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Archives for: April 2012

30 April 2012

The saga continues.
I feel like I just lost 200 lbs ! By un-liking and un-subscribing from a ton of chatter and nonsense noise on my fb. Wow I didn't realize how free and lighter I would feel. Like taking a deep breath of fresh air.
The state of Louisiana turned 200 today. has some gorgeous photos, mostly of New Orleans, including some fantastic ones by Haneri Cartier-Bresson in the '40s.

29 April 2012

I used to think the 3rd amendment was archaic and near comical but maybe our common law friends need something like that!! London 2012: Missiles may be placed at residential flats
Boomshine: maddeningly addictive Flash game. I finally beat all 12 levels, but was within a few minutes of giving up on level 11.
El Camino del Rey A long walk along a very narrow pathway (with a very unfortunate soundtrack, but the visuals are worth it)

28 April 2012

Embarrassing videos on Facebook. Have any of you noticed that your Facebook friends have "viewed a video" that is embarrassing/sexual/etc? And you know they wouldn't want it in their Facebook feed? Read more...
I need bubees for my business cards but I can't find it anywhere.
What starts out looking like a Red Riding Hood variation takes an insane turn after an 'OMG BUNNY' makes an appearance. (Has it become a rule now that you cant do really weird animation without a rabbit in some role?)

27 April 2012

Say... You can't do that on live television! (Alec Baldwin and Scott Adsit on 30 Rock's live episode, east coast)
Pre-weekend three-point status update:
Photo Friday: Silhouettes

26 April 2012

Anyone know an un/underemployed anthropologist? I believe there may be an opening soon.
Today is Poem In Your Pocket Day, a part of National Poetry Month. The idea is to carry a favorite poem around with you to share with people, so let's make MeCha our virtual pocket and post some favorite poems in this thread.
99 Problems covered by Hugo.

25 April 2012

Ridiculous freaking party at my place Post-Final/Pre-Graduation micellanous blow out, May 5th. Child friendly until 8pm.
Post child-friendly music, media, etc.
If you happen to be in NE Indiana, I'll send you the address.
Photo Friday Advance: Silhouettes, suggested by shane
Made of win, now with cheese So I caramelized onions in my slow cooker last night for the first time. I'd been wanting to try this since someone over at MeFi mentioned it. Oh my goodness, the delicious! Even better? I took some of the fresh, warm onions and stirred in Gorgonzola crumbles. And put it on a roast beef sandwich. Oh yeah...Read more...
Wasn't This on a Portlandia Episode? If it wasn't, it should have been.
A bunch of great photos of KISS playing live in Mannheim, Germany, 1976.

24 April 2012

Mumbly grumbly thread because I just can't bear shouting right now. My head is one big container of bacterial infection. My sinuses and inner ears are pressure vessels of pain. Read more...
Most ill-conceived waterslide ever? A 45-degree angle, LOOPING waterslide in Vernon Township, New Jersey. Despite the title of the article, it apparently WASN'T shut down immediately, since there are reports of riders being abused by a trip through it.

23 April 2012

Mechazens on Twitter - a semi-occasional update and invitation. Leave a comment if you want a bunch of new followers.
A love letter to Ms. Pac-Man: A tribute to one of my favorite games from the arcade era.
There's not really any synonym for the adjective "bittersweet," is there?

22 April 2012

You know what's not a bummer? When a thread is still active after four years. Happy birthday bummer thread!
This is probably only funny if you're already familiar with velomobiles in which case, it might be pretty much very funny.

21 April 2012

The Power Of A Trashcan The garbagemen of Hamburg, Germany turned a waste bin into a huge pinhole camera, and began taking photos of their city with it. Some of their pics are gorgeous.
Famous Photographers’ Self-Portraits in Mirrors - "Everybody does it." {warning: Diane Arbus's boobs and granny panties}

20 April 2012

We're trying to reverse engineer Ken Cosgrove's literary carrer here The Mad Men thread on metafilter spilled over into this, a wiki where we invent Ken Cosgrove's history as a master of American letters and Sci-Fi pioneer. In jokes and dorkery ABOUND.
Cherry Blossoms in Brooklyn! Meetup crosspost, call for interest.
Happy Birthday ThePinkSuperhero! Hope you thoroughly enjoy it, and the coming amazing year!
The Eames House Home of architects and designers Charles & Ray Eames, photographed in 1951 by Life Magazine.
Photo Friday: The Letter "G"

19 April 2012

Support same-sex marriage in Australia? The survey is part of an inquiry into two bills currently before the Australian Parliament that propose to legalise same-sex marriage.Read more...
post by: dg at: 22:36 | 2 comments
A delicate tea question.
Sad day for music fans I'm kinda gutted tonight to hear that Levon Helm passed away today. This Onion AV Club article is a great tribute. I'd seen the news that he wasn't well, but I'm still shocked that he's gone already.Read more...
Name 10 Tunes! (previous answers posted)
F**k Planet Earth (BBC) This shouldn't be as funny as it is, but it is.

