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30 April 2012

I feel like I just lost 200 lbs ! By un-liking and un-subscribing from a ton of chatter and nonsense noise on my fb. Wow I didn't realize how free and lighter I would feel. Like taking a deep breath of fresh air.
Yep! I have been doing this's amazing. I deleted all my blogs ('cept for my research website), protected my Tweets, shut down or deactivated most social network sites, cleared out unread/unwanted RSS feeds, made photos private, unsubscribed from junk emails, made filters for things, and on and on. I do a little bit each day, and it's fun to find new things to make me lighter.

Now I'm at the point where if I get an email in my personal account, it's like a nice welcome surprise from someone I actually want to hear from. Instead of before, when it was just an interruption to delete.

I can actually read all my feeds in the morning AND the news. Which is incidentally how I discovered this MetaChat post.

Also, reading Facebook status updates don't make me feel like crap about my life compared to others. My wall is filled with things I really want to know about, because it's written by people I care about deeply. It's like I brought the wall closer to me, instead of standing 20 feet back with stuff to take in a half-mile wide.

I guess I'm trying to do a few things well and passionately, instead of spreading myself thin all over the internet!
posted by iamkimiam 01 May | 02:48
I have more people on FB who are not on my feed than people who are. It's refreshing!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 01 May | 08:51
I did an email subscription purge a week or so ago and cut my incoming email by half. It will probably creep up again, but it's nice while it lasts.
posted by deborah 01 May | 16:48
Heh, must be the change of seasons or something ;-) A few days ago, I finally started unsubscribing from some of the things that clog up my inbox when it became clear that I was missing important things in the flood of crap that I never read and couldn't even remember why I'd signed up for in the first place. It's already made a difference and I think I'm going to keep going and purge a lot of on-line things that take up my time and attention and that don't particularly interest me any more.
posted by dg 01 May | 18:11
Ah, I'm not alone. We've all reached a moment.

I just went through a mass FB defriending and let go of about 150 people. I'm trying to use it much, much less. It felt good and already, my feed is a LOT cleaner and shorter to read. And what's best is that it's all people I'm really happy to hear from.

Spending a lot less time online in general. And I realized I really want a private life that's private, not a "private life" which people who I am totally forgetting about can randomly access while I forget about it.

My Twitter is professional-only so I'm not worried about that.
posted by Miko 01 May | 21:47
I suspect this is why I have fewer Facebook complaints than most people: my Friends list is almost exclusively actual friends, people I would happily invite to my home for dinner. There are maybe three people in there I haven't met face-to-face, but I'd love to.

When I first started using FB, I had a few erstwhile friends in the mix, people I used to know but grew distant from --- for good reason, it turns out. Maybe two or three years ago, I messaged each of them explaining that I was experimenting with narrowing my list (and making reference to a then-recent FB privacy issue, which was part of my motivation) to family and my immediate social circle; then I defriended them.

Most of them understood completely... or pretended to, whichever. One responded with a really nasty message, which only cemented my pleasure at severing that connection.

I know different people use [Twitter/Facebook/blogs] in different ways; keeping my list small and personal really works for me.

My wall is filled with things I really want to know about, because it's written by people I care about deeply.

That's such a nice feeling, isn't it?
posted by Elsa 02 May | 15:28
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