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23 April 2012

Mechazens on Twitter - a semi-occasional update and invitation. Leave a comment if you want a bunch of new followers.
14 followers away from the big 500!

*shameless shill*
posted by gomichild 23 April | 16:34
What we really need are more bunnies on Untappd. Well, those that like beer anyways. Like me!

Or, you know, Twitter's cool too.
posted by ufez 23 April | 20:13
Just FYI, both dg's and TheDonF's accounts are being used by people who are not them.
posted by deborah 23 April | 20:50
In general, I prefer to add only those I've met IRL to my social networks.
posted by brujita 23 April | 20:55
I always want more followers, BECAUSE I AM A SHAMELESS TWITTER WHORE.
posted by BitterOldPunk 23 April | 21:00
Twitter's cool too.

Prove it.
posted by Eideteker 23 April | 21:02
I never figured out anything to say on Twitter and finally gave up a year ago. I read the feed occasionally when I'm stuck waiting somewhere but never really got it as a medium.
posted by octothorpe 23 April | 21:25
Just FYI, both dg's and TheDonF's accounts are being used by people who are not them.
That's odd. No idea how that account came to be in the Wiki, but I've fixed it up to be the correct account. FWIW, I look nothing at all like the person with the 'therealdg' account.

I still don't really know what it's for, though.
posted by dg 23 April | 21:30
The thing with Twitter is that you have to figure out something for your use of Twitter to be about. When I was just following friends and the random shit they said, I really didn't get it. I thought it was stupid. It wasn't until I started following both museum colleagues and Slow Food people that I started to think it was awesome. It's a fantastic filter - people post links to great blog posts and innovative projects, saving me the trouble of trolling all those blogs and museum websites to find out about that stuff. When I come across something excellent, I post it as well. When I go to conferences, I live-tweet the proceedings to highlight particularly pithy observations or good resources mentioned. It's also a good place to take a quick survey - "name the best programs for seniors you know about!" - "When does your summer season farmer's market start?" - and that can give you a quick sense of landscape in a given area.

For me, without this sense of community and purpose for talking to each other on Twitter at all, it wouldn't be useful. But since I discovered it as a place for professional exchange in super short, efficient, filtered bursts, I love it.
posted by Miko 23 April | 22:42
Twitter is almost completely read-only for me, with a narrow interest, but I'm @cheepicus there fwiw.
posted by fleacircus 24 April | 00:49
Same name on Twitter as here. I post a lot, don't get many replies, but enjoy it anyhow.
posted by BoringPostcards 24 April | 04:37
I read your stuff BP, I've just never figured out the whole reply thing. (I mean I know the mechanics but the whole "just throw your reply into the wind" concept freaks me out too much to do it.)
posted by octothorpe 24 April | 06:21
Dammit no matter how I try I can't out-attention whore BitterOldPunk. Also he has better legs than me.

BP I hang off your every tweet darling.
posted by gomichild 24 April | 07:37
(I wasn't saying it as a negative thing- just that you can post on Twitter with or without a lot of feedback, and it's still fun either way)
posted by BoringPostcards 24 April | 07:51
Well, i have a Twitter account. But I think I use it a little less often than a lunar eclipse. Just like Facebook (for which I similarly have an account, but use even less often) I just don't get the attraction. This need to constantly connect over any insignificant thought or occurrence seems so...pathologically desperate.
posted by Thorzdad 24 April | 08:02
Twitter is almost completely read-only for me

I can't read twitter. I've tried. So my twitter is almost completely write-only. All of my twitters (I'm up to 4? I think?) are.

All noise, no signal.
posted by Eideteker 24 April | 08:10
Sure, why not.
posted by ethylene 24 April | 08:27
Yay, followers! However, my Twitter is mostly Foursquare updates and the occasional wtfery while I'm out and about.

I do have a secret other Twitter though, but I don't want to link it to my current username. It has to do with libraries and factoids.
posted by sperose 24 April | 08:32
Mine is mostly This is My Jam updates.
posted by arse_hat 24 April | 11:39
BP: I post a lot, don't get many replies, but enjoy it anyhow.

So do I (@sgmax). I tend to be eclectic on twitter - letting off steam about Govt. stupidity (SPOA/CISPA), posting tidbits about animal rescue (I help with one and feel compelled to pass on news that would help others), tech stuff (simply because it interests me), and tidbits that amuse me ...

Whenever I get into a twitter conversation, it seems to peter out pretty quickly. Perhaps I just lack online social skills ... the only people I regularly "hang with" are people I know offline as well.

But I do find out a lot of stuff on twitter, so I read my feed almost daily. Probably because the people that I follow have the same mix of topics that interest me.
posted by Susurration 24 April | 14:19
Twitter is my online Miscellaneous file drawer.
posted by Ardiril 24 April | 16:26
This need to constantly connect over any insignificant thought or occurrence seems

Yeah, that's just it. I don't connect over insignificant thoughts - only useful, interesting ones. For that I really love it.

If you're not a museum or food or public history person you would find my feed boring, though.
posted by Miko 24 April | 19:05
The former @wendellwit changed his (my) name to @othercraig but @oneswellfoop is still there, plus a gag account I set up during one of the "New Twitter" redesigns, @newtonwitter (drop the 'on'). But I'm not really using any of them right now. But then, I'm not using much of anything right now.
posted by oneswellfoop 24 April | 20:44
I'm fairly active there as TheoEsc.
posted by TheophileEscargot 25 April | 01:27
@imgovtdrone Read my blathering and bitching about whatever
posted by govtdrone 25 April | 20:10
I am cjorgensen there, and jackassletters, and thisflapfirst and a slew of others.
posted by cjorgensen 26 April | 21:53
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