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10 June 2005

The menu bar doesn't render right for me. See?
Firefox 1.0 on Linux.
i had the same problem. it has to do with how wide you set your window, just set it wider until they separate.
(i was wondering if everyone else was going full screen.)
posted by ethylene 10 June | 19:22
No, it happens full-screen too.
posted by kenko 10 June | 19:33
hmm. i don't know how it works on Linux (on macosX) but i assumed it has to do with the CSS as it worked fine in every browser i tried except i had my firefox set on a thinner window.

meanwhile, has anyone read "the tipping point"? or "jonathan strange & mr. norrell"?
posted by ethylene 10 June | 19:37
the menu bar and the date will overlap if i don't make the browser window wide enough, and the bar links don't always activate until i scroll over it just right.
posted by ethylene 10 June | 19:38
mouse over
and the links have been fine today
*in bit of a busy dither right now*
posted by ethylene 10 June | 19:40
I've read the latter and enjoyed it well.
posted by kenko 10 June | 20:06
so it is still unfixed? thought i read dogdy hadn't attended to linux yet

i just got it again because i had another ridiculously thick book to finish first (the crimson petal and the white, and i blame the gilmore girls for pushing me into it)
i have to choose between js & mr. n, kafka on the shore, lullaby, live and dead in indiana, candide and and old usagi yojimbo for my next dive into paper. It will probably be kafka as it is due back the soonest.
and yes, i did poop at the library but it wasn't satisfying.
posted by ethylene 10 June | 20:15
In the stacks or in the toilet?

It's weather like today's that makes me wonder why anyone ever though Chicago was fit for human habitation.
posted by kenko 10 June | 20:17
no one goes to the poetry section

it's too gross out, even when that flaming ball in the sky isn't visible
posted by ethylene 10 June | 20:32
Yes, it's the CSS. I knew about this possibility... but at the time (and I haven't gone back to tackle it again), I couldn't find a way around doing the thing that causes this if I wanted both bars to stretch 100% horizontally.

It happens if the window is too narrow or the text is increased too much. Let me have another whack at it today, and if I still can't figure it out, I will make a post and get some help from CSS-ers.
posted by taz 11 June | 00:16
text size, that is.
posted by taz 11 June | 00:17
so size matters (the easy joke)
getting up or going to sleep there?
posted by ethylene 11 June | 00:21
just getting up - about 7:30 am here.
posted by taz 11 June | 00:26
and... it's a beeyootiful morning.
posted by taz 11 June | 00:27
how's that Aegean light? strikingly painterly?
posted by ethylene 11 June | 00:28
(now i keep thinking of shirley valentine)
posted by ethylene 11 June | 00:28
Strikingly painterly, oh yes. Not as much here as on the islands, where it will pierce your heart... but still just amazing on days like today without too much haze/humidity.
posted by taz 11 June | 00:30
(never been)
posted by ethylene 11 June | 00:32
too bad this cam always has over an hour lag... But never mind, when it gets bright it just mostly turns white anyway.
posted by taz 11 June | 00:34
any yet i copied the pic anyway (for future use)
how goes the emceeing?
and is the site loading slow or is it me?
posted by ethylene 11 June | 00:39
The site is loading okay for me. Yesterday it was a little slow at times for me.

emcee is okay, I think; the first one is nearly finished (I can stick you on that one if you want), and the second one has three more people to go, after the current player.
posted by taz 11 June | 00:43
really? at the end? do i have to rush?
posted by ethylene 11 June | 00:45
I can put you in just before the end; I want ico to do the last one, because she did the first one of the second set, which means she didn't get the chance to start with somebody else's strip.

Do you have to rush? Hm. Well, I'd love to be able to put one of these up before too long. How long do you think you'd need?
posted by taz 11 June | 00:51
well, depending on what i have to work with, maybe tomorrow? don't change anything for me.
does that mean iconomy's will unite both?
posted by ethylene 11 June | 00:58
No, it's too much loading for one page; they will be two separate entities. If I get doohickie's piece today, and you can do yours tomorrow that would be gorgeous. Once I get his, I'll try to contact you to see how things are looking your end.
posted by taz 11 June | 01:17
By "today", I mean Saturday.
posted by taz 11 June | 01:18
thanks but it seems if he gets his in last, the emcee will get up faster. that's probably better for everyone.
posted by ethylene 11 June | 01:22
Well, if I get it soon, I'll give you a ringydingy anyway, just to see...
posted by taz 11 June | 01:33

Okay, the rendering problem should be fixed now.

Just let me know if it isn't, or if any other problem crops up. (The screen capture was a big help, kenko.)

posted by taz 11 June | 02:43
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