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25 April 2012

Ridiculous freaking party at my place Post-Final/Pre-Graduation micellanous blow out, May 5th. Child friendly until 8pm.
Post child-friendly music, media, etc.
If you happen to be in NE Indiana, I'll send you the address.
I mean no obvious swearing, sexuality, etc. I figure they will need to calm the kids down for a couple hours after to put them to bed by ten.
posted by ethylene 25 April | 19:08
If I were anywhere near you know I'd be there.
posted by gaspode 25 April | 19:22
I'm hoping* I'll be done with finals on Monday the 30th. Alas, I'm in NE OK, and the drive home would be troublesome. I'll be there in spirit, though.

*My nutrition final is scheduled to be the morning of the 4th, but there are semi-legitimate rumors going around that if you have an A, you won't have to take it, which would be nice b/c that means I could sleep in that Friday morning instead of taking a god-awfully early bus just to go through the motions of taking another test. Unfortunately, prof is letting this linger and linger and linger like a slow breakup. Look, dude, we had fun, we both got some stuff out of it, can't we just, please, make a clean break? No hard feelings. I'll recommend you to others. Just let me go!

To add insult to injury, my Monday the 30th looks like: BioChem final at 8AM, Dentist appointment at 2:40 PM. That's a pretty fucking awful day. I need to get the Marquis de Sade to stop booking my schedule.
posted by ufez 25 April | 19:30
I wish I could be there, but I'll definitely light a sparkler in your honor that weekend!
posted by BoringPostcards 25 April | 19:48
Sending wuffles to exam takers.



Big BIG congrats on slugging through it!
posted by mightshould 25 April | 20:01
Oh, man, if you guys could be here, it would be so ossem. Btw, I'm not graduating but my friends are, so I'm going. It's on the 9th.
I should be doing my biopsych busywork/homework, but it's not like anyone really needs to do anything they don't want to do.
It's part neighbor meet and greet, part all departmental psychology club and mad scientist club mingler, part steam blow off for a completely miserable semester for profs and students alike. You guys would love it, all on my balcony and tiny crappy apartment. Sound kill at 11, food at 6 and 9. Profs, students, grads, non school people.
This is truly insane. With all the crap I have going on, people ill, dying, in the hospital, court, blah, etc. The number of people who may show up might be ridiculous.

But why the fuck not? We all need this. I swear, these people would not even have the guts to talk to each other if I didn't facilitate it. Communion vodka at 8:10, then a bit of musical preach and teach before the debauchery. It's going to be a blast. And I will either stream, video or broadcast parts of it for you guys, of course.

Psychology and mad scientist club will be viewable or internet accessible, starting with fall. Presentations, topics, groups, projects. You don't have to be a student or live here to be involved.
posted by ethylene 25 April | 20:02
Oh, and I think I'll start posting podcasts in a month.
posted by ethylene 25 April | 20:03
Wait a sec, I may have to move this up a week if I get probation. Hmm. It's good I haven't told anyone but some of the neighbors yet.
posted by ethylene 25 April | 20:17
This is what happens when they bust your terror cell, kids.
posted by ethylene 25 April | 20:18
And party plan on minimal sleep.
posted by ethylene 25 April | 20:21
No, wait, I think I'm good. Checking with the lawyer just in case, but I think I checked this out already. Ah, loopholes.
posted by ethylene 25 April | 20:38
Anyhoo, what is with the 20 year olds? Is there something about being a guy who is almost drinking age that I should know about?

Meanwhile, I think I have met a really interesting self-proclaimed communist named Gavin. He didn't tell me he was a communist, but it certainly makes him more interesting. I'm wondering if there is an anarcho in there.
posted by ethylene 25 April | 20:54
Oh, and i told the grad student I was a reverend so he didn't think I was trying to mack on him. I just want to hold his snakes. Actual reptiles, you perverts.
posted by ethylene 25 April | 20:58
The roommate is at Transiberian Orchestra with su novio. She lucked into an amazing deal for a place near her work for only $300, so soon the place is mine and I can live with my darling Bees again. Now if we could only figure out how to deal with the insensible cable contract.
posted by ethylene 25 April | 21:02
Snakes are cool, pervert or no.

Wish I could go to the party, but life just isn't working out that way.

My oldest niece is graduating college (she's going to be an accountant) in June in California and I can't go to that either.
posted by deborah 25 April | 21:40
Ah, eth. Sounds like quite the shindig. Sadly, I will not be near northern Indiana anytime soon. Have a great time, and good luck on ALL fronts.
posted by richat 25 April | 22:55
::sigh:: Grats and all... But... ::sigh::
posted by Splunge 26 April | 15:04
Ha. Don't worry, folks. The party is a go and I am a survivor.
I study death, dying and "sense of self." I've been a reverend since 1999. I counsel people all the time through what I'm going through. I got it covered.

This student just died, one of my teacher's fourth semester students. The way language classes work is that you will work with groups or partners, and if you take the same classes together with the same teacher, you all know each other pretty well. My teacher has only been here two years from Spain. She really cares about her students. They are all traumatized, especially his two teammates.
Today I found out how he died: drunk in Chicago, drunkenly pissing on the third rail.

I've made sure they will never put me in jail here. They are scared to death of me.
The cokehead judge with the jealousy issues I have to see tomorrow means well, but he's ignorant. I know the only woman who defends death penalty cases in Indiana and a guy who had to defend the Khmer Rouge. Letters from them would probably get me thrown in prison, it's so red here. My friends and colleagues are esteemed scholars and professionals, but I must be grandiose because I live in poverty, because I need health care and I can. I refuse certification in everything but spiritual counsel (which is mostly medical and psychological) because it would force me to adhere to certain codes and regulations that are beneath my own standards, besides not pay well.
posted by ethylene 26 April | 17:17
None of you are going to post any They Might Be Giants or anything, are you.
posted by ethylene 26 April | 17:17
So Gavin does not know from anarcho or libertarian communism. But he likes my music and wants to study economy.
I performed on campus today. Hysterical. I've been smoking for two months.
LGBTQRXP week is finals, when no one will be on campus other than to take widely scheduled finals. The Returning Students and Women's group had an excellent presentation about being first generation students that was hidden in an unfindable room when no one could attend. This place is a mess.

posted by ethylene 26 April | 17:30
Liberté! Libre! For at least another month.
posted by ethylene 27 April | 10:06
I was speeding slightly || HAPPY BIRTHDAY INITAPPLETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!