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06 April 2012

Boredom Proneness Scale I got 120. How bad is that? I'm too bored to click the link to the scale, and I can't find anything to say how good or bad 120 is anyway. Bored now, gotta go.
They never have any ticking watches at the thrift store (and I'm told that if they don't tick, the battery may have leaked and caused damage), so I went to Target. And they didn't have many watches with reasonably small faces for my wrist size, but they all ticked. So I bought a watch with a reasonably small face and a band that one could literally wear as a necklace.

I figured I could cut it down to size. Went to my local bike collective and tried making a test hole punch. No cigar; it just splits. It even splits if the hole punch was heated with a lighter. I need an itty-bitty silicone hole punch! Ai yai. In the meanwhile, I'm stuck with a watch that wraps around my wrist 2.5 times.

But it ticks!
posted by aniola 06 April | 18:58
Hm, I seem to have inserted random italics. Ah, vell.
posted by aniola 06 April | 18:58
Nice tip on the goodwill watches. Thanks!

I'm assuming you have
good luck with ticking watches. For me, they always mysteriously stop working about a week in or, the band breaks and the watch falls off. I must emit some anti-watch magnetism.

The only watch that ever kept working, and the one I use still, is a $9.99 Timex-like digital I got at Targ'et. Go figure.

I am not bored, however, and must now attend to my chores.

(random italics added for fun)
posted by MonkeyButter 07 April | 11:19
In the meanwhile, I'm stuck with a watch that wraps around my wrist 2.5 times.

Start a fad. Wear it proudly. If someone comments on it say, "Oh, I see you're still wearing the old style watch. Good for you."
posted by Splunge 07 April | 13:39
Turns out the higher the score, the more bored you are. Two thirds of the population scores between 81 and 117, so I'm apparently only a little more bored than two thirds of y'all...the watch discussion was interesting, thanks.
posted by serena 07 April | 19:30
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