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Archives for: 2012

31 December 2012

December Musical Gifstravaganza for the first day of a new year. 99 minutes of mostly cool jazz with a few other bits tossed in the mix. My way to start the year. Here's hoping it's good for one and all.
Coffin & Cradle 2012-13 Reviving a tradition.
I know Orange Swan won't be impressed -- but I finished my first ever knitted sock yesterday! Working on its mate now.
AskMeCha: How do I deal with web plagiarism? A knitting web site called has reposted *two* posts from my knitting blog in their entirety without any attribution or a link back to my blog.Read more...
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? (Ella Fitzgerald). It's the last day of the December Musical Gifstravaganza, and it's New Year's Eve as well. So I thought this would be a good thread to share what you're doing, and what you might be listening to tonight. Read more...
Norman Lear's "Cold Turkey" - Ebert: "What we need are mean comedies, filled with mean and petty people who hate and envy each other, and exhibit the basest of human motives." With Dick Van Dyke and Bob Newhart; music by Randy Newman.

30 December 2012

So, I just finished watching Breaking Bad, What gripping, character-based drama series do I watch now until the next season of Game of Thrones starts? Read more...
December Musical Gifstravaganza, Day 30 Hurtling toward the New Year, and some of that good ol' Figgy Pudding.Read more...
Thanks for the lovely holiday cards! I may be an infrequent visitor and an even more infrequent poster, but the Internet is a friendlier and warmer place due to you bunnies. And the card exchange warmed it up even more.
Inspired by Doohickie's post: There's enough time available to reflect before the year turns, so share some of your accomplishments, proud moments and feel-good activities from 2012.Read more...

29 December 2012

$160 earbuds: FTW or WTF? The woman who cut my hair just told me ... Read more...
Jackie Viener is 91 years old and visits children in the hospital dressed as their "fairy godmother." (Play the video, it's wonderful.) More pics.

28 December 2012

Musical Gifstravaganza, Day 29! You bring the wine cuz I got the cheese.Read more...
December Musical Gifstravaganza, Day 28
OMG I'm in Dublin! What do I do?
Photo Friday: Saturated colors

27 December 2012

I need to kick Dr. Google to the curb. Read more...
Musical Giftstravaganza, Day 27 Today's Gifstravaganza celebrates a man beloved for his Christmas albums, and two songs that are closely associated with Christmas, but have scant basis for being so.Read more...
An interesting animated gif of the US population from 1950 to 2010. Place the cursor at either 6 million point in 1950 and then watch the expansion.
Two thousand dollars' worth of china In 1962, when my mother was engaged to be married, she bought a $2000 set of Minton bone china in the S-665 Downing pattern. Read more...

26 December 2012

Musical Giftstravaganza Day 26 - Christmas 1962, 50 years ago, mixed among the carols on the radio, the #1 song was Telstar by the Tornadoes. Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: Saturated colors, suggested by warbaby
Those of you who celebrate Christmas what did you eat yesterday?

25 December 2012

All the Christmases run down to the two tongued sea And I plunge my hands into the snow and bring out whatever I can find. . .

24 December 2012

Best voices of the 20th century
Happy Christmas I didn't have my act together for the Christmas Giftstavaganza-a-go-go-arama-athon , but I am always grateful for it, so here's some offerings. Read more...
Christmas awesomeness.
Musical Giftstravaganza Day 24. Christmas Waltz, by Doris Day. As featured on a recent episode of Mad Men.

23 December 2012

Early present I couldn't wait, so I gave the kitties that rule my life their present early. Read more...
I'm a day late with my 22 December Christmas Giftstravaganza! Sorry! Read more...
United State of Pop 2012: Shine Brighter by DJ Earworm, who does one of these mashups every year. Even if you don't know all the original songs, the joy is infectious.
December Musical Giftstravaganza, Day 23. It's all over but the HO HO HO, folks... Hanukkah's done, the winter solstice was yesterday, and the Mayan apocalypse was a fizzle. The only solace we can find is in raucous party music from The Fleshtones: I Still Believe In Christmas. And another, less-raucous but still awesome song: Champagne of Christmas.

22 December 2012

Richard Thompson had to quit his highly praised comic strip "Cul De Sac" due to Parkinson's Disease, but he has been regaling web audiences on GoComics and his own blog with examples of his older, local editorial-but-not-Editorial comics, "Richard's Poor Almanac". Today, he retold a Christmas story with a family connection... and a sadly topical twist in his printed postscript.
What food do you love but only ever eat at Christmas? Read more...

21 December 2012

I've lost all will to be productive. I've worked (as in actual work not just sitting in my office staring out the window) almost 50 hours so far and have 2 more to go this week. So I will now natter at MeCha for a moment...
Oh the excess... I was just given a mouse pad with a 2013 calendar on it. It's a marketing thing for my company, but really? A calendar mouse pad? When I already have one I like?
Ask MeCha: If you're going to give someone a gift certificate to a restaurant (let's say a slightly higher-end one that they would not normally splurge on themselves), is it appropriate to include a bit of cash for the tip as well?Read more...
Do you ever get annoyed with people's peacocking and preening on Facebook?Read more...
Musical Gifstravaganza, Day 21. Now that the big question of today appears to have been settled (Apocalypse Not), we can move on to other pressing issues: What will Santa bring? Read more...
Your 2012 in reading! Let's talk about the books you read this year. Read more...
Photo Friday: Your worst photo.

20 December 2012

Kindle Fire HD Help me make the most of the Kindle Fire HD I got for Christmas (we opened presents early in case the mayans are right).Read more...
Mayan Calendar Countdown Clock - What are you doing with your last few hours?
The Paris Opera Ballet performs Ravel's Bolero This is amazing, captivating and beautiful and the performance of the principal dancer is quite astonishing.
Spiderman (son of staffer) nails President Obama There are a lot of great pix here.
Excel Question I have some data that is all in rows that I'm moving to a column/row setup, and need some helpRead more...
so I read Death of a Salesman I wonder whether this sort of dreamy hallucinatory time-shifting that it uses was avant-garde for 1949 or already in common use?
It's Day 20 of the December Musical Gifstravaganza - and today we steer the sleigh into the world of power-pop. Read more...
I hate everyone, and I hope your holidays are full of awkward pauses. So there. Read more...
Windsday

19 December 2012

Puppy very excited about eating I didnt realize how tiny this puppy was til they picked it up at the end. Soooo cute!!!!!
Decided to live permanently in Seattle. Now seeking an artists' commune.
Photo Friday Advance: Your worst photo, suggested by flapjax at midnite
Happy Birthday Amro!
might be buying a house with the family Happy Holidays to all here.
Happy Holidays to us if all plans go well.

18 December 2012

Does anyone have an OED handy? I need to know if 'secondly' is a word and Oxford is the standard.
On the 2012 Christmas, Pop Culture Gave to Me... Read more...
Photoshop n00b seeks help...
Musical Giftstravaganza, Day 18
Tuesday 3-point update
Regarding names and addresses. Why are you ok with sharing your name and address for MeCha and MeFi swaps, etc.?
Email of the Week I is early, but I do not think that this one will be topped. Any suggestions? (I swear, they are not letting me coast into retirement.)Read more...

17 December 2012

Why is this unicorn wearing a nazi armband on it's leg? Is there some sort of WWII fat cat/churchill/unicorn/nazi imagery/metaphor thing i don't know about? Seriously. Cause i was all like "neat! What a crazy bizarre cat pic" until i saw the details and now i'm just befuddled.
Metachat....Hay Metachat....What kind of bumblebee has milk?
The documentary about the founding of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School I'm in! Talks about art, life drawing, event planning, the burlesque/circus community and models - NSFWy, nipples, poses, language etc.
What are your winter traditions?
Seasonal Holiday Fashion! Challenge: Wear red and green make it not look stupid.
How's your week shaping up?

16 December 2012

Musical Giftstravaganza Day 16. Today's song is Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord, by Boney M. Read more...

15 December 2012

Happy birthday, deborah! have a wonderful day!
New site: I just finished* a website I've been working on for a while, it's a site for picking PC sorting and filtering PC components.

*(well, there's a lot left to do, but it's in a state where people can use it, provided they're not using IE. )
BUNNY! OMG! (from a certain new movie)

14 December 2012

What was your favorite new music of 2012? What new music did you hear this year that rocked your socks? List your top 5, top 10, top 15, top 20, whatever you want. You can list songs, or albums, or both! Read more...
Magical Mystery Tour! Tonight!
December Musical Gifstravaganza, Day 14. arse_hat and I swapped days, but I'll be borrowing from his, and also from gaspode. I had planned on a whole selection of Jimmy Smith stuff, especially from this album which I love the cover of. . Today I bring you Jingle Bells. You know, Jingle Bells... (Shroeder/Lucy version on youtube). Schroeder shows several ways to play it, but he misses the Jazz version on the organ like Jimmy Smith does it. Then there's the way with the "alternate lyrics" that Mojo Nixon recorded on his great album "Horny Holidays." What's Christmas without a million versions of this old classic?
Jesus Fuck. . . My inbox this morning: Dan, Read more...
The Plot To Kill Bieber! These idiots walked right out of a Coen Brothers movie.
Photo Friday: Strength

13 December 2012

December Musical Gifstravaganza, Day 13 I usually post older music, but this 2010 album is a new classic in my house.Read more...
New sidebar art! Thanks to our photographers Senyar, eekacat, tommasz, Hugh Janus, and Kronos_to_Earth!
Shane McGowan on Fairytale of New York I think this is his wife's blog - it's kind of an interesting read. And, in case you, like me, had somehow never seen the actual video, here it is.
INTENSE SCENES: This Film is Very Sad and Makes You Cry if you Love Dogs @AdvisoryGuide tweets (real) excerpts from the IMDB Parental Guide.
Need some quick opinions about a refrigerator...
Photo Friday Advance: Strength, suggested by tortillathehun
good news for a change i've posted to askme under my name and a sock a lot about a relationship i had been that was just horrible. some mefites were so helpful and supportive during that time. so now a year later, i'm actually in the beginning of damn good happy awesome relationship. Read more...
So many great cards already! Just wanted to say "thanks" for the cool cards I've gotten via the MeCha Holiday Card Exchange already! So many festive and pretty ones. Read more...
So...I had to cut an ungodly amount of fat from a cheapish pork shoulder. And now I have a container literally full of solid white pork fat. What can do with it? what will use it all up?

12 December 2012

why are communists and fascists organic antagonists? I guess now that we're far removed from that era it's a bit hard for me to figure out why class warfare types are natural enemies of ethnic nationalist types though looking through history they seem to clash with each other wherever they arise. thoughts?
Good Day, Bad Day
Example of vicious cycle Overwork leads to stress leads to indigestion leads to not eating enough leads to tiredness/depression leads to problems at work.
So...If you had $250 to blow at the Apple Store... Read more...
Online dating cliches I tried to solicit mefites' suggestions for online dating clichés, but that part of the question was deleted as chatfilter -- so a year later (I'm not captain follow-through obviously) I'm trying it here.Read more...
OMG DRINKY BUNNY!!! Holiday Greetings from some British animators.
Ah hell this is cool. "They were married for almost 74 years" I hope we can do that but it would put me over 100 and her, well (a gentleman doesn't tell)

11 December 2012

Is it Festivus Yet? - The Airing of Grievances begins:Read more...
Tea Sandwiches Need suggestions for tea sandwich fillings for a work party tomorrow. Read more...
How to keep you children closer. My Stepson-in-law made this for an assignment in school. Read more...
December Musical Gifstravaganza, Day 11 We have already had one of these songs posted but this is one of my favorite albums of all time.Read more...

