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22 April 2012

Mary Tyler Moore Masturbation Society [More:]It should go without saying that Mary Tyler Moore had very nice legs.
How did people find out about groups like this back-in-the-day?
posted by drezdn 22 April | 20:07
Classified ads, especially in sleazy papers and magazines.
posted by Miko 22 April | 21:00
(edited post per Trurl's request.)
posted by gaspode 23 April | 07:52
I was a charter member of the Diana Rigg Masturbation Society.
posted by danf 23 April | 15:10
I won't go that far, but I do think early Orson Welles was a hawtie.
posted by Madamina 23 April | 15:33
Orson was HOT.
posted by ethylene 23 April | 15:40
The thing is, I don't go much for looks in any conventional way. That all dissolves pretty instantly for me if it has any effect at all if the person doesn't have any other redeeming qualities.

For instance, that grad student. Did I mention the grad student I was crushing on last year? Maybe because it's not really sexual, but I have no idea what bowled me over about him, I thought it was the double doctorate. I was thinking of him as a muse.
Now that I have gotten to know him, it's about the fact he's sweet, kind, moral, ethical, intelligent, and then it turns out he has two black belts and you would never know it. I'm just glad to know him and be his friend, help him fund his work and support his family.
posted by ethylene 23 April | 15:56
Barbara Eden, nuff said.

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posted by Splunge 23 April | 16:31
Had a nice conversation yesterday with some ladies and gents about attraction. One described the sort of visual limerance as an "eye crush," which is a term I think I'll be appropriating. But, as she said, real crushes are based on personality, or finding some quirk about the person that you treasure (e.g. the way someone's normally sullen face lights up when they smile, like the sun coming out).

It was nice and refreshing to hear someone else say that looks didn't really play into their crushes. Not they're not a nice bonus, but I know which I'd prefer.
posted by Eideteker 23 April | 16:32
This thing, this weird thing, it's notable because it really hit me out of nowhere, instantly, after not being attracted to anyone in ages. He is, I suppose, physically attractive, but if there is a sexual element to it, it's not really conscious to me. I just really like him as a person and want to be around him. I don't have any romantic inclinations about him and it doesn't prevent me from looking around at other people or entertaining thoughts of other relationships. I don't think about him all the time or anything, but when I choose to think about him, it just kind of makes me happy he exists.

Like I brought him coffee because we were suppose to meet and talk about research and stuff, and I guess he really loves coffee. The complete and utter delight on his face at the sight of it was just the most adorable thing in the world and I really don't know why. I didn't know if he even drank coffee, so I just brought him what I usually get the way I like it, which he had never had before and really liked, so he got to try something totally new to him. It's just freaking adorable and I don't know why. And he has three tiny kids now. I saw him with the two with his pregnant wife the first time I went to his office, and not only are they all ridiculously cute, but he's a really good dad. They just really need to clone this guy.

I could write about him all day instead of doing all the freaking work I should be doing or attending to my many obligations, what a fun way to procrastinate.

Meanwhile, I'm getting hit on by every slack jawed idiot in creation, like the guy who insisted I log into his facebook, foisted all his vital information on me, and he still has not even changed his password. Even after I destroyed him in front of an entire bar, loudly explaining how idiotic that was and how you do not ask someone out by asking if they are someone's property. Oh, god, this guy. He is a walking cautionary tale.

Why in the world would anybody tell someone they use them as masturbation fodder from the get go? Why do people think it's perfectly fine to say they want to bang your mom? Why do guys think listing their assets right off the bat is in any way helpful? What the hell is wrong with people?

Ah, ranty, ranty procrastination goodness.

And I have definite suspicions that the 20 yr old is at least bi but not even close to knowing it yet. Ah, and so it goes.

Apparently, I need to be overwhelmingly primarily sexually attracted to someone, like, right now so I can stop wanting to take apart people's brains. I mean, sex is great, I love sex, but everybody seems to be way more optimistic about it than me. It just seems safest to assume people have no idea what they are doing and be happily surprised.

posted by ethylene 23 April | 17:32
In a completely opposing way, i know this guy who thinks Taylor Swift is the hottest thing on the planet, so he wants to imbue her with all these great qualities, while completely acknowledging that if she gained weight or got somehow less attractive to him, he'd drop her like a rock. I think he actually started to think about that after I got him to admit the last bit. He has really cooled it on the Taylor Swift since, to everyone's relief.
posted by ethylene 23 April | 17:52
Consider this your invitation to the party. || There's not really any synonym for the adjective "bittersweet," is there?