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03 April 2012

Messages from Hogwarts? I am starting to think that Hogwarts is trying to get in touch with me. This winter an Eastern Screech Owl made multiple appearances in my back yard. [More:]

Then yesterday my dog and I were hiking near Tellico Lake when we were tracked for about a half mile by a Barred Owl. He crossed the trail three times right in front of us; I'm not sure if he was hunting my dog or the small game my dog might flush out.

Or perhaps he was bringing me a message?
I fail at More Inside-ing. Mods, please hope me?
posted by workerant 03 April | 08:58
What big feet he has!
posted by Ardiril 03 April | 11:10
Owls are such great looking creatures.
posted by arse_hat 03 April | 11:14
OMG you're a wizard!
posted by typewriter 03 April | 12:05
Are barred owls not nocturnal? It surprises me more when there is an owl out during the day than their curiosity about us and our pets. Owls are smart, if not the wise birds being linked with Athena was supposed to make them.
posted by bearwife 03 April | 16:43
You're a wizard, Harry workerant!

Owls are so cool, but I have yet to see one in the wild.
posted by deborah 03 April | 17:22
The owls are trying to warn you! Don't go to Twin peaks!
posted by The Whelk 03 April | 19:27
Love love love owls. I definitely take it as a Sign when I see them. One thing though is that it's the "starving time," early spring, the time of year when there is the absolute least to eat. It means that a lot of wild animals are more desperate - and hence more visible - than usual.

One spring we opened the door of the house on campus I lived in and found a baby screech owl sitting there blinking at us. Most adorable thing ever. We put him in a grocery bag and brought him to a wildlife rehabber. Another time I found the massive, impressive carcass of a Great Horned Owl at my summer camp - a huge one, the wingspan must have been my height at least.

Some friends and I, when I was an outdoor educator, used to go wandering the woods and drinking beers at night looking for owls. "Going owling." There was a nature preserve nearby which was pretty reliable for a barred owl or two. One of my friends, one of the most MR. Nature Guy people ever, once set us up with a big serious lead-in about how he had been practicing his owl calls and was ready to bust them out that night. WE crouched for many minutes behind a log in the dark until he indicated he was ready - then he stood up, and we breathlessly waited for this demonstration of mastery over nature. He opened his mouth and shouted "HEY, OWL."

posted by Miko 03 April | 21:40
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