10 December 2012

Elegy to a piano scarf My knitting blog is generally not a personal blog — I don't want it to be like most knitting blogs, which usually involve the blogger using her knitting projects as a lead-in to going on (and on, and on, and on) about herself, but every once in awhile I might just write something close to home. See what you think of today's post.
The Secular Idiot’s Guide to Syria’s Jihadist Groups "the Unity Brigades is a splinter group formed out of a spin-off group of members that quit the Free Syrian Army. I know, but irony isn’t their thing."
"Look at this Instagram" parody video (NSFW language) This hit a little too close to home for me, even though I don't use instagram.
Baroque Obama. That's all.
December Musical Gifstravaganza, Day 10 Today we continue the Hanukkah thread...Read more...
Thai Peanut Sauce and Chicken - help! I have a bottle of Thai Peanut Sauce that someone gave to me and two boneless skinless chicken breasts. I would like to slice the chicken up and put it over salad for dinner tonight. How do I use the peanut sauce with it - should I marinate the chicken in it, or just put it on the chicken right before I cook it (probably in a grill pan and finished in the oven)? If I should marinate, how long? I don't want to overdo it.

(I have had chicken satay before, but have no experience cooking with this sauce.)
How To Make A Baby Safe For Work (unless LOLing disturbs everyone in the office), Your Smileage May Vary.

09 December 2012

Let's talk about email. Please check your MeCha profile right now and see if the email address is one you still use, or one where you'll see emails sent to it. Recent experience tells me a lot of folks have outdated emails listed. Even if you have your profile set to not show the email address publicly, we need a current addy in case we have to contact you.
December Musical Giftstravaganza Day 9 Sneaking in under the deadline we haveRead more...
Koalas to the Max Keep mousing over the circles and breaking them up! (I assume you'll need to be on a proper computer to do this. Doubt it'll work on mobile devices/tablets. via blort)
post by: ufez at: 21:57 | 1 comment
Got married So, on the 1st December 2012, I got married.Read more...
Vintage Trouble! A friend posted this video from Saturday's Letterman show and now I'm in love with this band...Read more...

08 December 2012

ATTN: Music-loving bunnies. One week from today, I'm going to make a post for people to share their favorite 2012 music. List your top 5, top 10, top 15, top 20, whatever you want. You can list songs, or albums, or both. You can just name them, link to them on YouTube, share files, whatever. Just tell us what new music you heard that made you happy in 2012.
December Musical Gifstravaganza, Day 8: Happy Hanukkah! I'm not Jewish but it seemed appropriate given tonight is the first night of Hanukkah.Read more...
Dog drives a car Drives stick.

07 December 2012

Do any of you have animal visitors? I have a cat that comes to visit me every so often. Read more...
Aaaagh! Evil bunny mask! Who knew such things even existed?
Foto Friday: Busted No one else posted anything about Photo Friday this week, so I'm taking the bull by the horns and coming up with my own thread.
December Musical Giftstravaganza Day 7

06 December 2012

Bunnies at Brandeis! An art project.
Facebook Site Governance Vote  FB is letting people vote on whether future changes to its policy can be voted upon. If you're interested go to that link and click "keep existing documents"
See 19 cats do their best to re-create these famous paintings yes, I'm linking to msn. That's how cute this is.
December Musical Giftstravaganza, Day 6 comes to us from my favorite band, Big Star. Read more...

05 December 2012

Is it right-wing week on Diane Rhem?
Humpday 3-point update
Musical Giftstravaganza Day 5. A swingin' holiday song from Louis Prima: Shake Hands With Santa Claus. Hope everybody gets everything they want for Christmas!

04 December 2012

Eel slap Move your mouse from right to left to slap the guy with an eel.
Oh, these are cute. Unfortunately they're $96 each from Alessi.
Hey Ho, Ho ho! Nothing says "Christmas music" like the Ray Conniff Singers. And the Ramones. And the Three Stooges. Today's December Musical Gifstravaganza Read more...

03 December 2012

Metachat made me cry!
Tearjerker of the day "LEGO Finds Spare Discontinued Set So Boy Who Saved Up For 2 Years Wouldn’t Be Disappointed"

02 December 2012

December Musical Giftstravaganza, Day 2: Better late than never, yo. Read more...
This is the December 3 Xmas post Because I didn't want to miss my turn! Always love this stupid dance.
All landings at San Diego Int Airport on Black Friday Nov 23, 2012 between 1030am and 300pm, in less than 30 seconds.
Maybe some folks who can use the cash can make a bit off the vampire craze.

01 December 2012

December Musical Gifstravaganza, Day 1:
Apparently if you dress like this you will get asked directions no less than five times a dayRead more...

30 November 2012

OMG! BUNNY LUV! (even after the workweek is over, cute animals are good therapy)
Bo checks Xmas prep at the White House Remember, looking at cute animals is good for us.
Weekend Shuffle! You know the drill. Bonus round: Sorted alphabetically, what are the first and last songs in your collection?
What are you up to this weekend? 3-point update Read more...
MY HAT! i have no idea why this is so funny but i was in tears. (it's a gif, there is some text eventually, so watch for more than 5 seconds.)
I scream, you scream, not sure how this ad sells ice cream.
College sets up 'puppy room' for stressed students Where was this when I was in graduate school??
Shane Carruth finally has a follow-up to Primer! Can't wait to see what he can do with a budget of more than $7000
Photo Friday: What is it?

29 November 2012

Good people in the world. Bus driver. NYPD officer.
Photo Friday Advance: What is it? Take a picture of something such that it is not readily apparent what it is, and then bunnies have to guess. Suggested by Doohickie.
Getting tired of tv shows as commercials

28 November 2012

Movember is Over for me. (warning: vanity post with non-vanity pictures)Read more...
Bunnies! OMG! This is my dream

27 November 2012

Santa is my homie Warning: contains "Mahna Mahna" and flying fish

26 November 2012

Card Exchangers The list has been sent! Happy carding :D
What do you do when you've been feeling low-level sick for a while? Read more...
Women in bubbles over Paris, or actually, one woman (model Simone D’Aillencourt) in a 1963 fashion shoot for Harper's Bazaar, created and photographed by Melvin Sokolsky in 1963.
so I had a brainwave I was going to explain it all but I looked back and realized I already explained it here (basically dominant media and politics are disconnected from the reality of people's lives out there especially in developing countries). So I was like let me start reading some other stuffRead more...

25 November 2012

While we're talking holidays, who's up for a 2012 version of the December Musical Giftstravaganza? Read more...
Speeding cheetah in slow motion A collaboration of the Cincinatti Zoo and National Geographic
Last call to sign up for the Metachat Holiday Card Exchange!

24 November 2012

Have you seen Life of Pi?
How's your weekend going?

23 November 2012

Happy Birthday Sil! Happy Birthday JonathanStrange!
cranberry sauce triumph
Photo Friday: Thankful

22 November 2012

As ever... looking for a livestream link for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...this happens every year, because NBC is hopeless at this. Any ideas? Also, beware as there are hundreds of fake livestream links - if you've found one that really works, I'd be really happy!
The Contemporary Classical Composer’s Bullshit Generator : My goal, in essence, is to premiere musical vibrations. If one concept must be grasped, it is this - the rational installation always suggests the expressions, and it must do so entirely octatonically.

21 November 2012

So, whatcha listening to lately? I'm finalizing my year end list of favorite albums (my unordered list about 50 favorites with comments here) and want to make sure I didn't totally overlook a great album. Any 2012 albums kicking your butt?
Photo Friday Advance: In honor of (American) Thanksgiving tomorrow, let's do "Thankful" - pictures of whatever you're thankful for. Also, the wiki is up to date again, including themes through February. If you have suggestions, please add them!
It's time for a lyrics game. Haven't had one for a while. I made it pretty broad and easy, so I think y'all will get them by lunchtime or so EST. Read more...

20 November 2012

So, this is sad. Kevin Clash resigns.
Happy Birthday Ardiril!

19 November 2012

Being healthy can be hazardous to your health [link goes to a photo w/ some blood visible] Read more...
Molly Crabapple - Kim Boekbinder - I Have Your Heart Stop motion animation of Molly Crabapple's art work to Kim Boekbinder's rollicking song about love and open heart surgery.

18 November 2012

17 November 2012

ESPN Hosts Drop The Princess Bride Quotes All Night Long How the hell did I not hear about this? In case any of you didn't either, here you go.
I just won't wear a suit - but what do I wear instead for my college interview on Tuesday? It's at Starbucks. I am not the most sartorially savvy - or equipped, honestly - so I really don't know what to do. I'm inclined to just wear my (all-khaki slightly worn) school uniform, but surely I can invest more effort than that? I am a girl, and all I have is too bright or informal. Help please?

16 November 2012

I Believe I Can Fly - Skydiving Kittehs!
ergo i need help i posted on askme but i'm not getting any bites. looking for advice on how to find/hire an ergonomics consultant to come to my office, but i have no idea where to start. also, in Harrisburg, PA not someplace like NYC where there are probably ergonomics consultants all over the place. can anyone offer some advice?
Photo Friday: stillness

15 November 2012

I hate the part of packing where you just have random crap left. I'm moving saturday and mostly packed except for like a lamp and a printer and random crap that just doesn't really go in a box. like a bike pump. or a guitar. it makes me feel all unprepared. i'm drinking whisky and listening to christmas music. that makes me feel prepared.
You know it's going to be a bad cold when... [contribute your horror stories of the sick inside]
the 90s music thread got me in a HIgh School mood So I drew some characters from a story I obsessively worked on in High School, then dropped.
I'm going to get my eyeballs zapped
Outstanding photos of crashing ocean waves, by Alessandro Puccinelli. They look more like paintings than like photos. I'd love to see them printed at a huge scale.
BAGELS FROM THE INTERNET OMG From The Whelk! Thank you thank you thank you! (And the new glasses look good, whelker)Read more...

14 November 2012

Hump day 3 point update!
Ask MeCha: Is there a message folder on
My favorite thrift store painting with something added I saw this years ago on reddit. But it still makes me happy.
Our particular universe may have already produced 95% of all its stars, ever.
OK, Elsa I made your stuffed acorn squash for dinner tonight and you had my carnivore husband asking for more. Delicious! I remember you saying either here or on mefi that you modified the recipe a bit? Couldn't find the comment. It was great as is though.

