | 21:05
ah, the wonder of chemistry and flaming doctor pepper--
--now i feel like hitting the best of the worst vodka and dreaming of absinthe and those seven layer thingamabobs--
posted by ethylene 15 June | 21:22
posted by warbaby 15 June | 23:07
Never had Campari, but have had Grapefruit Grolsch. It was fantastic! Not very popular, though, I think. It was always on sale. I hauled home crates-worth.
posted by dreamsign 15 June | 23:30
Campari is very good in grapefruit juice, or bitter lemon soda.
posted by kenko 16 June | 01:20
Way to go, warbaby.

The Negroni... the Americano's gorgeous niece.
posted by Johnny Hazard 16 June | 02:39
i definitely prefer chartreuse to campari...but you know beggars and choosers...
posted by Schyler523 16 June | 05:35
I used to drink Campari & soda when I was about 17 because I thought it made me look sophisticated. I also smoked Dunhills so you can see I was probably the most incredibly sophisticated 17 year old girl in South Carolina. For years it was the only drink I ordered that my father approved of: bourbon & coke was a (gasp!) redneck drink and beer makes women fat. But he approved of my Campari & soda.

Eventually I realized it tasted almost, but not quite, exactly like cherry cough syrup and quit.
posted by mygothlaundry 16 June | 10:05
Gin. Campari. Fresh pink grapefruit juice. Give it to me.
posted by Specklet 16 June | 12:11
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