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07 April 2012

Getting some relaxation in on this long Easter weekend?
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Some of us are better at it than others.....
posted by gomichild 07 April | 02:03

I'm heading into work in 21mins.
Have a great weekend everyone!
posted by mightshould 07 April | 04:09
I'm having a very relaxing time. I just got up (at 10am) after catching up on all the sleep I didn't get during my busy week in New York. This is the first day I didn't need to wake up to the alarm.

Yesterday our running group met for a 7km through the forest, and it was lovely, a beautiful sunny morning with just enough chill in the air to make it comfortable to run. I had a date in the afternoon, a nice enough bloke but we had nothing in common.

I have another date with a new man this afternoon. I have such low expectations of dates these days, just so I won't be disappointed if (when) it turns out to be an unsuitable match. But one day it might be that we both 'click' with one another.

Tomorrow is a big football day, and a chance for me to sort my bedroom out and move the furniture around. Monday is also a holiday here, and I'm meeting a friend for lunch and probably a drive out into the country.

I have a chocolate bunny in the fridge and so I have to make the decision whether to bite off his ears or tail first.
posted by Senyar 07 April | 04:32
I've had doctor's appointments Thursday and Friday and I have to take the test for my Wicca class tonight, so this weekend hasn't been super relaxing. I work on Sunday too. However, I did get shiny dance things, so that does please me.
posted by sperose 07 April | 07:48
Three church services down, three to go.
posted by stynxno 07 April | 08:08
Gah, no!!! Have to be at church at 7:30 tomorrow morning for two long services. (Luckily, they feed us in between.) Then I go to Easter dinner with my mother and her weird friends, who argue loudly about politics and I have to recite to myself "Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean" the whole time while eating healthy crunchy-granola horsefood.

I wish I had your thick skin to date like that, Senyar!
posted by Melismata 07 April | 09:22
long weekend? hrm.

I think maybe tomorrow will be relaxing. If only because I should be able to convince husband to take kid out for a few hours while I try to make up some of the work I missed from the kid's daycare being closed on Friday. Aaaahhhh, relaxing work.
posted by gaspode 07 April | 09:40
No long weekend and much to be done, but much long overdue cat cuddling.
Aww, love.
posted by ethylene 07 April | 10:08
Did a small road trip yesterday to an agricultural supply store. Mr. DC got himself a hat to protect his Alaskan face from the NC sun, and picked up a bunch of CDs at a different store. Then to the brewery and food trucks for a tasty dinner, followed by an impromptu pass through a traveling fair that's set up near our house.

Today so far: out for breakfast and then to the farmer's market, where we got spring onions, asparagus, carrots, and rainbow chard. YUM.
posted by Stewriffic 07 April | 10:14
No long weekend here, though I got off early on Friday for a doctor's appointment, and it was totally dead anyway, between people leaving for the Easter Weekend and Passover. Holy Week is a lot of work for people who work at churches like Stynxno; he's been at his church for all services and will be until the end. I attended Good Friday at our church in Queens last night, will go to the Easter Vigil tonight (followed by the traditional post-vigil trip to a local Mexican restaurant with friends to eat all things people gave up for Lent), and spend Easter at Stynxno's church tomorrow. Late night heartburn is beginning to hit me hard, so I gotta try to go to bed early after taking all my various aids.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 April | 10:50
I have returned to the online dating process, too. The two women I have met so far here have been pleasant enough, but one was totally put off that my son's mother is now a transgender FTM. The other could turn into a nice friendship but it will never progress beyond the occasional lunch.
posted by Ardiril 07 April | 11:07
No long weekend for me, too, but I'll be in the garden building a stone wall and cleaning up to make ready for planting. I'm hoping my buddy brings Easter treats from his family gathering. I'm sad I can't see my fandamly but I also know the travel wouldn't be good for me.
posted by MonkeyButter 07 April | 11:08
I'm back from the date and it was good, although he's an actor, so a bit full of himself. But he was fun and interesting and I hope I see him again.
posted by Senyar 07 April | 12:50
No long weekend here either. But I do plan to work from home as much as possible next week since many people (including my manager and my manager-once-removed [my manager's manager]) are taking the week off due to the kidlets' spring breaks.

Also not much relaxing as I just gave the pups much needed baths, nail trimming, brushing and ear cleaning drops. Which means girl pup's current goal is getting outside and rolling around in everything she can find. My current goal is a nap.

Tomorrow's goal is to clean the bathroom as if a certain friend (who's kind of a neat freak) was coming to visit. And vacuum with my new toy -- I was splurgy and picked up a dyson dc35 stick vacuum on woot the week before last.
posted by bluesapphires 07 April | 13:36
(yay, Senyar! Work that numbers game!)
posted by gaspode 07 April | 14:37
I'm on vacation. For an entire week.

...I'd forgotten what this feels like. Still trying to figure it out.
posted by Eideteker 07 April | 14:40
Napping, reading, eating Girl Scout cookies, and watcing Doctor Who. Also, we got out early yesterday and I used to extra time to go to the Strand.
posted by bookwibble 07 April | 14:40
The mister and I just finished watching BSG season 2.0 (it was held up at another library for three weeks, hmph) and he's off to pick up 2.5 and a couple books for me as I type this (I'm not up for going out myself). We got the ornaments off of the xmas tree, but the tree itself is still up and we'll finish it up this weekend. No real plans for this weekend except the regular: play video games, watch BSG, read, eat, sleep.
posted by deborah 07 April | 15:12
Absolutely flattened by exhaustion this weekend. Even still, since today is our boy-child's birthday, it's out to dinner and a showing of The Hunger Games.
Nothing planned for tomorrow, I would like to sleep all day.
posted by msali 07 April | 15:52
Game of Thrones trivia question: In Westeros, do they celebrate Wester?
posted by oneswellfoop 07 April | 20:20
oneswellfoop - Joffry needs no excuse to crucify people.
posted by Senyar 08 April | 04:25
Not really a relaxing weekend here. My computer blowed up real good and bees have set up house right above my garage door.
posted by arse_hat 08 April | 11:13
I had a pretty good weekend, hosted a seder on Friday night for 9 ppl including my mom and her bf, then went to bf's parents' house for Sat seder.
Today we walked to the Dekalb market and saw my college friend.
Snuck out on our roof (have to climb through a window which scares me but is worth it) and read and shared a cocktail.

Right now I should be making my lunches for the week and cooking but I am already in the self-pitying stage of Passover and am turned off by all the food prospects.
posted by rmless2 08 April | 19:12
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