13 November 2012

Eclipse! We had a total eclipse here in FNQ (Far North Queensland) this morning - we got to see a little of it but it was cloudy! Read more...
I am the sun, I am the air I always liked this line because I thought the idea was to play on homonyms, but then I also interpreted that one line in the chorus as "I go about things my own way" for decades. Well, actually, I still do.

Apropos of nothing, Buffy in limerick form.

12 November 2012

The Twelve Days of Christmas.... in cross-stitch So here's my latest cross-stitch project. It took me ten months to make it. Read more...
OMG, I haven't laughed so hard it hurts in a long time!
It's time for the 5th Annual Mecha Holiday Card Exchange! Signups open now through November 25th, 11:59 p.m. ET.Read more...
New Glasses with extra phone in mirror recursion
i hate mandatory group lunches especially when i'm in the zone and getting shit done and don't feel like socializing. didn't they know it was this guy's first day last week and i could have had some warning?Read more...
What's Your Secret Service Code Name? a little late for the election, I know, but hey, the 2016 campaign starts NOW, right?Read more...

11 November 2012

The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done So I've launched a new blog. About knitting. And it has a big two posts up on it already. I know there are some knitters on here, so please check it out if you're interested. The rest of you don't have to pretend to be interested. I'll understand.;-)
My 14-year-old nephew, on the Twilight movies: "They are all the same. A hot girl gets into trouble. She doesn't try to get herself out of it by herself. Instead, she gets her hot boyfriend who doesn't wear a shirt to help. When he can't do it, she gets her other hot boyfriend who doesn't wear a shirt to help. The special effects are awesome, though"

10 November 2012

Weekend Chores! Up and at 'em! Here's my at-minimum list. What's on yours?Read more...

09 November 2012

Photo Friday: Vague

08 November 2012

07 November 2012

Bunny! OMG! This bunny is 8 and recently suffered a stroke, which has left his face a bit wonky.
Photo Friday Advance: Vague, suggested by filthy light thief
Keep this in mind the next time you Like, Google or Follow a political candidate online.
LGBT BC RCMP. Wow. I imagine coming out is hard for anyone but for cops? Considering all the much deserved shit the BC RCMP have taken over the past ten years this is amazing.

06 November 2012

Tuesday 3-point hopes

05 November 2012

Bunny! OMG! Happy Guy Fawkes Night, everyone!

04 November 2012

"Harper Valley PTA" with Barbara Eden - Jeannie C Riley established a number of firsts for women with a song as notable for its charting as it was for bans. Those who didn't live through this period don't realize the huge societal shift that occurred during those waning years of the '60s.

03 November 2012

What would make you happy?
Is this common in marathons and half marathons? I ran a half marathon today, only my second one. I noticed two guys who had already finished were going back down the last 1/4 mile of the course... Read more...
At times it was like an oldstyle text adventure game. "It's dark. You might be eaten by a grue"
"You are carrying too much. You have to drop something."Read more...

02 November 2012

For some reason... I really enjoy cutting up cardboard. And padded envelopes.
That is all.
TGIF! What's on for the weekend, people?
The Omni Magazine post in the blue reminded me of a name linking series game that was a contest in it, and which I thought could be a good MeCha challenge Read more...
Eugenia's Collages. These are very cool and fun collages made from old magazine photos and illustrations. (There's one sort of NSFW image on the first page.)
How to Download Romance eBooks from Samhain Publishing I agree with a yt comment for once: "All instruction manuals should come in this format."
Photo Friday: the artwork in your house.

01 November 2012

MetaChattier This site is a little more lively lately than it's been. I was a little worried in the last year that this little place was winding down as people wandered off to other social media but each of the last three months have had more posts than the previous month. Looking at the archives, we've gone from only 135 posts in August up to 166 in the just past month. Makes me happy.
would anyone look at my resume and cover letter please? my usual suspects for this help are unavailable right now and i found a job posting that i need to apply like right now. it's been a while since i've done this, so i could use an eyeball or two to look it over. i can email you the docs.
OMG Bunny!! (instead of NaNoWriMo, I think I'll do OMGBuPoMo)
Is it normal, or at least common... to view your mother's comments on other people's posts as being rather loud, pushy, and intrusive? Read more...
Radiohead meets metal The Darkness covers Fade Out.
New sidebar art! Thanks to our photographers gc, ufez, and pjern. There's also one of mine in there. We'll return to the "individually curated" sidebars in a few weeks.
Halloween Costume Filter: HOLY CRAP I HAVE A CHIN

31 October 2012

BOO! (-tter late than never) MeCha Anonymous Scary Halloween Time is back...Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: The artwork in your house, suggested by me
No secret scares this year? So sad.

30 October 2012

3-point Tuesday update

29 October 2012

i live 2 doors down from the one 57 obscenity im in canada;just posted on mefi. my neighbors. across the hall and my cousin in soho are ok.
Get Ready 2013 Catastrophes Calendar May those of you in the path of hurricane Sandy listen to the LOLCats of emergency preparedness.
Bell peppers I always wondered why they called them bell peppers since they didn't resemble bells...Then I finally realized. JINGLE bells. They look like great big green (or red or orange or yellow) jingle bells!
This is the start of a wonderfully weird period of my life. The company I've worked at for the past 22 years was finally bought a few weeks ago, and Friday I found out that "there is not a place for me in the new organization". Read more...
Japanese acrobats filmed in 1904 by Thomas Edison.

28 October 2012

27 October 2012

Have you tested out your Halloween costumes yet?! My mom's in town for a visit, so I had her snap one of mine. Let's see what you've got, Mechazens!
Zed's BACK, baby! Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs in theatres again, Dec 4 and Dec 6. I have no idea what else to add to make this an FPP on the blue, but someone with more Tarantino knowledge, please do if so inclined. i wore out my VHS tape of Pulp Fiction i watched it so much. i've never seen these on the big screen. excited!1!!11!!!!
On June 12, 1970, Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter while tripping his ass off on LSD. An animated retelling.

26 October 2012

Babby Echidna! OMG! TIL a baby echidna is called a puggle.
So let me tell you how my day went yesterday. Finally, a diagnosis.Read more...
Photo Friday: Neighbor(hood)
So in 1997, Don Bluth decides to do a straight up Disney-style movie And it's awful, it's a bad movie, but it does have 3 minutes where it can hold it's own against the best of the Disney Machine: Once Upon A December.

25 October 2012

24 October 2012

Who do you side with? A less superficial than average quiz.
We eat bad food. I ran across this in a book today and it reminded me of the occasional "who can afford" and "who has time" cooking posts on metafilter. I always think of this as a "modern" problem, but would anyone care to guess in what year the following was written?Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: Neighbor(hood), suggested by filthy light thief
Happy Birthday Sister Havana!
Molly Crabapple: On Being A Professional Naked Girl (NSFW cartoon nudity) VICE magazine essay on being a former "glamor" model.
Open letter to Ann Coulter from a Special Olympian.

23 October 2012

Do you guys know the drunk Jeff Goldblum meme? Because I didn't, and this is hilarious.
What words would you consider to be the most overused? I'm thinking about doing a project that involves synonyms, and I'm trying to come up with 5-15 or so words that are particularly overused.Read more...
Why are websites gendered? I just had the following conversation with my cousin on Facebook:


22 October 2012

A question for experts: no-bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies - Doesn't peanut butter have enough fat and sugar in it that I can leave out the butter and regular sugar? I would prefer not using artificial sweetener or margarine. Any thoughts or ruminations are welcome. Other healthy ingredients? What changes can I make if I include refrigeration?
Welcome to Windows 7 Who has two thumbs and just got a new laptop? This girl! It's my first Windows 7 machine. Anything I need to know and/or what do you do when you first get a new computer?
My 6,128 Favorite Books. Reading meets snark! (in a good way)
Hair, London 1968 - Aquarius, Black Boys/White Boys, Hair, Ain't Got No/I Got Life (Nina Simone live in London '68), Tim Curry (french interview), Aquarius (video compilation)

21 October 2012

20 October 2012

Are people less self-sufficient than they were 200 years ago? I was talking with someone about the economic downturn recently, and the topic of buying land and going off the grid came up. Read more...
Hazelnut Oil? Was gifted a half liter of hazelnut oil and looking for ways to use it. Ice cream topping? Cookies? Salad dressing?
How do you recover from a bad day? When I have a bad day or mess up, it seems to have a toxic effect on all days after. I lose all momentum, and it's discouraging.Read more...
What are you up to this weekend? 3-point update Read more...
"Dracula" was a 1970/71 Spanish horror comic with no actual vampire content. Warren Publishing reprinted the issues in a soft-cover format for US sale. The stories are fairly lame but the art is way ahead of its time.

19 October 2012

I'm Reading "The Bell Jar" and Have a Question - Have you ever read a book that you thought might not be a good idea for you to read?
Toronto meetup? Hi everyone, brujita is coming to Toronto next week, and I'm trying to arrange a meetup for then. Are any Toronto-area bunnies interested and available?
Because I have absolutely no sense of propriety, I'd like to ask a question. Read more...
MP3 Shuffle-a-gogo - What's on your shuffle? Anyone up for a little shuffle action? You know the drill: set your MP3 delivery device of choice on shuffle/random, hit play, and post the first 10 songs. Read more...
Photo Friday: Imperfect

18 October 2012

So annoyed. Disgruntled and grar-y. Annoyed at idiots denying their culpability. Warm fuzzies of empathetic growls appreciated.
Jay Thomas tells a true story about The Lone Ranger. This apparently happened during Jay's radio days in the late 60s or early 70s, while he was working at a station in Charlotte, NC.

17 October 2012

grumble grumble grumble
Photo Friday Advance: Imperfect, suggested by fancyoats
MeCha bunnies who are in relationships that will stand the test of time... Read more...

16 October 2012

Macbook battery question!
Must share awesome lunch with you
Dark Shadows Fans. Amazon is selling the complete original series on 131 DVD discs for $279.99, today only.
Beautiful cosplay: The Faces of NY Comic Con 2012 [link is to a photographer's site, lots more available on his flickr page]

15 October 2012

PinterestFail I've been on a real Pinterest kick lately, and this made me laugh.
mood intervention checklist continuing your humble correspondent's adventures in self-management (avoid useless arguments, understanding stoicism) and the capstone: arbitrary stimuli affecting one's consequential disposition, let us gather ideas about what said stimuli can be. Read more...
We saw Looper on Saturday night Not only was it great -- thoughtfully plotted, very well acted -- but so interesting that now I would like to discuss with bunnies.
Looking for fitted sheets that fit my specifications as well as my bed Recently I went shopping to replace the fitted sheet on my bed, and was confronted with these shopping options: I could buy a replacement fitted sheet of a yucky quality for $15, or buy a whole new set of decent quality sheets for $30.

14 October 2012

I can haz guardianship?
Brilliant: Google has a Winsor McCay doodle! Here's a capture in case it doesn't show on your local google page.
Nut and Bee is gone. Someone here recommended it to me and I loved the way it was done and how the website was set up, hoping to do something very similar myself.Read more...
Thank you, internet friends. We took a bunch of your suggestions for things to do in Columbus and have had a lovely weekend. Read more...
Why are pandas black and white? (And do not question why the panda lives in the African jungle ...)