18 April 2012

OMG! THE SHINS! New video for song "The Rifle's Spiral" uses Tim Burton-esque animation to tell the tale of a woman magician going up against the status-quo... over a BUNNY!
officially only released to be seen on Nintendo machines, but there are several unauthorized copies to YouTube already, of which this appears the best. If/when it gets wiped in favor of official release, I'll update this post, but I couldn't wait because OMG BUNNY!
I am stuck in hospital for at least another day. Read more...
RIP Dick Clark American Bandstand. New Years Rockin' Eve. A true music icon.
Photo Friday Advance: This week's Photo Friday will be brought to you by the letter G - giraffes, greenery, giants, your friend Greg, and everything else starting with the letter G. Suggested by gomichild.
11 “Modern Antiques” Today’s Kids Have Probably Never Seen - and by "kids," we mean anyone in their 20s or younger. Read more...
Skip it! Best odd childhood toy ever.
"Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" 20th Anniversary group art exhibition being held in Santa Monica later this month. Damn, I wish I could go!

17 April 2012

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Read more...
Chorus Boy Chronicles. . . A MeFi post I did that some of you might find interesting.
The answer to this question today is YES (in Atlanta, at least).
Remember the movie Real Genius? Who are the top ten geniuses in the world?
I have the weirdest earworm today... that long drum outro from Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science." Read more...
Shameless Hollywood Gossip Post. Angelina's Engagement Ring. What do you think of it?Read more...

16 April 2012

Bunny! OMG! (I'm tempted to call this a 'black swan' event)
metachat, I had a crazy, moving dream about making silk threads from fingertips!Read more...
A sad day... Our mouse Sprinkles passed away this morning.Read more...
What's for dinner/lunch/some fantasy future meal?

15 April 2012

Progress (of sorts) Further to this, we've finally started to get some painting done.Read more...
post by: dg at: 23:53 | 2 comments
Mad Men [possible spoilers] OK the episode tonight was hilarious. That is all.
The sun actually came out. It's salad weather! Here in Seattle, the sun has eluded us even more than the reputation of this region would lead one to expect. But...we have just had several days of actual spring, involving breaking out the sunglasses and all sorts of unaccustomed activity. Time to put away the soup and casserole recipes and figure out some cool new kick-ass salads. Read more...
Roy Orbison - In Dreams A gorgeous song, and a video made with scenes from that movie in the 80s that the song appeared in.

14 April 2012

Recipies that really showcase chicken stock? I accidentally made like, amazing freaking chicken stock today and I want to put it good use so it really shines. Any ideas?
OMG!! BUNNY!! (potential crossover with Monkeyfilter and its USBanana shirt)

13 April 2012

IRC! Hey, it's old-timer's night! People who haven't been around in ages are dropping in. Won't you? Read more...
Snowball: a cute, animated pinball game with a snowy theme.
Jolie-laide I'm finding this thread so very inspiring.
Because I'm in a good mood, and the weather is nice: Koop Summer Sun.
Photo Friday: Pets (but not yours)

12 April 2012

Yay! ... Boo! ... Yay! I rode just over 3 miles on my bike today. Boo! My muscles are screaming. Read more...
So I have hypermobility? So I stumbled across this page randomly and was scrolling through the pictures, noting that I could scratch my back like that if I wanted to and that I could easily grasp my wrist like that too.Read more...
So if the tax laws change i see a lot of millionaires looking to reassign funds.
Why not to individual research?
Why I wanted a paper prescription! My doctor wrote a prescription. His nurse transmitted it online to my mail-in pharmacy. The pharmacy filled it, mailed it, & debited my checking account from my card on file. All before I got home. My month's budget is busted. Poop.

11 April 2012

Black songs Think of every song with black in the title and post it here.
Hump Day Three Point Status Update
Photo Friday Advance: Pets (but not yours), suggested by workerant

10 April 2012

$10,000 reward for return of cat missing for 10 years This really touched me. It is just so sad that these people are still yearning so much for their sweet cat that they're still trying, ten years later, to get it back.
Baking blueberry muffins. Question...
"Away From It All": a little-known Monty Python travelogue from 1979.

09 April 2012

Sewing is so much faster when
How Fast Do You Read? Warning: it's an ad for Staples but it seems to work anyway. Brief and amusing at any rate!Read more...

08 April 2012

MorpHex Really cool and yet really creepy. I kept waiting for the blaster gun to pop out.

07 April 2012

Make and then Model Your Own Bikini! (slyt)
Watch it for the cute cute floral dress. More 50's fashion fun here.
I never would have associated the Washington Post with Peeps. But then again, I'm behind the times.

