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27 April 2012

Pre-weekend three-point status update: [More:]1. Recovering from illness - tired, weak, pathetic. Much better than I was, though.

2. Bewildered by the capacity of some of my friends to engage in Facebook drama. These are actual friends, not just Facebook ones. The latest is one female friend complaining about her ex-husband's parenting, and her new boyfriend threatening (jokily or not, it's hard to tell) violence upon poor parents and saying he'd make a better parent than my friend's ex. I'm not friends with the new boyfriend, but his posts are public, so I see them anyway if my friend comments on them.

3. Leftovers for dinner. Strangely excited about this. Maybe I need more fun in my life.

How are things with you?
1. Just got my first haircut in a year and a half. Love the stylist, I may keep her forever and ever and ever. She's got me trying dry shampoo, rather revolutionary.

2. Husband just left town for a conference. So I get the house all to myself tonight! One of my besties is coming over and we plan to drink, eat and chat for hours.

3. Finally settling back in to life in Chapel Hill. I thought I would get back and fall straight back into my old routine, but that really hasn't been the case. The transition has been tougher than I thought. Still would rather be here than Balneário Camboriú on any day!
posted by msali 27 April | 12:05
1. Got new glasses, the kind that have no frames except the eyepieces and the bit over the nose. I am much happier. Since I spent 40+ years without glasses, I have a hard time looking at myself in them.

2. Had my crawlspace inspected today, and will need to have some rodent and mold/fungus damage treated. No termites, though, that is good. But this will be a lot of money. I live in a damp area (NC) and have woods that are practically inside the house, so this is not surprising. I've spent relatively little on home upkeep, but my head is still spinning.

3. Pete Fornatale, sigh. I miss the WNEW of the 70's.
posted by wens 27 April | 12:47
1. I got my hair cut today too. It looks great. I love my stylist too, he's a darling.

2. I'm expecting a phone call tonight from an interesting man I had a date with a couple of weeks ago. I liked him. I think he likes me. I also have a date with a new man lined up for next week, if we can both find ourselves free on the same day.

3. Tomorrow I'd planned to go to the London Coffee Festival but I left it too late and now the afternoon session is sold out. I'm going to the theatre tomorrow evening though, to see Chalet Lines, which is about a group of women who, for years, took their annual holiday at Butlin's in Skegness. "Skeggy" was the No.1 holiday destination for families in the town where I grew up (although we went to Mablethorpe up the coast because my dad thought Skeggy was common), so I'm expecting some memories to be brought up by this play.
posted by Senyar 27 April | 12:55
1. I hope the plumber is coming Saturday to replace my very leaky kitchen faucet that I've put off replacing far too long.

2. I also hope the weather is dry enough and warm enough this weekend that I can do some serious flower bed work. I've got a bunch of witch grass in one spot that's going to be a bear to get out.

3. I have new shoes for work. They are attractive and comfortable and were inexpensive, so from the ankles down I am perfectly dressed.
posted by JanetLand 27 April | 13:20
Senyar, I am so excited about your dates!!! I hope things continue to go well with suitor #1 and that you like suitor #2 as well.

1. Our friend recommended a non-profit house cleaning service ($ goes directly to cleaners without agency cut), and it's our first time trying them.
The woman seems really great and is very thorough so I am happy. We've tried a domestic cleaner once before and it didn't go well so I am hoping we can stick with this service and not be "auditioning" people which makes me so uncomfortable.

2. Tomorrow I am going out to see my grandmother and celebrate her 96th bday. Wow, typing that made it sink in how old that is. Should be fun and my bf is coming and she likes to see us together. She's not an easy person (always worried, critical of family members' appearance and choices), but now I've come to see the things she says as comedy and they bother me less.

3. Got a pass to see a few of the Tribeca Film Fest winners on Sunday and I am excited to spend the day at the movies! I love film festivals.
posted by rmless2 27 April | 13:30
1. I fit into my size 28 (US size 6) skinny jeans! So even though the scale doesn't seem to be moving consistently in any direction I do seem to be getting smaller.

2. Tomorrow I'm conducting a quiz game with my boyfriend and then there's a bbq that's turned into a potluck (because of the crappy weather) at a friend's house. Which reminds me, I need to figure out what to make.