13 October 2012

Handyfolk of Metachat: What kind of saw do I need? Read more...
Ghaah, wtf? Windows vs Firefox grudge match or just glitches? Ever since Windows recently installed 14 updates on my laptop, I can't run Firefox. It stalls and glitches and such. I've troubleshot (is that a word?) and disabled plug-ins and uninstalled/reinstalled and restored Mozilla to no avail. Should I move on? For some reason the Chrome of The Omnipresent GoogleGod gives my poor mortal self shivers.

12 October 2012

Bunny! OMG! (Specially for youngergirl) (Not an owl)
News of mightshould
David Pelham’s Clockwork Orange cog eye design. "I have often been amused to notice that my hurried nocturnal effort of so long ago appears to have achieved something of iconic status"
3 point weekend update! It's Friday in Melbourne so I'm celebrating my weekend. I'm more than ready for a break and am very relieved to not have to be in the office! My plans for the weekend are below. What are yours??Read more...
Photo Friday: Geek-a-licious

11 October 2012

sudoko Regarding math type stuff, what's up with people who talk about Sudoko like it's a jigsaw puzzle or word circle puzzle or tic tac toe, and assume anyone can do it. Seriously, what's up with that. Can most people of normal intelligence do one, or not? Cos I sure can't.
Square footage If someone says a room is a certain number of square feet, how do you mathematically figure out how long the walls are (assuming it is a more or less square room)? I did not know how to Google this question. How would you Google it? What is the name for this equation? I don't want to calculate square footage, I want to do the opposite.
"Heil Honey I'm Home!" - The further antics of Adolf & Eva, and their neighbors, the Goldensteins. American sitcoms pale in comparison.

10 October 2012

Can I have your name? The Starbucks in my office building has recently started asking for a name when you place your drink order - so they can call it out when your drink is ready. My Corner Bakery now does this too. It squicks me out, but I can't quite put my finger on why. Anybody else feel this way?Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: Geek-a-licious, suggested by rainbaby

09 October 2012

Ghosties and ghoulies and things that go snort in the night Read more...
NFL QB’s Talkin’ On Facebook In the time it took to post this, Vick threw three interceptions.
CSA recipe help needed! Vegetables include: acorn squash, turnips, leeks, chard, beets.
Please give me your best vegetarian recipes to use these up!
Guess who's 50 today? Happy Birthday ...
Happy Birthday elizarde!
Three-Point Tuesday Update, Go!

08 October 2012

Bunny! OMG! Is he on his way to Swan's End?

07 October 2012

What was good about today? My answer: I saved a marriage. Read more...

06 October 2012

Butt-baring formal wear? When I was twelve or thirteen, I was at a friend's bar mitzvah party in the southern U.S.Read more...
Kim Boekbinder's latest single "Sky Is Calling" Kinda spacey, folky Star-Trek dreampop. Kinda.
A WEEK OFF What would you do with a week of stay-cation?Read more...

05 October 2012

Two dozen ducks rescued from an animal hoarder get their first swim. Read more...
it is ridiculous how much I'm finding my mood/emotions is affected by bodily and environmental comforts these days. It's like discovering a conspiracy that my serious life thoughts are so arbitrary. lol
OMG! Etch A Sketch Saw this last night, thought of you guys. FF to 1:00 and watch til the very end!
What rules do you live by?
Ick Ick Showtime
Photo Friday: Solid/liquid/gas

04 October 2012

Facebook is full of asses? Facebook's first TV commercial is out.
Question regarding movies. I have a full day off tomorrow (university holiday!) and want, nay *need*, to treat myself to lunch and a movie.Read more...
Question Regarding TV Series Read more...  how is this site so good? I'm amazed
I haven't received a 419 scam email in a really long time at any of my (too many) addresses. And I am kinda down about it.Read more...
Whatever happened to predictibility?
Going to Disneyland, every day. I am oddly attracted to this idea.
A bloke at work was telling me that a woman he dated 15 years ago ... Read more...
Apple sucks. Yes you have to to find work arounds to view flash items on Apple devices. Now you need to find work arounds to view YouTube videos. Assholes.

03 October 2012

MeFi Overwhelmed During The Debate? Lost connection to the running thread on the Presidential debate. Can't get in. Memories of jrun FAILS.
What's up with serious, hard-core male bodybuilders? Can one generalize about the types of people who do this and their motivations?Read more...
Very cool commercial. I saw this last night at the cinema. It's amazing on a big screen.
Photo Friday Advance: Solid/liquid/gas, suggested by mdonley
Remote Control Magic IV, a 1970s television flashback brought to you by those VHS enthusiasts at
Lets talk about fat chicks. Via Jann Arden Who I saw last week and who talks about weight too.

02 October 2012

Time Magazine article on Mormonism The latest Time Magazine has an article that purports to explore the Mormon side of Mitt Romney. The article is a great example of the kind of vacuous crap that passes as journalism these days.Read more...
I finally filed all my expenses! What are you proud of getting done?
OMG COOKIE I shall be making this!
GWAR covers KANSAS. Yes, you read that right.
So it turns out ... Putting ratatouille over a bed of tortilla chips is a really good idea.
Philip K. Dick. An appreciation.

01 October 2012

How many Bob Dylan fans are there out there really? I have been wondering lately in this modern day and age how many Bob Dylan fans still exist.Read more...
Is it possible to become less selfless without becoming more selfish? Read more...
Why I got Fired from Facebook (a $100 Million dollar lesson) great post... nothing 'deep' but has some hard-won professional life insights
Pantsuits! These women are no sissies when it comes to business. A series of shorts kinda like the reoccurring themed sketches The Kids in the Hall would spread through a season’s shows. (For those who care, a few episodes are NSFW, mostly due to language.) Many of the jokes fall flat, but it has its moments. Love the style, though. Nine episodes so far, but they may have thrown in the towel.

30 September 2012

How do you keep from stagnating? Or do you learn to love it?
Smooshie has passed away. Many of you know of my cat Smooshie. I am sad to report that we had to put him to sleep yesterday. He had inflammatory bowel disease and lymphoma and started going downhill very quickly. He was the best-natured, sweetest cat I've ever met and I miss him.
Has the iPod age diminished music for you? I feel like the proliferation of personal music devices and the focus on individual music files like MP3's has led to a devaluing of the recorded music experience. Like, people never sit around in a living room and savor tunes being played on a good stereo through good speakers anymore. Read more...

29 September 2012

Bunny and Pit Bull! OMG! The horror! The horror!!!
"Looper" question [possible spoilers]

28 September 2012

Nylah the kitten gets sared by Darth Mal She also has peanut butter for the first time.Read more...
guys guys guys guys GUYS check out this insane quiz:

it's an HBO thing but stick it out and do the whole thing to the end.. I swear the end is the craziest thing and definitely worth it.
Corolla, a photo series meant to focus on the shapes and textures of flowers rather than their colors. By Daniel Seung Lee.
Photo Friday: Staples

27 September 2012

irrational pet peeves, anyone? (aka I just have to vent) Read more...
The voice in your head says to use Tampax.
This stingray just wants to hug people so why are the nice ladies looking so scared? Read more...

26 September 2012

Wednesday 3-point update
Photo Friday Advance: Staples, suggested by ethylene
I've been seeing lots of references on the net to ... Read more...
Aw, damn. One of my very favorite singers has died. I was just playing an album of his last night. I'm pretty upset.
Star & Micey, "I Can't Wait." Love this music video. Slap!
Fuck! All the loons are out! Two 911 calls in 20 mins.

25 September 2012

Bic Pens...For Her. Some Amazon reviews. Go here if you don't want to sign in for a selection.
What did I just make? I panic-created a side dish and I have no idea what it's supposed to be.

I WANT THIS! OMG, I want this sooo much.
Honesty is cruel I just told someone their art was really bad. It was. Really bad. I couldn't keep lying. Am I horrible?
Death by a thousand SQEEEEES Inter-species snorgling (well, patient tolerance on the part of the feline).
The Museum of Cigarette Packaging. More than 40,000 packs.
Golden Age sci-fi paperback covers Happy to see a couple of old J.G. Ballard ones in there.

24 September 2012

Squirrel in Kitchen Not my kitchen, thank the gods.
help me understand Stoicism I always thought I kinda knew what it meant but I've been reading Marcus Aurelius lately (some quotes as an example) and his super chill approach, although appealing to a vexed mind, also seems a recipe for disaster. Furthermore I don't believe even he as warring-ass roman emperor actually lived like that. What am I missing? Were one to try adopting this, how can you be effective but think nothing 'really' matters at the same time?Read more...
Recovering from surgery. Where should I go on the Internet? Hi bunnies, I had an ovarian cyst removed last Friday (lapraoscopy) and am stuck at home for a while. Am getting kind of bored. I think I read all of AskMe and Twitter already. Suggestions? Have been rediscovering kottke and that is nice.Read more...

23 September 2012

Pictogram Rock Posters, awesome. From the same designer, Honest Logos.
What is your dream job? That is a job you think you'd be perfect for but doesn't actually exist.

Happiness Is...
I thought of Slack-a-gogo today when I walked into the supermarket and they were playing Morning Train. Read more...

22 September 2012

tips for staving off cold symptoms? I'm running a half marathon in the morning and last night got the first (sore throat) signs of a cold. I will do or take anything to try and keep the symptoms at bay for another 24 hours. Ideas?

21 September 2012

LEGO ball contraption moves little spheres from point A to Point B and then back again, with LOTS of steps.
The space shuttle just flew past our balcony I work in this building, and I can see out the balcony from my desk, but I got up and went outside and waved. The view was spectacular. I didn't take a picture, but some co-workers did; I'll post when I can.
I'm in Seattle! What should I do?
Freud’s Immortal Question Sigmund Freud asked, in evident exasperation, “What do women want?” Based on your understanding of at least three of the works we read this semester, how would you answer Freud’s question? Be sure to give a title to your essay.
Photo Friday: Wistful

20 September 2012

Pizza Complaint Wait For
General question regarding IPv6?
Happy Birthday TrhishaLynn!
The Honor System: "Stealing magic has become a commonplace crime. Teller, a man of infinite delicacy and deceit, decided to do something about it." A very long but FASCINATING read.

19 September 2012

I've been reading a bit these days and I'm kinda taken aback by how many famous European/American writers from 1600-1900 are pretty 'liberal' when talking about the planet. I think the idea that avoiding projecting ethnocentric stances on non western peoples is some sort of 20th century "cultural relativism" aberration is inaccurate.. everyone from Montaigne to Mark Twain seems to try to break down such assumptions.
Photo Friday Advance: Wistful, suggested by jason's_planet
OMG, I love this website! Why didn't I know about this site before?

What's your new favourite website?
I just found out that the star poet from my year at the Writers' workshop has died Read more...
Audition mojo? So, I'm auditioning to get into this troupe as a frontstage singer, and I'd like all the mojo I can get, please? Read more...