Also, I recently read somewhere that the WaPo's biggest moneymaker right now is Kaplan. But I think they're missing their calling.
Double Dutch Doggo. Suffer through the bad soundtrack, but WOW totes awesome doggie.
Getting some relaxation in on this long Easter weekend?

06 April 2012

Boredom Proneness Scale I got 120. How bad is that? I'm too bored to click the link to the scale, and I can't find anything to say how good or bad 120 is anyway. Bored now, gotta go.
OMG! SO! MANY! BUNNIES! because they all come out at Easter TimeRead more...
Nyan Waits [DWISotT]
I want to branch away from the usual american breakfast spreads like jellies, jams and preserves. I have orange marmalade and lemon curd. What else should I seek out? Savory is fine too, so long as it is "breakfasty" and spreads on something made from whole grain.
Well, it looks like my honors thesis is screwed On the upside, I may get to stop going to biopsychology.Read more...
"The Walking Dead" Season 3 starts shooting next month in tiny Senoia, Georgia. My favorite detail from this article about the negotiations and preps for the shoot was this:
Riley said grass would need to be left uncut in certain areas at times and said signs would be placed to let local residents know why the grass was high.

Turn off that lawnmower! You're wrecking our continuity!
ANother drunk postt whatre you lookin at, bub?
Another duck post. World's rarest ducklings Madagascan pochards hatch.
Photo Friday: Creepy

05 April 2012

Texts From Hillary Clinton This made me LOL. I hope they continue to add new ones.

AWFUL EASTER BUNNIES!!! WTF? (I probably will never be allowed to make 'Bunny! OMG!' posts again after this, but it's worth it)

04 April 2012

Good on you, Aldi, for the first gay UK TV ad. Good on you, Aldi, for the first mainstream gay TV ad.
Ipad happiness Kinda wowed these days by magazines on my Ipad (and it is a 2, not a new one.)
Photo Friday Advance: Creepy, suggested by Eideteker
"The waiter, struggling to explain what a grapefruit is to a man who just didn't get it." A clip from Aziz Ansari's standup special.
Manatee Versus Glass: For your Wednesday morning manatee fix.
Are the Dallas Area Bunnies Okay? - I'm not sure who all is in the Dallas are except for Doohickie. Y'all need to chime in with status updates, please!Read more...

03 April 2012

Oh man, the crowd outside the Magnetic Fields concert... Read more...
OHMYART! BUNNY ON THE RUN! via the almost-always-awesome EatSleepDraw
Afternoon Matinee: Today, we present "A Fistful of Yen" in its entirety. Read more...
Name Some Damn Tunes (click for the answers from last time) Read more...
Messages from Hogwarts? I am starting to think that Hogwarts is trying to get in touch with me. This winter an Eastern Screech Owl made multiple appearances in my back yard. Read more...
Color photos of Picadilly Circus, 1950s. I like how the Guinness clock visible in several of the pics was given different slogans over the years.

02 April 2012

OMG! My friend Jude's bunnies on the web! Jude (J.D. Biersdorfer) usually writes for the NY Times Circuits section, but here she's the visiting pet expert.
Every time I decide to blow off a class, it's like a holiday Celebrate with me!
What did the salad when the fridge was opened? "Close the door; I'm dressing." The other day I was at Value Village and spotted a glass bottle for making salad dressings, with eight recipes and measurements marked on the side. Read more...
Why I won't click on your Easter peeps links. Some people have a visceral recoil when confronted withRead more...
OMG! Bunnies vs Penguins! | well, bunnies AND penguins, on t-shirts, at Woot. Or you can just nick the shirt art as desktop images.
guys so I'm looking at the NYT sidebar and come across this Maureen Dowd column about D/s and the scandalized comments. I didn't figure her 'progressive' audience would be so unable to handle this kinda thing. Odd?
"Fallen Kingdom": A Minecraft Parody of Coldplay's Viva La Vida. This is so great- it wasn't animated in Minecraft, but is done in Minecraft style, with lots of funny little touches. If there's ever talk of a Minecraft movie, these guys should be brought aboard to do it.

01 April 2012

Peeps Contest 2012! The annual post! Once again I didn't enter. Damn. Who do you vote for?
Have we talked about the Draw Something app? If so, can we talk about it again now that I've jumped on the bandwagon?Read more...
"It feels so good on my bald lizard tail..." Ha, I've been looking for this forever. This is FUN, lol. "It's tail time!"
I really like Google's new search functionality. Scroll right down to the end to see all the available options.
[nsfw] Very Maggie Smith The funniest thing you will see today.
Faux AskMe Can we do some faux AskMe questions in honour of the day?Read more...
Important Announcement: Adblock (which I use on Chrome) is now replacing ads with photos of cats.

You may now continue with your regularly scheduled interneting.