3. Sitting in the library supposedly programming but really observing the cute guy who's sight-reading music and gesticulating with his hands.
posted by peacheater 27 April | 13:32
1. Getting over a long stretch of insomnia. For two nights now, I've slept 12 hours straight through. Aaaaand I'm thinking I might go take a nap in a minute. Yawn.

2. JanetLand, pics/links or it didn't happen. (Okay, I just enjoy shoes. I live the gender stereotype.)

3. Leftovers for dinner. Strangely excited about this.

My #3: vegetable gyoza for dinner. Also excited. altolinguistic, you should really come for dinner sometime. THINK HOW EXCITING THAT WOULD BE!
posted by Elsa 27 April | 13:38
JanetLand, I'd love to see those shoes too! Comfortable, attractive and inexpensive all together is tough to find!
posted by peacheater 27 April | 13:41
JanetLand, is it okay to reveal that A) I got to meet you and B) you're incredibly adorable? It's hard to image you not perfectly dressed.

rmless, happy grandmother's birthday! That's an exciting landmark. Good for you to find a way to cope with uncomfortable family moments.
posted by Elsa 27 April | 13:46
1. I survived this month's budget snafus without starving. Last night I made a big pot of pasta with tomatoes, onions and ground beef to get me through the weekend, and I have enough cash and checking account residue to buy another few days worth of supper entrees to get get me to Thursday.

2. My leg muscles adapted to my new bike quickly, and now I have much more leg than I have heart. This is good.

3. I lost ten pounds over the last four weeks.
posted by Ardiril 27 April | 13:47
I nearly got to meet JanetLand back in September, but it didn't happen, sadly :(

BUT when I go round to Elsa's for dinner, maybe JL will be there too! Plus, I'd get to meet Elsa, and the Fella, and go back to Maine (you're in Maine, right?). I love Maine. *wriggles excitedly*

Just a little matter of a 6-hour flight to get me to the right continent. Trifles.
posted by altolinguistic 27 April | 13:51
Okay, the shoes are not very glamorous, but here they are. [warning: they'll make a song run through your head]
posted by JanetLand 27 April | 13:51
1. None of my maternity pants fit all that comfortably anymore. Booooooo. The weather needs to get warm pronto so I can just skip pants completely and wear nothing but dresses.
2. I haven't been sleeping all that well this week, booooooooooo. I used to just fall into bed and sleep like a rock until morning. Now it takes awhile to wind down before bed and I can't generally fall back asleep after my early morning bathroom run.
3. The boss e-mailed around yesterday and said he's about to start writing annual reviews (never mind that I haven't had once since I started this job in 2009) and, "(Friday) I want to meet with each of you individually to discuss what goals you would like to accomplish for next year" but it doesn't seem like those meetings are actually going to happen and that's annoying, boooooooooo. Not that I really had any good ideas other than, "I want more marketable skills so I can get out of here ASAP".
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 April | 13:56
1. I turned in a seven page paper on Jesus and blood at midnight last night. I'm currently at my seminary's library, surrounded by my fellow classmates trying to finish their papers.

2. I'm currently trying to wrap up a first draft of my 20 page paper on the first ten years of the individual communion cups/shot glasses and the Lutheran response. Silly little cups.

3. I'm debating whether to try out of the seminary's yearly preaching prize. 30 minutes to prepare a 5 minute sermon with no notes. I've seen the list of people trying out and, well, I think I could take them.
posted by stynxno 27 April | 14:01
Just a little matter of a 6-hour flight to get me to the right continent. Trifles.

OMG, I'll MAKE TRIFLE! disclaimer: I have never made, or even tasted, trifle.

JanetLand, niiiiiiice! A nice chunky-not-clunky heel is hard to find. (Can you tell I topple over at the slightest breeze?)

Ardiril, glad to hear you navigated that prescription budget blow; hearing about that made my blood boil.
posted by Elsa 27 April | 14:03
and, well, I think I could take them.

posted by Elsa 27 April | 14:04
Janetland -- those look very nice! And seem likely to be comfortable. I have very sensitive feet so I find it so hard to find shoes that aren't repurposed medieval torture devices.
posted by peacheater 27 April | 14:19
Easiest trifle recipe ever (translated for the US market)

1 pack of raspberry jello
1 small can of raspberries
Some pound cake or a jelly roll
2 packs of instant jello vanilla pudding (the one you don't need to cook, just add cold milk)
Milk for the vanilla pudding
Whipped cream

Layer the cake in the bottom of a dish
Pour the canned raspberries over it
Make up the jello using less water than the recipe says to take account of the liquid in the raspberries.
Pour it over the cake/berry mix. Leave it to set.
When the jello's set make up the instant vanilla pudding and pour it over the jello
Put it all in the fridge to get really nice and cold
Cover with whipped cream and sprinkles, grated chocolate or whatever.


