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01 June 2005

I've added emcee #1 to the left sidebar. Do we want to talk about what to do for the next one now? An exquisite corpse or photoshop tennis kind of thing? Something completely different? The same kind of thing as edition one? What do you think? [More:]

(By the way, anyone who wants to add notes or clickable larger versions to their contributions on #1 can still send them to me any time.)
Funny thing: I don't see the right sidebar at all if I load If I click on "METATCHAT" or the stylized "M" on the left side, the sidebar pops up. This happens everywhere, with IE and Firefox.
posted by Doohickie 01 June | 07:05
Hm - yes, strange. Something to do with the fact that the account has several domains pointing here, I think. The geezer will know more.
posted by taz 01 June | 07:26
Ooopps. I think I forgot to add in the URL rewriting. I'll sort it out later.
posted by dodgygeezer 01 June | 07:52
how about a corpse where you only get a 2-5 pixel wide slice of the edge of the previous person's contribution, or something like that?
posted by amberglow 01 June | 09:14
Yeah, I was thinking of that possibility (except the strip you get is a little larger); me3dia knows all about how to organize something like this, and it appeals to me a lot, but I'm not sure how others feel.
posted by taz 01 June | 09:30
URL sorted
posted by dodgygeezer 01 June | 09:40
Very neat. Color me impressed with all of you.
posted by dame 01 June | 09:43
I missed something here, but the results are cool.
posted by safetyfork 01 June | 14:09
Emcee #1 is gorgeous!
posted by LeeJay 01 June | 14:39
What is Emcee? I mean, I clicked around a bit.. it's a colaborative thing, is it? And waddya mean by "corpse"?
posted by Doohickie 01 June | 15:28
I like the slice/corpse idea but think we would need a larger slice. Maybe 10 to 20 pixels?
posted by squeak 01 June | 15:34
Emcee = MC = MetaChat


corpse = Exquisite Corpse - a game whereby several people contribute to an image even though none of them know what the others are doing. I had no idea it had started up gorgeous some of the images are. I'd like to try that here, too.
posted by iconomy 01 June | 15:57
I'd be happy to help organize a MetaChorpse, if folks are up for it. Otherwise, I'm in for another regular Emcee, if something that only just premiered can be called "regular."
posted by me3dia 01 June | 17:38
so would it be for a month then?
what if there was a loose theme or if some people offered images early in the month to be used as whoever wished?
i like seeing what people do on their own AND what could happen from accidental/incidental/intentional collaboration

*merely musing as i figure whether to fully rise to active consciousness*
posted by ethylene 01 June | 17:52
So this corpse, it *vibrates*?
posted by Doohickie 01 June | 18:42
What's up with Metaiku? Is it broken, or is it just me? (I'm, err, half-broken, on the average, as it is.)
posted by shane 01 June | 19:48
So, me3dia, how do we set up a corpse? One person creates the initial panel, then sends a strip of about 20 pixels from the far right side to the next person, who uses that as a starting point for the next panel?

The most difficult thing, I imagine, is herding the cats: getting people to sign up for each position on the row (if we do as a left-to-right row - we could also do it top to bottom). How do we set that up? And how many sections should there be?

Lead us!
posted by taz 02 June | 01:36
(shane, it was set to show a certain number of days, instead of a certain number of posts - my mistake, but fixed now!)
posted by taz 02 June | 01:37
I'm totally willing to be a well behaved cat when it comes to corpses.
posted by safetyfork 02 June | 16:37
*marks down safetyfork for cat list*
posted by taz 02 June | 17:09
posted by safetyfork 02 June | 17:35
Yes, taz, that's pretty much it. The key is the size of the strip -- you want it to be big enough to provide a clue to the next person, but not big enough to completely give it away. AnExquisiteCorpse does 15px, but 20px is probably fine. We'd want to give each person a week to complete their section.

What we want to do is get a list of people who want to participate. We pick someone to start, and probably the easiest way to work it would be to have each person email to the coordinator (taz, I guess) two files: the whole, finished piece and the slice to pass on. That way there's someone watching how long it's taking for each member to complete their piece, so they can be reminded or skipped altogether if they're late.
posted by me3dia 02 June | 17:38
ummmm... Meow?
posted by mmahaffie 02 June | 18:56
I'm in. Let's get interrobang in too. Maybe we should post these things on MetaTalk.
posted by shane 02 June | 23:40
i wish to go postal but the cost internationally could be a bit much
posted by ethylene 03 June | 00:21
Dumbass technophobe question || metafilter: babbling dullards fresh off the boat