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12 April 2012

Why I wanted a paper prescription! My doctor wrote a prescription. His nurse transmitted it online to my mail-in pharmacy. The pharmacy filled it, mailed it, & debited my checking account from my card on file. All before I got home. My month's budget is busted. Poop.
I'm not a fan of these new electronic prescriptions. I want a piece of paper to take to the pharmacy of my choice; I don't want to decide what pharmacy that is while I'm still standing in the doctor's office.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 April | 12:53
These prescriptions were for refills that I did not need immediately but would need before my next scheduled appointment. I already have a tough time budgeting for prescriptions, so this factor is not all that welcome.
posted by Ardiril 12 April | 13:13
Yeah, it seems like a major backtracking in terms of personal liberty and control over our own bodies. Sorry, you'll take this medicine NOW and like it, no choice in the matter.

I used to get prescriptions for things like skin cream that I didn't think I needed, but accept anyway because I didn't feel like arguing with the doctor. I would then not fill them. Were that scenario to happen now, I'd be forced to pay for it. Doesn't the ACLU have anything to say about this?
posted by Melismata 12 April | 14:32
posted by Madamina 12 April | 15:35
Seriously. What if you planned to send it to a Canadian pharmacy? (My asthma inhaler is massively cheaper from Canada than it is from a US pharmacy even using my insurance. FML.)
posted by workerant 12 April | 16:56
My Dr does this ONLY if I give permission first.

I pharmacy at Walgreen's and have built a good relationship with them. Between my DR faxing and them requesting re-fills for me (when I specifically ask)It all works out really well. I can decide when and what I re-order on-line and they will do the request for re-fill for me. My DR actually likes the system; less in-person interruptions for him.

I should say I get about 15 scripts a month and this system works well for that many that need regular re-filling. YMMV.
posted by MonkeyButter 12 April | 19:54
Opps, I forgot to say....

Rite-Aid used to re-fill without even asking me. I went in once and there where scripts in the bag I didn't use anymore but had re-fills. it came to hundreds of dollars!

I complained only to have the Pharma-cyst be an absolute dick about it. In front of everyone in the store I began yelling at him and demanded all my scripts from my file. I have since learned that I am far from the only one who has had real issues with Rite-Aid corporate pharmacies.
posted by MonkeyButter 12 April | 20:01
Auto-refill has become the norm at most (all?) national pharmacy chains. It's a huge pain. At least the CVS we use for my mom's scripts has no problem with taking her off the auto-refill system.
posted by Thorzdad 14 April | 09:20
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