18 September 2012

eye update
A Poem for Trilby

Love to eat them mousies...
Mousies what I love to eat!
Bite they little heads off,
Nibble on they tiny feet!
What kind of mousepad does an editor who's into swans buy? This one, of course. Show me your mousepad and/or the mousepad you'd have, given your druthers.

17 September 2012

These folks went to a bicycle awareness benefit less than two weeks ago,Read more...
What does this Chicago Bears ad mean? The text of the ad is "Here it's never too cold to get burned". I suspect it means that it's too cold in Chicago for our team to get burned (lose), but the way it's phrased seems to mean they get burned (lose) all the time since it's never too cold.

Please help me before this ad breaks my brain.
If these walls could talk.... My tenant tells me a friend of his, who used to do a lot of drugs, visited him here at Swan's End and said to him, "I've been here before, back when I was using. It didn't look like this, but I know I've been in this house before." Eeek.

If you're having a bad day... (it is Monday, after all) Read more...

16 September 2012

1164 Morning Glory Circle and the neighbors. Sam and Darrin shared their house with Dr. and Amanda Bellows. Larry and Louise Tate ate in Major Nelson's kitchen. Plus, other juxtapositions.
Actual Ad Seen In The Wild Those are some asterisks

15 September 2012

Dogs in Boots And because I'm an evil evil person, I now want a set of boots to put on my pups.

14 September 2012

Black Mesa is finally done! If you're even remotely a Half-Life fan, you should check it out.
Photo Friday: Recess

13 September 2012

Checking In. . . . In Hermosa Beach
Cost of owning a vagina Something I'd reflected on over the course of my life - Jezebel broke it down. Yeah, there's a premium for running around with these parts.Read more...

12 September 2012

Getting Things Written So I bought this notebook at Staples the other day. It looked like the kind I've wanted for years: a good-looking, long-lasting day-timer that I could refill each year, and even add extra pages to. But it looks to me like you can't get the refills in Canada. Am I wrong about that?
Question: If you are aware that being passive is being aggressive, is it still passive aggressive or just a different kind of aggressive? And if you have accepted you are not getting anything done, does it cease to be procrastination and transform into full blown fucking off, or does that entail a fuller embrace of doing fuck all?
Sonic City PDX :: Natural audio of locations in Portland. Each recording includes a photo and explanation by the contributor. Read more...
Unusual things to make with buttermilk? I have a lot left over, I know pancakes and fried chicken, what else is there?
Happy Birthday bluesapphire!
Photo Friday Advance: Recess, suggested by julen

And thanks to BP for picking a theme last week while I was MIA.
Postcard Photos of Mexico in the 1950s-1960s Part 1 and Part 2. Click the images for higher-res views. So extremely cool.
Wednesday 3-point update

11 September 2012

Something I never knew until today. Tony Perkins (THAT Tony Perkins) had a pop music career in the 1950s. His biggest hit.

10 September 2012

The Genteel ← This site is interesting. A while ago I made a (surprisingly vacillating) thread about how I want to make a fashion site that is not just a promotion aggregator (and I should add I'm especially uninterested in tumblr style "street fashion pic of the day" blogs). I'm surprised/pleased to find that The Genteel kinda represents the sensibility I'd infuse in a publication..
Be honest. Am I a total dweeb for liking Steam Powered Giraffe, a harmonic, mostly-acoustic folk/Western/doo-wop/barbershop/Lounge band fronted by three ex-mimes/buskers made up as Steampunk robots*?Read more...
Prince Poppycock - when broadcast television gets it right.
Eye update
After viewing this trailer for A Christmas Story 2 you might want to shoot both your eyes out.

09 September 2012

my favorite part of this hard sell... is how often I get my exclusive, sudden, 2-day-only final invitation: image
No idea what they are saying but the bear is Ernest and the mouse is Celestine, it's loosely based on children's books and yet another strange economy using teeth.
Now I want to find these books and think about just how odd teeth are.Read more...
I didn't know there were wild rabbits in Kensington Gardens But we were there yesterday and it seems so.
Happy Birthday Goshling and LoriFla!

08 September 2012

A whole bunch of Obama pics from the White House staff photographer.
Down vest? So, I'm drooling over the winter catalogs looking at coats & wondering why anyone would want to wear a down vest in lieu of a down jacket. Don't your arms get cold?
Why, Amazon? Why? [weird online payment scenario]
Weekend plans! Post 'em if you got 'em.

07 September 2012

Star Trek! OMG! - Click all the things!
Weekend Tunes What's catching your ears this weekend, MeCha?
Baby bunneh song... For when you need a bunneh chaser.
Gone for Awhile We are leaving on a road trip Read more...
Photo Friday: Hats Wacky or normal or in-between, but preferably wacky, in honor of the US political conventions that just ended this week.
Fruitless contention I started my internet career hanging out in tech circles and eventually found the arguments to involve too much fruitless contention. I segued to another site we're all familiar with and eventually found the arguments to involve too much fruitless contention (not to mention extreme anger).Read more...

06 September 2012

Who's your role model? Do you have a role model? Jill Biden's intro made me think about this. Someone who you look at and think "I'd like to have a profile like hers/his." Someone who gives you ideas about ways to handle various situations, how to maintain grace under fire, or just inspiration for a fun way to live?
Spac! From Star Wars! A few of these misidentified pics cracked me up.

05 September 2012

Weight Loss Simulator Have fun making simulated people fat, then skinny, then fat again! Read more...
Happy Birthday Jessamyn!
OMG MONEY BUNNY! trigger warning: animated bunny poops pennies

04 September 2012

This is a post for Boring Postcards... I heard the song "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" on the college radio station tonight and immediately thought of you.

How're things, BP?

How're things, Metachatters?
Your Favorite DIsh I want your favorite dish. Interpret this as widely as you like. Assume money is not an object, but know if it costs more than $25 I won't actual eat it.

Please show your work.
Paging: Cold Chef... Pick Up on Aisle 32,794... and hopefully the least grim pick up of the year...
Prepare to overdose on teh kyoot.
New sidebar art! It's another single-photographer sidebar, this time with pics by mygothlaundry. Thanks, MGL!
I probably should have checked the "actual capsule size" graphic on my supplements before making a decision to buy them. Bleh, horse pills filled with unpleasant-smelling herbs.

03 September 2012

Hear the new St Vincent/David Byrne album in it's entirety at NPR. I'm liking this one a lot!

02 September 2012

So who's been watching Project Runway? Spoilers inside
"How's your weekend going?" Multi-point update

01 September 2012

Primary photography on the video is DONE. Here's a photo of the very last shot on set It might have been 12 hours door to door, I might have had to re-do the concept on the fly, but I got enough video to begin editing soon.
San Francisco: photos from 2010 merged with photos taken after the 1906 earthquake. I find this one especially moving and eerie.
Axolotls have the unique ability to regenerate most body parts. In a period of months, they can grow entire new limbs and even portions of the brain and spine.Read more...

31 August 2012

Fantasy Football draft is tomorrow at 5pm CDT! And the draft order is...Read more...
Obscure Records. "Obscure Records was a U.K. record label which existed from 1975 to 1978. It was created and run by Brian Eno, who also produced the albums." Download all 10 albums.
The dog's balls. What's something cool/wonderful/amazing in your life right now? Read more...
Photo Friday: Craft

30 August 2012

It's not my sewing circle, it's *our* sewing circle Yesterday's post about the velvet coat I plan to make got me thinking about how much I'd like to find a community web site for sewers where posts like that really belong, so I asked for suggestions of such sites on AskMe. I wound up joining My Sewing Circle. If you sew and want to join, you might also consider joining the "MetaStitchual" group I've set up in their sewing circles section.

29 August 2012

I blame Marion Cotillard I bought the materials for a new project today. This is nothing out of the ordinary for me [cough], but this seems like an extra-special project.Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: Craft, suggested by tortillathehun
Happy Birthday Youngergirl!

28 August 2012

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK. I'm pissed off. Share why you're pissed off or some way I can vent my frustration, please.
Marmite - Yes or No? - Just like humans, some big cats like it and others don't. Watch to find out which is which!
AskMeCha: Problem with using E: for the first time. No, not that kind of E. So I got my new external hard drive delivered today and have been trying to transfer my files from my old desktop, Old Faithful, to the new laptop, and have run into a problem.

Recipe swap! Share your favorite go-to recipes for everyone. Read more...

27 August 2012

26 August 2012

I have a new favorite character/small-time actor: Reg Rogers, thanks to The Closer episode "Fool's Gold". Read more...
AV Club reviews classic Simpsons episode "Last Exit to Springfield".
For those familiar with the episode (or internet memes in general), the comments thread goes about how you'd expect it to.
Wonder how Walter Hill would have directed the ending of "The Wild Bunch"? Spoilers and gun violence, obviously.
What Neil Armstrong Could Have Said. In the summer of '69, Esquire asked everyone from Ayn Rand to Ali, Vonnegut to Asimov, Capote to Nabokov, for their suggestions for the first words on the moon. Here's to an American hero who topped them all.Read more...
Dealing with the constant "when are you getting married questions." So the bf and I have been together five and a half years and change. He is not ready to get married, which means WE are not ready to get married. But more and more lately there is the constant barrage of questions from people who have no right to ask. Complications after the Read more...

25 August 2012

Holiday weekend 3-point update I have no idea if it's a holiday anywhere else in the world, but this is our last public holiday before Christmas.Read more...
Hello, Henry! Specklet and TheDonF welcome a new kid into the world.

24 August 2012

How would you read a username that appeared as "therapistboy"? I came across a profile with this username on OKCupid recently. I literally felt sick at the sight of it. I thought about it for a few days and got more and more outraged by it. Read more...
I'd like to get me a nice big external hard drive. (Not a euphemism.) Hey everyone. I need to buy an external hard drive. This one is available for the best price I've seen for 2TB. Would it be right for my purposes? Which are a) to take all the existing data off my old 2004 desktop which has Windows XP, and b) use it with my new laptop which is a Dell Vostro 3560, which uses Windows 7?
I ate Jon's Brutal Dog.
adorable bulldog puppy not a dog person, but it's sooooo cute! <3
Water Wigs: photos of bald men with water balloons exploding on their heads to look like crazy cartoon hair.
We can laugh about it now... Looking back, what can you now laugh about?
Anyone know anything about Vipassana Retreats? So I'm on a waiting list for a Vipassana Retreat based on a random comment in a totally unrelated-to-my-life MeFi thread. Anyone know anything about them?
Photo Friday: Poles

23 August 2012

Yeah, you're about to be contradicted. That particular usage seems to have swirled up in the last couple of years.Read more...
Abandoned Russian Riviera: photos of a decaying former resort on the coast of the Black Sea.

22 August 2012

Photo Friday Advance: Poles (the stick in the ground kind, not the Warsaw kind), suggested by netbros
Wednesday Three Point Updates: Good morning friends!
I don't know which one of you fuckers turned me on to Nomo, but thanks. Read more...

21 August 2012

An excerpt from the upcoming biography of David Foster Wallace.

20 August 2012

Lamb-Stuffed Mushrooms. You should make them. Now.
Indianapolis arrest records?

19 August 2012

I'm watching Sideways ...

