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24 April 2012

Mumbly grumbly thread because I just can't bear shouting right now. My head is one big container of bacterial infection. My sinuses and inner ears are pressure vessels of pain. [More:] My eyes are being crushed from behind as are my ear drums. Everything sounds like I am hearing it under water. Saw Doc today and have an inhalable Glucocorticosteroid and a Fluoroquinolone. I am mildly unhappy. I don't know why I feel compelled to tell you this. Maybe the infection is pressing on my brainseses.
A neti pot would help the sinuses. Stuff will flow out of there that will surprise you!
posted by danf 24 April | 22:56
Bin thar dun that. Not much halp.
posted by arse_hat 24 April | 22:57
Sorry, arse_hat. I hope that the meds kick in soon.
posted by danf 24 April | 23:00
I did the neti and a decongestant then I woke up deaf. I did a peroxide and warm water ear flush and I was still messed up so that's when I called the Doc.
posted by arse_hat 24 April | 23:06
Poor arsey! I've been there....hope all the gunk gets out soon!
posted by brujita 24 April | 23:49
Oh, gods below, you have my sympathy. Horrid nasal infection survivor here, too.

You need nasal spray, decongestant and a steaming bowl of the hottest, saltiest, spiciest soup you can find (a good strong laksa is my personal preference). Or do the old-fashioned steaming your head over a bowl of hot water with a teeny tiny drop of eucalyptus in the water. At the very least, the warmth will soothe your poor aching face. And if you can't manage that, lie down with a heat pack on your face (which is almost the same).

I went through this most recently about a month ago and seriously, I was looking in the mirror and wondering why I didn't look bruised, because it sure as hell felt like I'd gone a few rounds in an MMA cage. Chin up, chook - the meds will kick in soon and you'll start feeling slightly more human.
posted by ninazer0 25 April | 03:42
If It makes you feel any better, despite massive and multiple tragedies and finals, I have earned at least two kick ass bad ass merit badges (which I am going to create for those who deserve them) in the last two weeks. Let's just say that two new employment opportunities for qualified scholars who can actually teach will be available soon and plans to testify in front of Congress about education in two years march on and gain weight.
So just think, somewhere in the world, why, right next door, the good fight is being fought and won, one tiny battle at a time.
So as you suffer, know that not all suffering must merely be endured. Pain informs and teaches us. For instance, you are never going to let your head get this infected again, right? And if this was a sudden, idiopathic thing, then, we will figure out why, right?
posted by ethylene 25 April | 04:35
I'm sick of sinus pain myself! My ears have been popping and plugging for weeks. Pregnant ladies can't take any of the good drugs :(
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 25 April | 11:46
Poor arse_hat.* Poor brainses.* Once the meds kick in, you'll feel much better --- at least, that's how my reeeeeeally bad sinus infections go. Until then, complain all you want.

Like ninazer0, I find a particular soup to be a cure-all, but in my case it's pho. In one especially nasty case, I went from "I should head to the urgent care center" to "oooh, I feel like a bath, dinner, and a cup of tea" after a big bowl of pho. It's often the only thing I can face eating when I have a raging sinus infection.

Oh, TPS, it hadn't occurred to me that pregnancy means no sinus meds. That must be sooooo frustrating.

* I would put exclamation points there, but that seems too jolting for your poor tender head.
posted by Elsa 25 April | 14:58
TPS that inability to take care of certain things during pregnancy can make something that would normally be minor into something awful. I hope it works itself out soon.

My sinuses are greatly improved today but my ears are as bad or more plugged up than they were.
posted by arse_hat 25 April | 15:26
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