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16 April 2012

A sad day... Our mouse Sprinkles passed away this morning.[More:]

She had been sick since late last Thursday night. When I went to give her the morning dose of her meds today, I knew things were bad - she felt cold when I picked her up and didn't have the energy to do anything, even swallow the medicine. I called the boyfriend into the room and he held her until she was gone.

Now I'm at work and feel too sad to do much of anything. The boyfriend is taking it especially hard since she was 'his' mouse and she died in his hands. I wish I could be home with him, but have no idea what I'd do to comfort him.

Little miss Sprinkles was an awesome mouse. She loved to sit on our shoulders and went crazy any time we put seed treats into their cage.

Now we only have Snickers, who will need companions within the next few weeks as female mice don't do well living alone. And given that we'd have to quarantine new mice for three weeks before introducing them to Snickers, we'd have to get them now-ish. I just don't know how to approach the subject with the boyfriend since we're both grieving.

Sad face.
Here are some pictures of the meecers...

Sprinkles -
≡ Click to see image ≡

My favorite photo of Sprinkles -
≡ Click to see image ≡

Snickers grooming Sprinkles, like the good friend she is -
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by youngergirl44 16 April | 11:57
I am really sorry. Are you going to give her a nice burial?
posted by danf 16 April | 12:10
Unfortunately, we're in an apartment in the city so we don't have a yard in which we could bury her. I think we'll take her to the boyfriend's parents' property up north.
posted by youngergirl44 16 April | 12:13
I'm sorry.
posted by brujita 16 April | 12:18
Ah, I'm really sorry. What a sweet little mouse.
posted by Senyar 16 April | 12:18
Once a rabbit that my daughter was petsitting for died on our watch (it was old). The owners were out of the country, out of touch, so we put it in their freezer (wrapped in a sheet), and left a very obvious note for them upon their return.

They were grateful for that.

So you could have her rest in your freezer for the time being.

Again, it's so hard to lose a pet. I am sorry.
posted by danf 16 April | 12:19
posted by sperose 16 April | 12:31
Sorry dear :(
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 April | 12:54
I'm so sorry to hear this! It must be really tough to know you sort of have to get a new mouse so soon, while still needing to have some time to grieve.

Hugs and mousey whuffles.
posted by Specklet 16 April | 13:16
So sorry for you and your boyfriend and Snickers. It's terribly hard to loose such a special one.
posted by mightshould 16 April | 13:18
Very sorry, yg44. :( She was adorable.
posted by BoringPostcards 16 April | 13:29
Hugs for you all. RIP Sprinkles.
posted by arse_hat 16 April | 14:16
Poor Sprinkles. Hugs for y'all and teeny tiny hugs for Snickers.
posted by bluesapphires 16 April | 14:42
Aw, so sorry youngerfamily. And yes, that photo of Sprinkles is awesome.
posted by gaspode 16 April | 14:53
Thanks for the hugs, everyone. I'll be sure to pass them on to the boyfriend and Snickers when I get home.
posted by youngergirl44 16 April | 14:54
≡ Click to see image ≡
Lulu died from h accidental stomp of a foot.
I used her in a mecha art project, so she lives on.
posted by ethylene 16 April | 15:11
aw :( hugs
posted by Firas 16 April | 15:55
I'm so sorry, youngergirl. She looks like a great meesie. Hugs to you and your boyfriend.
posted by deborah 16 April | 22:57
Oh, I'm sorry to hear this. I had pet mice in the past, they really are sweet little creatures. She was a lovely mouse, youngergirl, I'm sorry for your loss.
posted by redvixen 17 April | 14:47
What's for dinner/lunch/some fantasy future meal? || Bunny! OMG!