18 August 2012

look at what I found Project Syndicate, "commentaries from the world's top economists and geopolitical strategists." It's interesting and all but I'm beginning to be very skeptical of collections of elite technocrats1. The more interested I get in my surroundings in India the more I realize everything here is a fractal of injustice all the way down. And I'm not even sure the urban westernized layer on top of a huge populace are even representative enough of everyone else to have a moral right to start reinventing everything. Put the chaos of our human systems together with the unrepresentative nature of jetsetting think-tank phds and this top-down systems-driven approach to things becomes useless.Read more...
B&W photos from Staten Island, 1983-1984 There's something both touching and a little haunting about these pics. Just wonderful.

17 August 2012

Two weeks into my new fitness regimen, I appear to have sustained an umbilical hernia. The reason I am paying a trainer was to avoid injury. Right now, I am not a happy camper.
Mens Shoe Question Oxford vs Wingtip vs Brogue vs Captoe (and etc. of that style). I am totally confused by this. Is there a good chart somewhere that lays this all out? Read more...
Friday Shuffle, anyone? You know the deal.
Things that make you feel awesome. I'm making a point lately of noticing Things That Make Me Feel Awesome. Read more...
What are you doing this weekend?
Photo Friday: Lone figure in a landscape

16 August 2012

15 August 2012

Bored with lame stock photos? Try some lame stock videos.
Small Dogs With A Napoleon Complex And Twinkie is not featured? I am shocked.
Photo Friday Advance: Lone figure in a landscape, suggested by flapjax@midnite
British English vs. American English. I just learned what a "tosser" is for the first time. Nifty!Read more...
In case anyone needs fodder for that August best post contest. There are bicycle bog snorkeling contests (and triathlons) and nettle eating contests and who knows what else.
Midweek 3-point update
I need a house cleaning game plan. Help me out? Read more...
The Progressive snafu is not what you think it is. Read more...

14 August 2012

Happy birthday to gomichild!! It's already past midday on the 15th of August on the east coast of Australia, so it's well and truly time to drop whatever you're doing & wish our dearest gomichild a very fabulous birthday!
I Am Reading A Discovery of Witches. . . And like it way more than I should, probably.

Has anyone else read it?
Happy Birthday Orange Swan!

13 August 2012

I need to bust up the place. Any place, really. Who's with me??? And what the hell are we busting up?
The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened There is so much cute here, I don't even know where to begin. Chinchilla birthday, floppy basset hounds, a couple of face plants, and a bunny getting a bath.
Has Corgi Cam made it here yet? Corgi Cam! It's in the name!Read more...

12 August 2012

Share What is your new favorite thing?
Epic pictures while trekking through Asia I haven't really had the time to give them the attention they deserve, but moonbird has been posting the most amazing pictures as he's been on vacation for the last two months. This is about where it starts.Read more...

11 August 2012

I don't understand why rhythmic gymnastics isn't more of a mainstream sport during the Olympics. They do some amazing shit during those routines.Read more...
The New Royales - Today  "paying homage to the original version by Jefferson Airplane & Tom Scott’s cover"
So one funny thing about this century is you can find lipdubs about your High School. I'm just sitting here going, and that's where I nearly broke my nose and that's the gym padding I cried into and that's whee home ec was and oh they changed the floor but that's where I ate lunch for Four Years....
JCVD a retourné. JCVD is a walking talking buddhist morality play on the vicissitudes of the ego and gratification.Read more...

10 August 2012

"And she should have paid him at least 10 grand" Which begs the question -- how does he know so much about that topic ...
Here's a Friday giggle for you Call me maybe, chatroulette style.
Four Point Friday Update!
Where would you run away to if you could run away from it all? Read more...
Photo Friday: Teeny-tiny and tiny

09 August 2012

Photo Friday Advance: Teeny-tiny and tiny, suggested by mdonley and ethylene
sorry I'm a day late
Apple small-business tech support in Indy?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUEINNYC!!! OMG! Triple bunny birthdays today!

08 August 2012

Ok, can anyone top this in terms of sheer insanity? I mean, I love the hot weather and all, but...
Double bunny birthday celebration!

07 August 2012

Would like to run a Lexicon Game. Need Players. Jessamyn suggested I post a call for players here. I've done so on MeFightClub and gotten a couple of recruits. My next step is MetaTalk. But I agreed with jessamyn that MetaChat folks might be a good match for a Lexicon Game, so I'm asking here first.Read more...

06 August 2012

Ha, Mefites and meself quoted in this aticle on the Times Square Mars Lander Watching.
Defrosting fish. I bought a 1 lb. salmon filet this afternoon that I would like to eat tomorrow (Tuesday) evening. When I got home, I put it in the fridge. Is it likely to be thawed at 7pm-ish? Should I do something else? When do I pull the trigger on microwave/running water/whatever?
Take a good look at the baby's, uh, limb? in the lower photo.
The Most OMG BUNNY T-Shirt Ever Offered by Is BACK (for a limited time only) Yes, I've already ordered one because I missed it the first time.

05 August 2012

The Olympic Q&A Thread I've got questions, maybe you've got answers? Step inside. Let's all share our questions about the OlympicsRead more...
I'm getting divorced. Not really my choice, though probably for the best. Support appreciated.
A short set of Booker T & the MGs - Booker Loo, Time Is Tight, Green Onions
Sunday 3-point update

04 August 2012

Random playlist time.

03 August 2012

I am beginning to be think about something "retroactive embrace". Do you ever feel like if you took the person talking about a particular album, or person, etc. and moved them back to the time the work of art or political actor was current, they'd have completely different takes? When we reach into the past for cultural signifiers we use them in a positioned (I guess the world I want is symbolic) way which is not necessarily how we'd have reacted in the midst of that ferment.Read more...
How the "Lord of the Rings" movies used forced perspective with moving cameras to depict characters of different sizes. Pretty cool stuff- I had always figured it was pure CGI and compositing work.
Photo Friday: The Letter "I"

02 August 2012

The Olympic canoe slalom was amazing but ...
Uses for old glass bottles? So I was emptying my pantry and found I three perfectly good, cork stopped bottles in there 750ml each, just need some boiling to get the labels off - what can I do with them? The only thing I can think of is infusing olive oil but there has to be more....
Thursday 3-point update

01 August 2012

Universe Sandbox. Not sure how I missed this for so long: it's a 3D astronomy simulator that lets you play with existing solar systems or even galaxies, or create your own. SO much fun. Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: This week's Photo Friday will be brought to you by the letter I - igloos, iguanas, ice cream, Incas, and everything else starting with the letter I. Suggested by gomichild.
Franch Dressing Respect the chemistry!
Work references? Are there guidelines/procedures/conventions for requesting/renewing them?

31 July 2012

Seen in an OK Cupid profile.... "Angelina Jolie is a not-too-distant cousin of mine and yes, I'd still do it."

30 July 2012

Food food food. I have had a lot of good food over the last few days. What good food have you eaten lately?
Driveway terror!!!
Anybody happen to know what kind of oil they use in Japanese places at food courts? I ordered beef teriyaki without the teriyaki sauce, and noticed that the beef was even oilier/greasier than something fried up at the local greasy spoon diner. What exactly are they using, anyway?

29 July 2012

28 July 2012

I'm not really interested in the Olympics. But my wife is. Read more...
Life Of Pi Trailer This looks gorgeous.
Good Albums on Cassette. I've been lost in this Tumblr blog all morning. Great, nostalgic scans.

27 July 2012

My strangest google yet...
Photo Friday: Landscape, Mountains, Woods

26 July 2012

Help with iTunes & iPhone. I downloaded a ringtone from the iTunes store on my iPhone. I then plugged my iPhone into my computer to charge it. The ringtone is now on my computer's iTunes, in the Tones category, but has disappeared from my phone. Help?
Andy Warhol and Nico as Batman and Robin, from 1967. I love these pics SO MUCH. (Google says they're from a photoshoot for Esquire.)
OMG GOOGLE RAINBOW BUNNY! apparently the mascot for Google Fiber internet service in Kansas City (both of 'em).

25 July 2012

Can you scritch it? Previously I posted the lyrics I wrote for the theme song I need for my career as an international spy and eventual movie franchise. Ardiril has very kindly written and recorded the song. I'm deaf and napped through it, but the person assures me it's not to be missed.
Photo Friday Advance: Landscape, mountains, woods - suggested by mygothlaundry, pjern, and lysdexic

24 July 2012

MetaChat HandyPerson Problem Whuffles to anyone who can help me rewire my lamp.Read more...
The Tyranny of Things in 1893. Apparently McMansions existed then.
Feminism & Co. A really fun looking series of programs from the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.
Happy birthday, occhiblu!

23 July 2012

Wanting to thank mdonley for the recipe he posted for Poulet Roti a la Provencal because I make it all the time now and it's awesome and it's currently in the oven and I'm very much looking forward to it. Yum.
How to say Los Angeles. I was watching Double Indemnity (1944) yesterday and noticed a couple of different pronunciations of "Los Angeles" (hard "g" versus soft "g"), and wondered when it became standardized. Interesting story.

22 July 2012

21 July 2012

The Chick-Fil-Gay sandwich. "Less sugar, less salt, and less funding for anti-human rights organizations" is how Hilah Johnson of Austin, TX puts it as she shows you how to make your own fried chicken sandwich at home. It looks delicious, and it doesn't help fund Chick-Fil-A's donations against marriage equality. I've never been a big Chick-Fil-A fan myself, but apparently some gay folks LOVE their food. BONUS: The Muppets promoted their last movie w/ toys at Chick-Fil-A, but they've just said We won't do any more business with haters.
Holy Smoke I just saw Holy Smoke! How is Harvey Keitel so sexy? He is. Was. I suppose he'll be leaving us soon. What a wonderful actor. And god bless Kate Winslett, of course. Jane Campion rules.
Weekend 3-point update: what are you up to?

20 July 2012

"This tragic event confirms all my preconceived notions" Someone wrote a short ironic essay - perhaps after 9-11 - to the effect that once again, the writer's political views have been shown to be true in every respect. I think I first saw the essay on MetaFilter. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I live in the Denver area and I would like to read the essay after last night's shootings. Thanks.
When a perfectly fine craft hobby goes overboard, 70s style. What kills me is the fact that she's even gone after the child's toys.
Gig on Aug 17th I just offered a gig across the street from my house and I have until Sunday to decide if I want to do it. But what to do? Call in my musicians, get new ones or just do my own thing?
I do covers of covers, songs they won't play anymore or things by people who have passed. Hmm.
Standards? 90s revival? Backbar cowpunk whiskey rock?
The more they drink, the more I get paid and I could use the money.
Photo Friday: Solace

19 July 2012

(In a Voice Like John Oliver on the Bugle. . .)PROSTATE CANCER UPDATE NOW! Read more...

18 July 2012

I thought of you, MetaChat, when I saw the 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened.

The lamb/volcano photo is a work of art, though.
It's World Listening Day! In observation, here's a 47-minute compilation of my field recordings from around the globe, from Bulgaria to Burning Man: Village musicians, muezzins, street ambience, emergency radio broadcasts, and more. Enjoy!
What Superpower Do You Have in Dreams? After yet another dream in which I was able toRead more...
Uh-oh... it's a bunny on a bender! Also, a music video for a very cool song by the band Whitman.
Photo Friday Advance: Solace, suggested by tortillathehun

17 July 2012

Bunny movie reviews and recommendations please Especially interested in the "new" Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises, but happy to get any flick recs from bunnyland.
Slender Man game released. A fun playthrough video, and a download mirror thread (the original site goes offline frequently due to high traffic) on Reddit.

16 July 2012

How many gerbils does it take to screw in a light bulb? Read more...
Monday 3-point update

15 July 2012

Recommend me a proxy?
This happened to me last night and threw me for a loop. Has this ever happened to you?Read more...

14 July 2012

The Trilby theme Judging from my experience (watching spy movies with the person), most spies seem to have a theme song. So I wrote one to be prepared for my future career as an international spy.

Your Saturday morning time suck. Roadside Architecture

You're welcome, BP.
Stressy AskMe Posts! Lost cats! Door won't open!

13 July 2012

"Once I Had A Love" was a song that the band Blondie eventually turned into one of their biggest hits, "Heart of Glass" in 1979. I like the finished version more than the earlier version, but that may just be because "Heart of Glass" was so ubiquitous on the radio while I was growing up.
My kitty is sick. Please send her whuffles.
Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of furr - Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr
Here I go again I must be mad. Watch me here
post by: dg at: 14:21 | 3 comments
I told you didn't I tell you A while ago I made a thread about how hip hop has being inundated by (or growing a) 'hipster' class but that it's hard to articulate something like that on a specific basis if I wanted to write an article about itRead more...
Gorilla flips off photographer. Please note that she is using the west coast bird as apposed to the east coast version. Appropriate since she is a Western Lowland Gorilla. Which version of the bird do you flip?
Wanted: Creative questions for a "How Well Do You Know the Bride" quiz game about my sister for our pseudo-bachlorette outing tomorrow.Read more...
Photo Friday: Contrasts

12 July 2012

Putting a privacy fence around my front yard? I like the idea of putting a wood privacy fence around my entire yard, front and back, with perhaps an iron gate at the driveway. But no other houses on my street have a fence around the front yard.Read more...
The perfect Internet They will never perfect the Internet until they develop a site where a hand comes out of the computer and slaps you upside the head.
My week to post old ads, I guess. Is the woman's position even physically possible in real life?

11 July 2012

Creepy. Some NSFW.
I'm in one of those bad moods were you over identify with a fictional character But said fictional character is kind of embarrassing so I'm just stewing, does this happen to anyone else?
The Dipr The perfect solution to the first-world problem of getting your fingers covered in milk while dipping your Oreos. I totally bought one of these and it arrived yesterday. Ridiculousness aside, I love it.
Photo Friday Advance: Contrasts, suggested by mygothlaundry

10 July 2012

The great thing about this kitchen, is that it gives you time to PAINT.
New sidebar art! Many thanks to Splunge for being the first in our "single photographer" sidebar series.

09 July 2012

The Worst Marriage in Georgetown can't make this stuff up.. delusional liar marries much older wife, climbs DC society, marriage ends with murder
A Memorable Day (Whine Alert). . . My wife's sister was visiting from out of state, andRead more...

08 July 2012

“I’ve been shot, stabbed, kicked, punched through barroom doors by Spencer Tracy and Gary Cooper, pushed in front of moving subway trains, devoured by rats and a giant mutated fish, blown up in spaceships, melted down into a Technicolor puddle, jumped into a snake pit, and I perished from thirst in the Sahara Desert,” R.I.P. big guy.

07 July 2012

Remember this guy? It turns out that, like Dimitri the Lover, his search for romance is multi-media. He just messaged me on OKCupid about two days after I set up an account there.Read more...

06 July 2012

Faith in humanity restored.
What little act of kindness have you seen recently that filled your heart and made your day/week? I'll start.Read more...
Photo Friday: Robots

05 July 2012

Audition. Good description of the classical music audition process, in this case percussionist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. I sure as heck couldn't go through this.
Wooden Roller Coasters! This is a cool NY Times article about a guy who still designs wooden roller coasters- be sure to watch the video, as well. I love the interview with the very mid-western nun who's a coaster freak.
Dorothy Parker, interviewed in the Paris Review, 1956 I dunno about the veracity of this but it's remarkable if true: It was terrible about Scott; if you’d seen him you’d have been sick. When he died no one went to the funeral, not a single soul came, or even sent a flower. I said, “Poor son of a bitch,” a quote right out of The Great Gatsby, and everyone thought it was another wisecrack. But it was said in dead seriousness.
MeFiSwap Summer 2012! The current MeTa thread is closed. Anyone else excited about their mixes? I've got all my tunes picked out but I plan to spend a chunk of today doing the editing, EQing, and mixing (since mine are always done DJ-style). I'll also be posting it on my Web site once the swap is out.
Can I tell you about a perfect experience? It was 20 years ago today, Sergeant Pepper-- no, strike that. I'm going to use images, so I'll get to the meat of the post in the first comment. Some of this post comes from an old rec.aviation USENET group posting I made way back when.

04 July 2012

Photo Friday Advance: Robots, suggested by lysdexic

03 July 2012

So you kids think YOU'RE happy to reach the end of the school year? This was done by teachers in the town I used to live in, and pretty daggone cute.
I have just published a book called The Conspiracies of Dreams My novel is about an Egyptian spy who falls in love with an Israeli woman prior to the 1956 Suez War. The book spans 3,000 years of history and questions what forms our roots, religion, identity, and loyalties. It is a combination of Samson and Delilah, Romeo and Juliet, and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. William Shakespeare helped me write a great deal of it, and he was nice enough not to ask for any royalties, but Rogers and Hammerstein did.

I'd love to know what you all think of it.

02 July 2012

Cliff-hanging architecture: great photos of vertigo-inducing monasteries in the mountains of Asia. These kinds of places were clearly the inspiration for the monastery in the EXCELLENT movie Black Narcissus (1947), though that one was shot completely on a sound stage. (Scroll down for a shot of the monastery in the film.)
Wow, today's hipster-inspired fashion seems to be entirely based on this Jane Fonda photo from the 60s.
Strutts Health Vest Cotton I came across this vintage knitting pattern this morning. This is not one of the vintage knitting patterns you drool over and want to make. This is one you must just view in proper historical context: as the perfect thing for a miserable, Valium-addicted housewife to make her closeted gay husband.

01 July 2012

Forgive Us Our Press Passes This story from this week's "This American Life" gave me heartburn. The state of journalism is so completely fucked in this country, it isn't even funny.Read more...
Comfortably Numb? You will need to be in order to get through this cover of that song.
Happy Birthday, firas!

30 June 2012

Song is stuck in my head. And therefore I will share.
Hey Metachat, whatcha eatin? Weekend dinner plans?

This wolf picture is from a recent zoo visit. I titled it, "Do Sleeping Wolves Dream of Electric Elk?" I liked this one too.
Happy Birthday, Twiggy37 (now)
Finally got to see Moonrise Kingdom last night. Loved it and I'm not really a big Wes Anderson fan. Seen any good movies lately? Or going to see any (in air-conditioned theaters) this weekend?Read more...
Home espresso machine conundrum

29 June 2012

Lacquer Love (an Etsy shop) - I had no idea you could get pre-painted nails. I guess they could come in handy if you're lazy or want a cool design.
Summertime Corn Question Inside:
The next time you place your order, don't forget to say, "No Anchovies, Please."
Photo Friday: Hot

28 June 2012

Seven Kittens - still clumsy
Trilby looks out on the world I'm not a good photographer at all, but occasionally I luck out and take a reasonably nice shot.
I think the MetaChat Mansion should be a man-made, floating island.
I Call a 3-Point Update 1. Got a spam email from the account of an old acquaintance whom I have not seen or talked to in 10 years.Read more...
influence as power I've long been really turned off by asymmetric beef on twitter (people with a lot of followers calling out or retweeting random low-influence people they're arguing with, causing the target to get accosted by the ire of a loyal crowd)Read more...

27 June 2012

The Stanley Cup at the Beach Apparently a few of the LA Kings live at the beach, so they gave the Cup a parade down the Strand in Hermosa Beach. Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: Hot, suggested by fancyoats

26 June 2012

Any opinions about Huddler?
Collisions of colored droplets, shot on video 200x slower than real-time.
Whistler's Mother This Made Me Laugh
Q-Tip - "ManWomanBoogie" [youtube] so good.

25 June 2012

I miss you! i've been offline and so, so busy, living on the road, fighting courts and the Man. Tell me about you. How are you? Will jonmc give me Lone Justice? Will gaspode tell me about Goyte on Triple J? Will jokeefe give me cast recordings?
House Rules.
baking help! Argh, I have a recipe that calls for half a pound of sugar, but I don't have a kitchen scale. Anyone have any idea how much that is in cups? Regular sugar.
So Metachat, whatcha readin?
Monday 3 point update! Tell us your plans for the week. Read more...

24 June 2012

Tiny Pencil Carvings This is from a couple of years ago so maybe you've already seen it. But I just came across this and for some reason these little carvings please me immensely. Read more...

23 June 2012

Ever heard a story about abandoned convenience stores prior to 9-11? Someone told me the other day that numerous convenience stores in Arkansas owned by Middle Easterners or Muslims were abandoned in the days prior to 9-11.Read more...

22 June 2012

Looking for a quick favor. Anyone with decent photoshop skills and a few spare minutes willing to mock me up a quick and dirty piece? You may be able to help me get on the Doug Loves Movies podcast!Read more...
Bring your p(o)et to work day. Apparently, it's bring your pet to work day. For those who (like me) failed to heed the call, let's bring our poets to work instead. Or if you prefer, bring your pet!Read more...
Photo Friday: The letter 'H'

21 June 2012

OMG! MEFIBUNNY! Could this be the first step toward the Bunny replacing the Kitty as Mascot of Internet Kyootness? I hope so.
Cross-stitching, like tattoos, should never include names This morning at Value Village I saw a cross-stitch depicting pink roses and ribbons and blue birds and featuring the words, "James and Amy, United in Love August 16, 2003." Do you suppose James and Amy got tired of the cross-stitch or that they are no longer united in love?
I be married!
"Blinded Me With Science" - photos from the science world.
A Bevy of Swans Thought you all might like to see this cross-stitched swan cushion I finished last night. You might also like to have a look at my collection of swan stuff that I've been building for several years now and see I've never posted. Read more...
Pretty Eight Machine. Nine Inch Nails songs remixed and recorded as 8-bit chiptunes on 8 different consoles. Mmm. Read more...
Your previous life, according to Wikipedia. Enter your birth date into Google with the word "died" in front of it, for example, "died January 1, 1980." Post the first Wikipedia link that appears in the results to show us who you were in your previous incarnation.Read more...
Happy Birthday, D.C.!
Quick Gmail question

20 June 2012

Stand alone movie quotes Do you have any particular favourite bits of movie dialogue that for you, just never stop being funny, and that you quote to yourself every now and then and then laugh inordinately?
may I solicit a hug please?
Photo Friday Advance: The Letter 'H', suggested by gomichild
Free association (with purchase of assoc. of equal/lesser value) What's the first word that pops into your mind when you...Read more...