You can, if you want to, add sherry to the trifle at the cake stage, soaking the cake in sherry. If you do this make sure you (a) don't feed it to kids or anyone who can't have alcohol and (b) factor it into your alcohol intake so you don't get a DUI.
posted by Senyar 27 April | 14:39
... jello? Whoa, trifle is a whole other thing than I thought.
posted by Elsa 27 April | 14:48
1. It's gorgeous but a bit windy outside so I'm sitting on my deck with the doggies while finishing work. Kitty cat was lurking at the cracked-door-due-to-the-extension-cord so I brought her outside too for a little bit. It was rather nerve racking though as she can fit in the open spots around the deck and she's all about being under stuff. Instead she sniffed herself over to the fence and started munching on grass. Which is just want I need -- more cat vomit.

2. I'm visiting friends in Pittsburgh next weekend so I must finish knitting the front of the pillow, wash it and figure out how I want to do the back fabric part this weekend.

3. I was told by my manager today that I'm doing a fabulous job. Which is funny because I've been feeling like a slacker. At least it'll give me bandwidth to accomplish stuff once the new project gets beyond the planning phase.
posted by bluesapphires 27 April | 14:49
1. I have vacation time I have to use up by the end of this week, so today was only a half day and tomorrow I have off! So I, too, got my hair cut today. I love my stylist..she loves me because I just get in her chair and say "Make it messy" and let her do her thing. And I love it!

2. I was invited to a pub crawl tomorrow, but I'm just not feeling it. I only know my friend (it's through her work friends), and frankly, I'm afraid of her dog (last time I went I spent the night at her house so as not to drive under the influence - she lives over an hour away). I've never, ever had a dog not like me before, and hers does not. And snapped at me the last time.

3. So tomorrow instead will be a "whatever I want" day! Perhaps a flea market? Some shopping? I am looking forward to it!
posted by redvixen 27 April | 15:03
Nice translation, Senyar :)

Elsa: no matter what anyone might tell you, jello is definitely optional in trifle. There is a very wide range of opinions on the matter.
posted by altolinguistic 27 April | 15:07
1. OMG HULL BREACH ALARM ALARM There are FLEAS on our cats. We found them a couple of days ago. How the hell do indoor cats get fleas?? We treated them with Revolution in March, and they were just due for this month's dose when we found the vile little creatures. Kayla, the Persian, has them the worst- she just got home from being completely clipped bare at the groomer, and I STILL saw a live one on her head just a minute ago. Argh. I hate fleas with an intense and burning passion, not least of all because one little bite from one gives me a huge ulcerated sore place on my skin that REALLY hurts. Ugh. The treatments (of cats and home areas) will continue.

2. Out of town friends coming by to spend the night tonight, which is cool. They'll be back tomorrow night with their college-age daughter and a friend of hers, which is... okay, but said daughter is kind of loud and very silly and tends to dominate the conversation when she's around, so not looking forward to that as much.

3. Watched my company shoot itself in the foot yet again today by laying off 40+ incredibly talented, experienced, hard-working colleagues in a bid to get "leaner and meaner" (FUCKING HATE that overused phrase, btw). Apparently the quarterly bottom line matters more than being able to function at what it is we supposedly do. I'm not sure management remembers what it IS we do anymore. Bah.
posted by BoringPostcards 27 April | 15:11
How the hell do indoor cats get fleas??

On shoes, through screens, on clothes. As well as treating the cats, buy some flea doom spray for your furniture, rugs and upholstery.
posted by Senyar 27 April | 16:01
Y'all are fun, varied people with such interesting happenings.

Battled the indoor fleas last year: cat baths, bombing, spray, spot treatment. Twice to get the buggers gone. Had to switch flea treatments since the fleas had grown resistant; but, never any flea bites on people.

Trying to decide about food for tonight. Not hungry. I did finish packing tomorrow's breakfast and lunch (work from 6am to 3pm).

