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06 April 2012

Well, it looks like my honors thesis is screwed On the upside, I may get to stop going to biopsychology.[More:] Phtt.
This is what happens when your professor gets half a mil to buy equipment.
There is no way I can get to an overseas school to do clincal graduate work anyway.
I should eat something.
posted by ethylene 06 April | 12:07
sucks. sounds like you weren't that thrilled by the prospects anyway though?
posted by Firas 06 April | 12:24
Getting to run my own research? It would have been interesting.
posted by ethylene 06 April | 12:53
I'm waiting on a roast beef and baby swiss wrap, debating on getting something with these special maraschino cherries they have. I don't know anything that uses cherries besides a Shirley Temple and an old fashioned.
posted by ethylene 06 April | 12:55
Dude totally forgot my order. WTF.
posted by ethylene 06 April | 13:17
And there are cucumbers in it.
This is what I get for eating solid food.
posted by ethylene 06 April | 13:29
Give the cucumbers back and tell them they forgot to finish making the pickles.
posted by oneswellfoop 06 April | 13:34
He comped my drink. I should have taken up his offer to make me a new sandwich but I think he would have had to pay for it.
posted by ethylene 06 April | 13:36
How will he learn if he is not punished? Spank him before you leave.
posted by Splunge 06 April | 14:37
I'm really trying to stop spanking young boys.
Meanwhile, I'm reading lots of articles about how the answer to grad school is always FUCK NO!
posted by ethylene 06 April | 15:00
I really enjoy experimenting and practicing without ethical guidelines, though.
posted by ethylene 06 April | 15:02
Oh, suck. He accepted my paper. I was really looking forward to taking this class with someone else.
posted by ethylene 06 April | 16:01
Ok, so, free drink, fucked up sandwich, and possibly the educational track is fine?
posted by richat 06 April | 18:43
Not really. I'd planned the whole next year on this honors thesis, so it's pretty fucked.
I like neuroscience, this guy just happens to suck as a teacher. The only other neuroscience guy probably has no lab space either.
posted by ethylene 06 April | 18:56
Ah ok, so free drink, fucked up sandwich AND a fucked up future education. Well, on balance, I'd say that makes for a questionable "good" friday then.
posted by richat 06 April | 18:59
I should probably regret spending a month experimenting on experimenters (professors), but no, not really.
If academe is a culture based on fear and silence, I'm thinking I could make a killing entertaining them.
Unfortunately, this will not let me dissect their brains. Or manipulate them with tms.
Or will it?
I could just make a living getting people funding, and that will give me access to brains.
Must think things out.

Meanwhile, cat cuddling time. Easter is the Bees birthday.
posted by ethylene 06 April | 19:04
I paid for a second, very expensive drink. The cherries were excellent.
posted by ethylene 06 April | 19:05
Finally. Found it:

There is, however, another category of student that I would like to see going to graduate school, although I would not ask anyone to take on such a collective responsibility. Perhaps members of a generation that enters graduate school with no expectations of an academic position who never even consider, for one moment, that they will become tenure-track professors will bring about positive change in the way things are taught. Such students will be less beholden to advisers, and empowered to demand that courses have some relationship to existing opportunities. With an eye to careers outside academe, they will challenge the tyranny of the monograph; they might seek technical skills; they will want to speak to a wider public; and they will be more open to movement between academe and the "outside world" than previous generations, who were taught to regard anything but the professorial life as failure from which one could never return.

posted by ethylene 06 April | 21:36
Now what the hell am I going to do with this ungodly amount of information I know about mutant mice.

The world just keeps getting bigger.
posted by ethylene 07 April | 10:26
Here's the thing: I'm uniquely suited for grad school.
1. Use to poverty.
2. Use to people not knowing what the hell I am talking about or working on.
3. Use to explaining 2 in an accessible, entertaining manner.
4. Use to working in isolation for ridiculous amounts of time.
5. Do not derive identity or self-worth from external sources.
6. Have options.
7. Can walk away.
8. Have no reason to maintain broken systems, every reason to change them.
The list goes on, but since I never expected to be in a tenure track position anyway--

Punk never dies.
posted by ethylene 07 April | 11:24
"The Walking Dead" Season 3 || I want to branch away