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16 April 2012

What's for dinner/lunch/some fantasy future meal? [More:]I'm just about to finish a HUGE job that has caused me a lot of stress, and once I'm done sleeping I intend to make up for all the time I have not spent cooking in recent weeks. So I'm calling on Metachat for some inspiration.

I'm planning to make a fairly simple chicken salad for dinner (bits of chicken, green leaves, other veg, dressing). You?
I have leftover sausage stuffed mushrooms for lunch today. I made them for a potluck, but saved some for lunch :)
posted by peacheater 16 April | 10:29
This brussels sprout, chestnut tart is on my weekend cooking list soonish. I've got some vacuum-packed chestnuts in the cupboard and it just sounds yummy. But I'll be out of town this weekend, so it will have to wait. Unless I make it on work from home day.
posted by crush-onastick 16 April | 10:31
Um, that would be THIS TART
posted by crush-onastick 16 April | 10:31
Plan: Bacon, eggs, possibly tomatoes; with fresh bread and a cake from the nice bakery. Unless I change my mind.
posted by TheophileEscargot 16 April | 10:50
Oh, that looks great, crush-onastick. Filing that one.

For my lunch? Leftover black bean and pumpkin soup, bread and butter.
posted by gaspode 16 April | 10:52
I'm having leftover takeout (baked ziti, mmmm) with some green beans.

Dinner will probably be...well, I haven't thought that far ahead. Maybe egg in a frame? IDK.
posted by sperose 16 April | 11:20
I have some beef for braising, and broccoli. Might add a potato and a carrot for some stew. I also have a coupon for a free lunch at Famous Dave's BBQ.
posted by Ardiril 16 April | 11:30
I had a lovely lunch today at a Turkish restaurant near the office, a team lunch. I had red lentil soup, which was much more exciting than it sounded, full of delicate and complex flavours. That was followed by lamb meatballs with couscous, which was equally delicious. We were all too full for dessert and, to be fair, Turkish restaurants aren't exactly known for their desserts so nobody was tempted by the various combinations of pistachios, honey and yoghurt that was on offer. We were all ready for a nap by the time we got back to the office.
posted by Senyar 16 April | 11:37
Cold cheeseburger left over from last night's supper, banana, and grape CapriSun for lunch. Grabbed whatever I could fast from the fridge this morning. First day back after spring break (blah). Running late. Not a bad lunch. I'll eat almost anything cold.
posted by Pips 16 April | 12:03
Peanut butter and jelly lunch. Making quiche (ham, Swiss, broccoli) and salad for dinner.
posted by amro 16 April | 12:17
Ooh, I'm now having thoughts of cooking a complex Turkish meal... and about finding out what baked ziti is.
posted by altolinguistic 16 April | 13:04
Just had an indulgent dinner of a dozen oysters and a caprese salad outdoors to celebrate the warm day. Now I must do some work, but it was worth it.
posted by peacheater 16 April | 19:00
Progress (of sorts) || A sad day...