The seedling tomatoes I planted out last week are looking good and happy in their pots. Sure hope thrip doesn't get them this year as I love a mater sammich made with just picked warm from the sun messy goodness.

Freshly laundered sun-dried sheets waiting for bed placement. Mmmmmm fresh sheets!
posted by mightshould 27 April | 16:15
I technically knew that about the fleas and indoor cats... but we've avoided them for so many years! It's so unfair!
posted by BoringPostcards 27 April | 16:40
1. Well, if I didn't insist on fighting the chairs in my house I'd be just about pain free. For TWO WHOLE DAYS I've been feeling ALMOST NO PAIN! I felt so good I stayed up until almost 1:00am reading a book. But I stubbed that little left toe yet again.

2. Got nothing much else. A project that started out as a "why not" has turned into a major initiative and a whole department. That's been kind of fun.
posted by lysdexic 27 April | 16:41
[warning: they'll make a song run through your head]

Something something knows how to use them?
posted by Eideteker 27 April | 16:54
rmless: Our friend recommended a non-profit house cleaning service ($ goes directly to cleaners without agency cut), and it's our first time trying them.

Can you email me their contact information? Not that I'm not happy with the current cleaning lady we have, but the idea of being able to give more money to the person doing the work and less to the agency who doesn't bother to be able to confirm what time she'll be coming by like we've asked them to when we first started working with them would be great. However, we wouldn't want to penalize the lady currently doing the work by taking us off of her schedule. Oh, the middle class blues!

1. Last night, the Kickstarter project for which I wrote a story (that someone else drew) and served as a submissions editor went live. In 19 hours and 45 minutes, we achieved our goal of $20,000 in pledges to get the paperback and some hardcover books printed. Single day Kickstarter funding achievement, UNLOCKED! (Now I know how the folks at Desert Bus feel.) Now, all the money that we raise between now and 30 days from now goes to paying the contributors beyond what they've already been paid.

2. Tracking this and thinking up more incentive levels is more fun than the audio transcription I brought home with me. And way more fun than the work I have to do auditing new hire paperwork tomorrow.

3. A lecture that my boyfriend gave was recently featured in a local paper. (He is not the silver-haired gentleman.) I am so proud of him, that I emailed the link to my family.
posted by TrishaLynn 27 April | 17:11
1. I am ready to be home for a little while. I've been out every night this week (except Monday) and I had massive sleep attacks this morning at NARA. Luckily, I don't think anyone noticed. And my feet hurt.

2. I'm excited to hear about everyone's dating-ness. There's been some upheaval in my spiritual life that has been all 'hai, you've been hiding out too long'. That's going to be interesting to deal with.

3. I have a fuckton of projects to work on. Hence needing to stay home for a while instead of running all over MD.
posted by sperose 27 April | 17:12
That article is awesome, TrishaLynn. And, speaking as a (ahem) older woman, the silver-haired guy is kind of cute ...
posted by Senyar 27 April | 17:18
1. My 87 yo gramma fell this week and broke her face (well her nose but the two black eyes make her whole face look broken) and her kneecap. She's already replaced a thigh bone, one knee and two hips. She's a trooper but its hard to see her like this.

2. Best friend started having mini strokes. He's only 49 and in better cardio shape than a 29 yo. And he's outta town 8 hours away in the hospital and they can't explain whats happening or why.

3. My nephew turns into a dreaded teenager this weekend. boo :(
posted by meeshell 27 April | 18:30
(TrishaLynn- Just emailed you! And I highly recommend the company after our first cleaning... if anyone else is interested)
posted by rmless2 27 April | 19:59
1. I was expecting this week to be nerve-wracking, as I did a trial week in my new (temporary) job. But it went really smoothly, so I feel all calm and competent.

2. I'm getting all excited about going to Spain! I keep practicing Spanish in my head, except that I don't really know Spanish, so it's mostly imagining myself making emphatic gestures while randomly rolling my Rs.

3. Looking forward to my long-ish weekend.
posted by occhiblu 27 April | 20:21
1. Brother's out of the hospital. Still a raging asshole who doesn't think he has to control is own emotions. "I have an emotion! It's everybody else's problem!" Complete and spoiled brat who's response to everything is to have a tantrum. Thinks everything is fine as long as he apologizes afterwards.

