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04 April 2012

Are the Dallas Area Bunnies Okay? - I'm not sure who all is in the Dallas are except for Doohickie. Y'all need to chime in with status updates, please![More:]I meant to ask this earlier, but forgot.
Here are some photos of the incredible damage.
posted by deborah 04 April | 01:30
Oh my goodness. Tornadoes and hurricanes seem to be getting worse and worse.
posted by amro 04 April | 09:07
Be safe!
posted by brujita 04 April | 10:33
Tornadoes and hurricanes seem to be getting worse and worse.

Yes. I wonder if Governor Perry is beginning to figure out that climate change is for real.

Meanwhile, hoping for Dallas area bunnies to check in soon.
posted by bearwife 04 April | 13:34
I was catching up on some of the tornado news and there are some injuries reported and lots of property damage, but amazingly it appears there haven't been any fatalities.
posted by deborah 04 April | 15:27
Gah, those photos are terrifying.

Tornadoes and hurricanes seem to be getting worse and worse.

I was wondering --- is that my imagination, or is it true?
posted by Elsa 04 April | 17:18
Re more severe weather: it seems to be true, and linked to climate change.
posted by bearwife 04 April | 17:22
"Tornadoes and hurricanes seem to be getting worse and worse."

Possibly, but don't rule out the illusion caused by information proliferation. Even without accounting for climate change, we have not likely documented first-hand the worst possible weather situations over the short period of modern data collection.
posted by Ardiril 04 April | 18:32
Ardiril is correct; a wild season or 2 is not proof, though there are lots of other indicators of climate change. For me, it's the combination of severe droughts, forest fires, lots of severe weather, etc. I have a friend in the insurance industry, and he said the big insurers are starting to work on how to write policies to deal with it. You'd think they'd want to stop global climate change-induces weather disaster claims, but, basically, they're statisticians, so they just want to write accurate actuarial tables, and smart policies.

posted by theora55 04 April | 20:49
Sorry, should have checked in sooner. Honestly, where I was it was nothing more than a bit of rain and thunder. I work on the west side of Fort Worth, and only the southeast corner of the city got anything too bad (near Kennedale and Arlington). The closest the tornado track got to my home was maybe 5 miles.
posted by Doohickie 06 April | 00:55
And while we took this very seriously, we weren't as concerned as we were in 2000, when a tornado actually hit downtown Fort Worth.
posted by Doohickie 06 April | 00:56
Oh man, the crowd outside the Magnetic Fields concert... || Manatee Versus Glass: