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06 April 2012

I want to branch away from the usual american breakfast spreads like jellies, jams and preserves. I have orange marmalade and lemon curd. What else should I seek out? Savory is fine too, so long as it is "breakfasty" and spreads on something made from whole grain.
Peanut butter on toast isn't exotic, but it is delicious.
posted by workerant 06 April | 12:52
posted by ethylene 06 April | 12:54
posted by Melismata 06 April | 12:55
Nutella (although I have stopped thinking of it as a nut spread and more as a Chocolate Delivery Device)
posted by oneswellfoop 06 April | 12:58
How's the farmer's market where you are? Ours has all sorts of seemingly-exotic wonders. Most recently, plum chutney.
posted by aniola 06 April | 15:49
Other nut butters.
posted by brujita 06 April | 16:15
Have you tried lemon, grapefruit or lime marmalade (or the wonderful three-fruit marmalade that can sometimes be found)? Or quince jelly, which is really the Daddy of marmalades, because marmalade was originally made from quinces.
posted by Senyar 06 April | 17:20
We have quince marmalade at our farmer's market! They put juniper berries and cinnamon sticks in it. I didn't know it was the Daddy of marmalades, though.
posted by aniola 06 April | 19:01
Plum chutney sounds yum. I will definitely have to look for that. Quince marmalade (and the others), too. I keep forgetting to look for marmite/vegomite. From what I have heard of it, I think I will most likely like it.
posted by Ardiril 06 April | 19:57
Ardiril, there is a decent farmer's market in Everett. It's on Sunday at the Port of Everett. I don't know if it's running at the moment tho'.
posted by deborah 06 April | 22:11
Deviled ham, with or without a bit of cream cheese. Also egg salad. Lunchy things that do well at breakfasttime on whole grain toast.
posted by notquitemaryann 06 April | 22:22
I like dips on toast - especially French Onion! They can be made easily with packet soup and low fat cream cheeses too.
posted by gomichild 07 April | 05:23
Also I love thinly sliced ripe tomato on buttered toast with a healthy dose of cracked black pepper NOM.
posted by gomichild 07 April | 05:24
Tip for first-time Vegemite users - start with a thick layer of butter or cream cheese and a tiny wisp of Vegemite. It's strong stuff and most people slather it on like Nutella and then have a fit of hysterics, which is amusing but not very nice.

I like soft cheese on toast - something like a squidgy goat cheese or brie - with honey drizzled on it - flavoured honey like thyme or lavender are lovely if you can find them.
posted by ninazer0 07 April | 19:16
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