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26 April 2012

Anyone know an un/underemployed anthropologist? I believe there may be an opening soon.
My sister-in-law is a (biological) anthropologist who is all-but-dissertationed. What's the job?
posted by filthy light thief 26 April | 18:25
Tons. The oddity is really that I know any employed anthroylpologists - at least ones actually working in their field.
posted by Miko 26 April | 22:21
I know this all to well. Send me info.
posted by ethylene 27 April | 04:36
CVs, etc.
I answered this twice. Why has it not shown up? Basically someone may need to teach bioanthropology and I'll explain later by email.
posted by ethylene 27 April | 04:39
I would like to know their research, but what I care about is their ability to teach intro and 200 level courses to returning and first generation students.
posted by ethylene 27 April | 04:56
I'm being brought up on conduct charges for correcting a tenured professor who thinks tenure means you can just make stuff up. I was ordered to keep my mouth shut but when he started becoming dangerous in the spread of misinformation, like saying you couldn't get shingles if you got chicken pox as a child, I had to say something. Apparently asking questions and correcting misinformation is considered harassment and threat to this professor, because you should only be allowed to speak in single word and date regurgitations of what he has said when he asked what he said.
And the only purpose of his research is to propagate homeland security. I only read back to Darfur. He is an enthocentric, disrepsectful ass who thinks his students are not worthy of accurate information or correctly spelled legible slides or an accurate syllabus-- dude, if he wants to play the academe game, he went to Penn, I went to Brown. I win and should not even spit on him. I do not play this game.
He is the only person who does religious and Native American topics and all he demonstrates is in group/out group thinking and ethnocentricity. Why should he know anything about the people he is studying or teaching before carelessly offending everyone. Let's make blanket statement about coca leaves that is thirty years old. Let's pretend everyone is fresh out of a crappy high school.

All people have worth by virtue of existence. If you are an autodidact, why do you even have to come to class? The people who need teachers, need teachers who can actually teach.

Punk rockers join the system to fix the system. I don't want to hear any more crap about how I am wasting my time and it's a lost cause. No me importa el carajo que lo digas. I have already made a difference. Change is possible and happening and when I testify in front of Congress in two years on education, watch C-SPAN.
posted by ethylene 27 April | 05:15
I answered this twice. Why has it not shown up?

I didn't understand this isn't a real job opening yet. It would be silly to send any names, since if it's at a university there would be a formal hiring process and a job description. If it comes to pass and there's a job description to post, I'd definitely send it around to people, but it sounds premature at this time.
posted by Miko 27 April | 10:24
My email is available. If people want to send stuff, they can. It's only so if he is removed, they have a ready bank of verified qualified applicants to take over without being flooded with applicants they do not have the time to sort through in time to take over classes in the fall. Who knows what they will do for summer.
I just like to show up with a ready plan if I put people in a situation that needs immediate remedy.
posted by ethylene 27 April | 11:17
It's not hard to find qualified people who need a job, any job. I could ask anywhere, look anywhere, I just opened it up here first because.
posted by ethylene 27 April | 11:25
This post is in poor form, eth, I think you should ask a mod to take it down. As it appears to me, you are a student bring charges against a professor, with the expectation that he will lose his job as a result of your charges. In that certainty that he will lose his job, you are ADVERTISING the position on a public web forum, that can be read by one and all. I see your "ding dong, the witch is dead" posturing as weakening your case against your professor; and closing this up, and being more discrete in the future would be in your best interest.
posted by msali 27 April | 12:11
Yes, yes, because I do so your respect your opinion and another person's control issues. Close it up.
You people have no idea what I do or my qualifications because I have never stated them, but judge away.
posted by ethylene 27 April | 12:24
Remember, kids, it's not lying if you say it's "role play" despite role play meaning people know you are playing a role.
posted by ethylene 27 April | 12:25
Post hoc thinking is totally valid! Rock on!
posted by ethylene 27 April | 12:30
Gah, I really have to get to work, but since this is not closed, I'll say this: two courses of bioanthropology in the fall. Very red, very Christian, many underprivileged/undereducated, but not all. The pay would probably rock bottom suck, but you could make a significant impact. What matters most is teaching ability. If you actually want to teach, if you are really good at it, if you can translate actual passion for your field into a communicable form to people outside your field and academia.
posted by ethylene 27 April | 16:30
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