2. This guy who is dying has made his choice to die by not making a choice to do anything about it. 8-13 months. Wasted two months on him. He now owes me $8048 I'm never gonna see. Got him full coverage for EVERYTHING through a nfp affiliated with the VA. Doesn't give a shit. God helps those who help themselves. Just call me God.

3. So tired.
posted by ethylene 27 April | 20:50
1. Things have coalesced in the nick of time and I am scheduled to move in the morning to a new apartment (another room in a great big old house, in grand Pittsburgh tradition) which, by virtue of being much much cheaper, will help relieve part of the anxiety of the past few months and hopefully let me start saving. So after tomorrow night, provided it all goes as planned, one big weight will have lifted.

2. The other thing (whether or not management will let me have two weeks off for family-related things) is not so much under my control. It's one thing if a decision is left up to fate or the universe or whatever, but other people, who have conflicting interests? That keeps me up at night.

3. Tuesday I turn 30. That's all right.
posted by notquitemaryann 27 April | 20:59
1. In-laws are staying with us for teh weekend. That's fine -- I like them. Extra big plus is that the kid loves her grandma a lot, so I get a break from my little limpet. Only downside is that I have to be pleasant all weekend. You know what I mean.

2. So very tired. Need to go to bed.

3. Been eating far too much lately. Still fat.
posted by gaspode 27 April | 21:21
1. In Illinois for EbertFest, seen a ton of great movies in the last three days. Just saw A Separation tonight. Blew me away, just an amazing film.

2. I love vacation and am already dreading going back to work on Monday. Bleh.

3. Marathon next week and not feeling ready.
posted by octothorpe 28 April | 00:46
I liked the movie A Separation. If only because it shows everyday life in Iran through the eyes of Iranians.
posted by jouke 28 April | 04:45
Octothorpe! I'm at ebertfest too! WE MUST MEET.
posted by Madamina 28 April | 10:51
1. Brother is learning.
2. Guy has found reason to live.
3. This party is going to be ugly.
posted by ethylene 28 April | 10:56
1. New air conditioners were delivered today. Yay! Now I just have to arrange to have the one in the den installed securely since it overhangs the street from the third floor. I'll probably call the guy I found online with good Yelp reviews. The bedroom one will overhang the roof, so that one we can manage ourselves. Luckily it's been cool most of the last two weeks waiting for delivery. This weekend it may hit 80 again, though, so I'm very glad they're here. There's nothing worse than trying to sleep all sweaty.

2. Debating whether to drive up to see my mom this weekend or next. I could go today, but if I leave now I'll likely hit horrible traffic, and I'm feeling rather sleepy. At least she's back out of the hospital (she had a fever and bad cough). She's doing so well (knock on wood) my brother, who's a doctor, says she may only be at the short term nursing home a few days before she goes back to Assisted Living. Poor little ma. She's been in the hospital half a dozen times since her fall last summer. Maybe I'll take a nap and drive up later today.

3. Looks like I may be running unopposed for Union Rep. at my high school. Only one crazy enough to take the job I guess. Hopefully I can make a difference for my colleagues.
posted by Pips 28 April | 11:48
Octothorpe! I'm at ebertfest too! WE MUST MEET.

Cool to meet you.
posted by octothorpe 28 April | 12:32
1. My high school's reunion picnic is today in Griffith Park. Will leave at any glimpse of a water balloon.
2. My father knew I was coming in Thu night, but he and chupahija went up to Santa Barbara for the weekend. Her idea?
3. Didn't read the parking signs (which have changed drastically since the last time I was in LA)properly and my car was towed. When I got it back, a methhead smegma nearly ran me over in Ralphs parking lot. It's not a fucking racetrack!
3a. I have the ingredients for Musso's cream of tomato soup!
posted by brujita 28 April | 12:49
You are NOT fat, gaspode.
posted by Senyar 28 April | 18:16
No longer pre-weekend but anyway:

1 been pouring so haven't got lawns mowed or other things done.
2 sun is out and it's a lovely autumn morning now.
3 long- term pie-in-the-sky plans to start consulting business with best friend slowly starting to gain momentum. Excited and shit-scared simultaneously.
posted by dg 28 April | 18:18
can i read the paper on the cups styxno?
posted by PinkMoose 30 April | 03:24
can i read the paper on the cups styxno?

sure, just email my address that's in my profile.
posted by stynxno 30 April | 21:03
How to take photos of your kids || Monkey trolling.