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28 April 2012

Embarrassing videos on Facebook. Have any of you noticed that your Facebook friends have "viewed a video" that is embarrassing/sexual/etc? And you know they wouldn't want it in their Facebook feed? [More:]I don't know what to call these services, but I've been seeing status updates in my news feed that I know my friends would be mortified to know are getting broadcast like that. A while ago it was "WATCH WHAT HAPPENS WHEN DAD WALKS IN ON TEEN DAUGHTER IN SHOWER," now it's poor-taste videos on "Viddy," whatever that it. Does this happen when the Facebook member clicks on the link? Have you noticed this?
Yeah, it's one of those things that will replicate on a friend's wall when they click the link on another friend's wall and follow through to a certain point (not sure how far you have to go, I don't go down that road).
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 28 April | 17:07
The other day I saw one of these prurient Viddy videos show up in my feed as having been viewed by a local judge that I'm friends with. I was embarrassed for him. It later disappeared.

How in the *$&@ does a startup think it's a good idea to do this stuff?
posted by jayder 28 April | 17:12
I am pretty sure that the one setting on PhotoBucket automatically posts a link to your Facebook account every time you upload a new pic. I haven't tested it because I have found that reversing those types of settings can be difficult. I found the video you mention on, and that looks very much like the kind of site that would do what you describe.

"How in the *$&@ does a startup think it's a good idea to do this stuff?"

Many startups now are developing apps specifically for this kind of social updating.
posted by Ardiril 28 April | 17:15
It seems like it ought to warn you, "Do you want to share this with your Facebook friends?"
posted by jayder 28 April | 17:33
Users of such services want as few clicks as possible. For instance, is a plain vanilla video hosting site. The actual content is at the user's discretion.
posted by Ardiril 28 April | 17:35
Is this why Facebook supports CISPA?

Or is this a reason why that kind of privacy-violating law is actually kind of redundant?
posted by oneswellfoop 28 April | 17:48
I know only that a lot of companies want a simple law that protects them from liability for users' content, but a lot of other crap gets thrown into the legislation as well.
posted by Ardiril 28 April | 17:55
Every time one shows up I just click "Hide all from [whatever]. I just got one about boobs on the beach from a cousin who...just no.
posted by Miko 28 April | 17:58
My sister, 50, and her daughter, 30, are always sharing video links that most people would consider creepy if they were sent by men.
posted by Ardiril 28 April | 18:04
I have such boring FB friends & family. No drama, no kinky videos, nothing. Meh.
posted by deborah 28 April | 18:21
Not long ago there was one going around titled "Oops! There was a camera in the bedroom with Selena and Justin Bieber!" with a waist-up thumbnail photo of two teens in apparent sexual congress. Facebook told me one of my professional colleagues "liked this video." Awkward.
posted by jayder 28 April | 19:30
Fear of this is why I have all posts set as a default "Only Me" and then I can chose what I want others to see. Of course, I don't click on those either way, but it still makes me feel better.
posted by maritacov 28 April | 20:06
Every day the internet gives me more reasons to be glad I never joined Facebook.
posted by BoringPostcards 28 April | 20:51
I refuse to use facebook until I have a reason. A really good fucking reason.
I don't need to be easier to find.
posted by ethylene 28 April | 20:59
Staying hidden on Facebook is fairly easy.
posted by Ardiril 28 April | 21:12
I use Facebook Disconnect religiously to keep any other websites from knowing that I'm logged into Facebook.
posted by octothorpe 29 April | 08:34
I have a forensic computer scientist to gather all my available information for me with access and names no one knows. It's the scavenger hunt I planned, but he's going to do it all for me, gratis.
We have metachat because if i want a network, a website, anything, I am old school, DIY. Do It Yourself.
posted by ethylene 29 April | 09:47
Stand on the shoulders of giants. People are the only resource you need and if people are not the most valuable resource of a town, an institution, a nation, what is?
posted by ethylene 29 April | 09:49
Every day the internet gives me more reasons to be glad I never joined Facebook.

posted by Splunge 29 April | 16:17
I need bubees for my business cards || Nicholas Cage's Civil War Doppelganger