19 June 2012

TMTOTH. And yet, bookmarked by all...%)
Your Film Festival on youtube. You may want to run for groceries first.
Los Angeles in the 1940s- beautiful photos by Ansel Adams.

18 June 2012

Local Bunny Drama! I just hope the 'college-age man' wasn't a member of our Championship Concrete Canoe Team. Dont'cha love it when most of the local news is wacky?
The Fug Girls Recap Dallas Reloaded I started reading this, decided it was a popcorn read, made some popcorn, and then nearly choked to death because eating popcorn and laughing hysterically don't mix any better than drinking and driving. Anyway, read this, but sans popcorn.
Hunting ivory netsuke carvers: "nearly all Japanese people have figurines, anime or cartoon characters hanging from their mobile phones — for the most part without realizing they are in their mass-produced, contemporary way keeping alive the nation's netsuke tradition."

17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day MetaDads!!
Tell us about your special day.

16 June 2012

The bombing has begun!
Scenes from the Class Struggle in Asturias being a short youtube video of Spanish miners attacking cops with slingshots and rockets.

15 June 2012

Post your pics as MetaChat's sidebar art! As discussed earlier, I'd like to try letting a few of our resident photogs and artists "curate" the sidebar art, in addition to our usual "shuffle" style of posting new images. This is open to absolutely everyone here, so if you think you'd be interested check out the details and sign up in this thread.Read more...
What would you do with ~2 cups of over-ripe cherry tomatoes? I bought a bunch at CostCo a few weeks back, and they've gone soft on me. Read more...
It's my birthday today! And so far it has been fabulous.
Angiogram today. It should be fairly routine, a stent here and a plasty there. I expect to be back sometime after 6 pm local.
Photo Friday: Semicircles

14 June 2012

Who knew vagina is so offensive! God forbid if a penis enters in to the picture...
Cornbread: Should it be sweet, or not?
More cool animation (dare I do this twice in one day?) with a girl who may be the World's Worst Bookseller, but a Pretty Good Storyteller (in Dutch with English subtitles). And there is a bunny.
OMG! NOIR BUNNY! (also contains a Clown, a Stripper, an Astronaut, a Tea Party and That Famous AskMe)

13 June 2012

Patti : A Film by Haley Webb A recreation of Patti Smith's performance on Saturday Night live.
Photo Friday Advance: Semicircles, suggested by julen
And it was during that time that something caught my eye… I don’t know why, I think it was the way she looked; she had these teeth that were kind of different, kind of big and maybe a bit uneven, but did she care—hell no…Read more...
MetaFilter-colored business cards were tempting, but I didn't have a portrait photo handy. Maybe next time.
Happy Birthday, rmless2!

12 June 2012

What do the instructions say?

11 June 2012

UK Ice Cream Brawl (swearing, NSFW-ish) Mr. Yummy vs. Mr. Whippy -- IT'S ON!!!
Party at the Hilton Garden Inn at 8pm tonight. Fort Wayne, Indiana.
I made the local news but they can't run it until tomorrow. La cagada es hitting the fan.
in the song Glad You Came by The Wanted, The second verse goes:

You cast a spell on me, spell on me
You hit me like the sky fell on me, fell on me
And I decided you look well on me, well on me
So let's go somewhere no one else can see, you and me

10 June 2012

Bunny Show Jumping. Do I need to add a 'OMG"?
How, in the hell, do you get rid of Malware? Read more...
JudgeMe In which we post a personal case of something that can be perceived as either cool or a bit pathetic.Read more...

09 June 2012

NPR: Failing And Flying by Jack Gilbert. was going through my blog drafts and found this extraordinary poem lying around from summer '09 read by NPR a couple months ago
years of contract work has left my entrepreneurial skills in decay. I'm trying to do a couple self driven projects and my brain is balking at the effort of making dozens of decisions every day about crafting the nature of the sites in questionRead more...
I really want to play Magic with people Seriously, I really want to play. There's a store by me where people play all the time, but then I have to hope somebody is actually there.

I just want to get my nerd on.

08 June 2012

Mister Rogers Remixed: Garden Of Your Mind. This is just beautiful. It samples shows that aired long after I watched him in the 70s, but it's a wonderful capsule of his philosophy which he tried to pass on to the children watching his show. I know I for one would not be who I am today without Fred Rogers.Read more...
never go into a movie with high expectations (no spoilers) Read more...
"Black Cat" by Brian Augur & The Trinity A groovy song from 1968 with a SUPER cool video.
What's going on this weekend?
Photo Friday: Assignment: Photojournalism

07 June 2012

Send me musicals Soundtracks, please. All of them.
AskMeCha: What can I do with this dip?
U.S. bunnies or bunnies who have visited the States, share your visited states map in this thread. Read more...
Etsy and its symbiotic twin Last night I finally finished a critique I was writing about Etsy for my web site. And of course I couldn't talk about Etsy without discussing Regretsy.Read more...
I need a shouting thread

06 June 2012

It is time.
Photo Friday Advance: Assignment, photojournalism; suggested by rainbaby (I honestly have no idea what this means, exactly. Perhaps rainbaby will come inside and expound on the idea)
Yesterday's Transit of Venus lead to a meandering conversation that reminded me that this song exists. Read more...

05 June 2012

Another stellar specimen of manhood As soon as I saw this I clicked straight over to MetaChat to share it with you all.Read more...
where my Garbage fans at look at this black & white video of them rehearsing 'Blood for Poppies'. (looks like Shirley Manson has the genetics to continue being a viable a crush well into my later adulthood, lol)
Potential Mecha Mansion? It sure looks nice, and apparently, it's unused. (via fact and a photo - one of my favourite tumblr's)
Happy 65th birthday, Laurie Anderson
A live, lip-dub marriage proposal. The most awesome thing about this video, besides the obvious love that all these people have for the couple involved, is the reverse camera showing the woman's face as everything unfolds before her. Just awesome.

04 June 2012

Ugly and stupid They kicked me out for asking for water, because the bimbo dating the boss thinks she owns the place now.
Homophobic joke goes awry for Beat I don't know if everybody will find this piece as interesting as I did, but this is really something. It's not about the joke as much as the reaction.Read more...
Shanghai Stock Market Echo of Tiananmen Date Sets Off Censors "The broad index of the Shanghai exchange fell 64.89 points on Monday, a figure that recalls the Tiananmen Square events on June 4, 1989. In another unusual development, the index opened on Monday at 2346.98. a figure that, to some, looked like the date of the crackdown written backward, followed by the 23rd anniversary."
Shit! Fuck! OMG! Spider warning.

03 June 2012

Is this the most awesome possible fried egg sandwich? My tweaks: fat free Pepper Jack cheese, small amount of vegan style mayo on the bread, and letting the cheese melt on the eggs. And free range eggs.
how to alphabetize pseudonyms? is it meaningful to split out the second word from a pseudonym that's not a surname?Read more...
Msuic requests:
Happy Birthday Jason's_Planet!

02 June 2012

Your first crush: how painful was it for him/her?? Read more...
DEVO on the show "Fridays" playing "Jerkin' Back And Forth"(1981). I saw this the night it aired, when I was 16 and already a ginormous DEVO fan. It blew my tiny little mind. Read more...

01 June 2012

saw a siri joke on twitter which reminded me of a memorable NYT comment nyt commentRead more...
What aren't you doing this weekend? This is the post where you post your completely made-up weekend plans. Again.
Photo Friday: Tools, hardware, and machinery
Happy Birthday Lassie!
Abstinence for two months starting yesterday. I may make it three. Quitting smoking on July 1st.

31 May 2012

Update on the Mister's Heart Saga
Is it possible to be in love with a publicly owned corporation?. . . . If you wanted to put a "do the right, awesome thing" in the dictionary, this would be a nice illustration.
Country Music's Sparkle King: A cool profile/history of Nudie Cohn, inventor of the "Nudie suit."
Which way are you leaning this election season???

30 May 2012

Tornado Tracks The tornado sirens were the freakiest parts of living in OH & GA for me
Soundtrack the build up to armaggedon over a month. Break down into total anarchy over the course of a month musically.
Gin & Tonic Ice Cream Someone make this for me, pretty please?
Mealtimes are bad for you. You need sugar instead.
Photo Friday Advance: Tools, hardware, and machinery, suggested by ethylene, julen, and wokerant
Bad doggie! Overeager Corgi grabs a can of spray paint from under his owner's kitchen sink. Hijinks ensue. Read more...
Happy Birthday Hugh Janus!
Only a few hours left for this BUNNY KICKSTARTER. From the guy who just won the first-ever National Cartoonist Society "Reuben" Award for Online Comics (they've been giving other awards out for over 60 years)...Read more...

29 May 2012

Please read: the hypocrisy of [SOME PEOPLES INTERPRETATION OF] religion. NSFW
Tea and Kittens I keep waiting for a pic of a kitten in tea to show up
Feeding time at the zoo. In which I relate the tragic tale of The Mogget who wouldn't stop pinching food...Read more...

28 May 2012

Round 2 I am finally making the twitter client I posted about. Caffeine? check. Dead of the night? check. Pulsing music? check. If I don't come in here in six hours with some results I will retire and find another line of work

27 May 2012

Hoping Machine Lump in your throat, courtesy of Jay Farrar and Co., in New Multitudes, a new project based on Woody Guthrie's personal archives.Read more...
When we win the lottery, I want this to be the UK MeCha Bunny Base. .pdf brochure (If that link doesn't work, you'll find it on the main link.)
Nas, 'Daughters' [youtube] beautiful

26 May 2012

AMAZING photos of America's old west, taken by a man named Timothy O'Sullivan in the second half of the 19th century.
House Hunt? How hard, easy (is it ever) was it for you, and how long did it take for you to find the right one… any horror stories to disclose?? Go ahead, spill!
The Very Essence of TMI. . . In which I detail the last several days, which has included my colonoscopy. I do this as a service to those to whom this procedure is a future event. So please to not click unless interested.Read more...
Weekend 3-point update

25 May 2012

Roger Waters is putting on a performance ofThe Wall tomorrow night Tickets are $270. Should I go ??
Traitor is actually a really solid, well-made flash game. Happy Friday!
Smooshie after his lion cut. I don't actually think he's angry about the new 'do, he just hates having his picture taken. Believe it or not he's pretty much the most good-natured cat in the world.
Help me avoid staircase wit: tell me what to say to Desk Rummager and Snack Thief! I just learned that a supervisor in my workplace (not my supervisor, but a boss-level person) has been getting food (mixed nuts) out of my desk drawer and eating it when I'm not around.Read more...
Picking up where Orange Swan left off yesterday: After being reminded of Leo and Gatsby, I thought I’d do a bit of poking around, and found this…I love the way Phoenix looks in this scene; it sends a shiver down your spine.
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